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I officially declare blackheads is the bane of my life. Removing blackheads is the most tortourous thing ever. It could be painful through extractions, damaging through nose strips and so on. But today, I’m gonna teach you how to remove blackheads with CNP Laboratory Black head clear kit! (PS: Probably one of easiest ways to remove blackheads, so you must read on!)


Step 1: Put on ‘Blackhead Clear Mask 1’ on the nose. 

I can feel a slight tinging effect throughout the 15mins of waiting. Other than smelling a little medicated, the nose patch is soaked well with the solution in the pack. 

Step 2: Wipe nose area with the black cotton bud provided 

To be honest, it didn’t go as easy as I expected. It’s only when I exerted a little strength on my nose then more blackheads came out. It does feel good when you see some of the blackheads being removed so easily. Not a right word to describe it but some blackheads kind of ‘dissolve’ and could be removed simply by wiping. And the photo above showed you what was removed off my nose. 

Step 3: Put on the ‘Pore Tightening Mark 2’ on the nose 

My overall take: 

I put on the first mask for about 15 minutes and that was the result. I’m actually wondering if I should put on the mask slightly longer so see better results. My nose does look clean after using the CNP Laboratory Black head clear kit. At only SGD14.19 for 3 sets, I think it’s quite affordable and worth it (think $5 for one usage!). 

I also love how each box has step 1 (to facilitate the extracting of blackheads) and step 2 (to tighten the pores). 

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Since I’m already on the brand CNP Laboratory, let me also introduce to you their Propolis Energy Ampule.

Containing concentrated propolis extract, this ampule serves as a great anti-oxidant moisturiser. It contains Hyaluronic acid so it also helps to maintain a healthy glowing skin. 

I’m already halfway through this bottle (15ml) and I quite love how this ampule act as a skin supplement for my face. I used it like a serum day and night and surprisingly the thick texture doesn’t cause me break out despite generous application. It gets absorbed really quickly and easily, and it smells a little floral (like chrysanthemum).  Finally, this bottle comes with a dropper so it’s definitely hygienic and easy to use. 


CNP Laboratory also has their facial sheet mask that includes 2 steps procedure as well. The first step is to apply the serum so as to prep the skin to better absorb the nutrients from the facial sheet mask in step 2.  Pictured here are:

2-Step Quick Soothing S.O.S Mask &

2-Step Power Brightening D-Day Mask


For more information, visit!

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