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HP&C THELAVICOS Enzyme Washing Powder is a powder type cleanser which gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin during the wash. Have you ever tried powder cleansers before? Apparently they are quite popular right now and if my research does not fail, this idea actually came from Japan… but Korea is always on the ball and the HP&C THELAVICOS Enzyme Washing Powder I’m reviewing today is actually from Korea! 


Such powder cleansers softly acts on skin since its acidity is similar to the skin’s. Comes with papain and protease ingredients, it effectively eliminates skin’s accumulated dead cells and wastes to give you a smoother and more luminous skin. It goes without saying that our skin needs exfoliation time to time in order to remove the dead skin cells, if not our face will look really dullll. If you don’t already know, dead skin cells are one of the reasons why our face looks dull! 


The reason why HP&C THELAVICOS Enzyme Washing Powder is a good exfoliating cleanser to begin with is because you can decide how ‘scrubby’ you want the exfoliator to be. Take an appropriate amount of the product powder and mix it with water. Add in more water if you find the cleanser too rough, as the water will dissolve the powder. Then gently massage your face with it.


Creates very nice foam as well. 

Thank you BNTnews for sending this lovely item over! 


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