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Do you find it hard to remove your nail polish everytime? 

Or do you always use plenty of cotton pads? 

I have a way to solve these two problems! 

1. To remove your nail art easily and quickly

Step 1: Dab your cotton pad with your nail colour removal. 

Here I’m using Elianto Grape flavour, which smells considerably nice compared to other nail polish remover. I got it from malaysia, at 10 RM or 5 RM? Either price is cheap enough. 

2012 12 01+15.04.48

Step 2: Press the cotton pad against your finger nails gently for about 1 minute. Continuously tap the cotton pad.

2012 12 01+15.05.21

*Tap tap tap*

2012 12 01+15.03.51

Step 3: Then use the cotton pad to wipe away the nail polish in an outward direction. 

And it should be removed away easily! 🙂 The main thing here is to let the nail polish removal to sip into the nail art you had, so as to dissolve the nail polish.

2. To remove your nail art with minimal cotton pad

As for how to make use of only ONE cotton pad to remove the polish from all ten fingers, try to make use the whole cotton pad. Start from the corner, and proceed to the nearest patch next to the previously used area for the next finger. 

2012 12 01+15.15.45

Tried and tested. I really did use one cotton pad only. Teehee. 

2012 12 01+15.09.31

This is the nail polish remover that I’m using. Need to stock up after exams! 🙂

Hui Yan- 

Celine Chiam is a Singapore Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion blogger. Welcome to her world of beauty reviews, travelogues and every day tips! She’s on #dayre (@chiamhuiy) and instagram (@chiamhuiy) as well.

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