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It really doesn’t look good when we have unsightly scars on our body. Scars can range from abrasions from a fall, or permanent scars from a major accident. It makes it hard for us to ignore their existence, guys may find it perfectly alright but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t apply to most of us ladies. For those who love to flaunt their legs or wear sleeveless dresses, I’m pretty sure they need a way out to rid those ugly scars. Thankfully, we have Mederma scar cream!


Thanks to the PRpeople, I received a huge bag of self-aid kit which includes many tools like a nail filing tool, some cotton pads, cotton buds and of course, the Mederma scar cream it self. This bag basically contains all the stuff you need for personal care.


The Mederma scar cream is found to be very effective in reducing or best still, the remove it. It’s the No. 1 doctor recommended scar management brand in the USA right now! This proactive gel formula is clinically proven to be effective against scarring and once scars are gone, your confidence will be back.


The Mederma scar cream also contains Aloe Vera ingredients to moisturise and soothe the skin. Cepalin and Allantoin are also in it to reduce inflammation and itching.

Here’s some tips for you to help reducing your scars:

1. Apply Mederma scar cream on fresh wounds/scars to see better result.

2. Avoid sunlight contact to your scars

3. Regular massage helps reducing scars

4. Mederma scar cream can work overnight: simply apply a thick layer in the area affected and cover with thin layer of kitchen foil. Leave overnight.


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