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Hari%2BRaya%2Boutfit%2Bideas%2B3 I’ve alway liked how different races have their own cultural fashion style. It’s a little disappointing to see that the Chinese no longer dress up in traditional costumes like the cheongsum during special occasions. Unlike the Chinese, the Malays are still wearing their cultural costumes especially during festive occasions like Hari Raya. While some may think that traditional costumes are very formal and out of fashioned, I feel that certain twists can be added to spice up the fashion while keeping the essence. For example, the ZALIA collection on Zalora Singapore certainly showed a good example of how Hari Raya fashion can be improved and suit the 21st century today…
Hari%2BRaya%2Boutfit%2Bideas%2B2 Look at this white elegant dress. A simple elegant white dress accentuates the figure with a fitting silhouette, with blue floral prints to add a sweet touch to a full white dress. The flare skirt down from the waist gives an illusion that you have tiny waist. Anyone who wears this will definitely look like an angel.


Something similar but with full white embroidery, time to show off your stunning silhouette.


If you want something casual and relaxing, opt for something more loose and simply add on a belt to accessorise. Hari%2BRaya%2Boutfit%2Bideas%2B

The ZALIA collection also comes with may other designs other than dresses. It offers a large variety of choices to make sure Muslim ladies will never have difficulty finding their favourite outfit for their special occasions.  Time to spice up the Hari Raya fashion while upkeeping its traditional essence there. 

If you have noticed, all these dresses do not necessary mean it can only be worn during Muslim festive occasions! These elegant dresses can also be worn by any races since the ZALIA designs are all so modern and classy. I definitely would opt for the white mermaid dresses for wedding banquets! 

Hari%2BRaya%2Boutfit%2Bideas%2Bzalora Screen%2BShot%2B2016 05 07%2Bat%2B11.38.56%2Bpm Hari%2BRaya%2Bfashion Even Hijab comes in different designs and style of wearing.

Check out Zalora Singapore for more on Hari Raya outfit ideas!

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