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Gonna bomb you with this ultra gorgeous photo I took under the perfect light source ever – sunlight. 

IMG 3773

Smoked Salmon + Croissant bread + House salad 

$8.50 (Lunch special)

Yup, as usual, Hairloom and Caramel still has their lunch special from 12 – 3pm on weekdays. Normal pricing are a dollar extra. Before visiting the cafe, I’ve done some read-up from other food blogs and hungrygowhere, and they have been saying the cafe sells main dishes like spaghetti. But unfortunately when I was there, we were only given the menu for sandwiches and salads only, so I suppose they have removed mains from their menu. In fact, there was a VAST difference with the interior designs and food choices, so visit them again if you haven’t for a long time! 

Verdict: Please visit if you are nearby!

The lighting was really awesome so I took more photos!! ❤❤❤

And the food was totally worthy for more photos as well. 

IMG 3767

HOW CAN this delicious sandwich price at $8.50 only?!?! I was so elated to have visited H&C and I can’t wait to go back again!

This dish is really good. The smoked salmon was of appropriate thickness and they are very generous with it too. Unlike other cafes where you only see few pathetic smoked salmon between your sandwich, H&C gives a really generous amount of salmon pieces topped with appetizing mayonnaise sauce. 

Oh and I have to mention the croissant bread I chose!! At H&C, you get to choose the type of bread to go with your sandwich. I’ve always love croissant for it’s crunchiness on the outside and tenderness on the inside ❤ and this bread has perfectly achieved what I am looking for!!! So crunchy yet soft, it goes so well with the salmon!! The bread are really fresh and superb. 

IMG 3770

So happy!!! J

IMG 3772

Okay here’s my friend’s one!


Smoked Duck + Olive bread + House salad 

$8.50 (Lunch special)

I got to try a piece of this and though it’s good, I still love my sandwich hehe ❤

But nope, this sandwich is pretty good as well! The smoked duck are very delicately sliced such that you won’t have a chance to have trouble chewing a big chunk of a duck meat. Not sure what sauce went with the meat but it has a slight sweet and sour taste which goes very well with the duck meat. 

The olive bread is soft and smooth. You can see the powdered garnishing on the bun. 

IMG 3765

Look at the sauceeeeeeeeee!

IMG 3763

Okay here’s the salad deal! 

House salad are priced at an additional $1.50. So do the math, a single sandwich is only $7 (lunch special). But since we don’t mind coupling our sandwich with salad, and since $1.50 is very justifiable, we went for it. 

IMG 3762

And here’s the interior design of the cafe. 

A warm and cosy corner hidden somewhere inside the cafe!! 

IMG 3779

An 8- seater table. 

IMG 3777

Wish I can come here again with my boyfriend and take this corner teehee ❤

But then again, it’s kind of hard to eat your sandwich on a low table -_-

IMG 3776

It’s quite empty because we reached at about 1.30pm. 

The ambience is perfect for a little chat with your friends too since they have plenty of seats around.

IMG 3781

The salad bar! 

IMG 3782

Experience and ambience

How much more can I emphasize I really love this place? The food was good, the price was fine, and the ambience was relaxing! You might want to visit this place for brunch that are cheaper than other popular brunch cafes. 

Hairloom and Caramel Cafe

( Tel: +65 6295 2088 

Address: 100 Beach Road #01-50/52 Shaw Towers

Nearest MRT station: Bugis MRT station + 5-10 mins walk

Opening hours: 

Fri – Sat 12pm-10pm

Mon – Thur 12pm – 8pm

Closed on Sun and PH

Hui Yan-

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