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Been travelling for 6 days and I’m kinda tired!

Really can’t wait to settle down in Munich, Germany where my university exchange will take place.

Updating with some photos first!

Built my FIRST and portable mini snowman~
Building a life size snowman in the snow


Yum yum icecream in the cold 
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In Uppsala, with the super strong wind that almost blew us away. Ok exaggerated. 
Tour guide from free old town tour in Stockholm, Sweden 

Will blog about the free tour soon! 

And finally, a huge narcissistic photo of myself, in a heavy snow! 

I can’t wait to blog about the many travelogues I have documented down as I travel around Sweden. Places I’ve been to are Uppsala, Gothenburg, Lund and Stockholm. Most importantly, I’ve not spent a single cent on accommodation because it’s either staying at friend’s place, or couch surfing!!! Couch surfing is surely something I will blog about and it’s an absolutely good thing to know for budget travelling. Stay tuned!! 



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