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Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you realise you have watched too much videos while commuting, or you have spent too much time on social media like instagram and snapchat? These mobile activities are known to drain a lot of our mobile data! Even the recent craze on Pokemon Go also can create a certain level of strain on our mobile data. I kid you not, my basic plan of 3gb data is totally not enough at all. Every month, I will exceed the limit and ended up paying penalty fee for the amount of data I exceeded using. This only got better when I found Circles.LifeSingapore’s new telco in town.
 You might have not heard of Circles.Life yet, but some might have heard of it as the fourth telco provider in Singapore that recently launched in May. Some also might have heard it as the best mobile data provider because it offers higher mobile data packages at a lower, or similar price as your current mobile plan. To put it simply, the thing about Circles.Life that sets it apart, is it’s focus on mobile data. Meaning, you can opt to give up your SMS or minutes in favour of more data. Who still sends sms now when we have WhatsApp, LINE and so many more chatting apps? In fact, be surprised to know that Circles.Life mobile plan DO NOT consider the data you use on whatsapp. Meaning, using WA is free! I am currently using a Circles.Life mobile plan and this is what it’s all about: Circles.Life%2BSingapore

I enjoy an impressive amount of 4GB data at only SGD28/month!

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Isn’t that really really affordable, comparing to the plan that you are using right now? 

PS: Yes, you have to pay the one-time registration fee but that’s not too much if you’re gonna benefit from an affordably priced mobile data plan forever. 

My current plan only offers 3GB data, 150mins outgoing call, unlimited incoming calls plus 1000 free SMS. It costs me $42.90 per month. (I will not name which telco I’m using now in case I get flamed for bringing other telco down hahaha)

I put into an excel table for easy comparison between Circles.Life Singapore and my current telco plan:


Clearly, Circle.Life data plan provides so much more value! Plus, they always have bonuses and referral codes available for you to increase your mobile data for a lifetime!



From 6 Aug 2016 – 6 Sept 2016, use the code “ZCIRCLES” to get an additional 500MB data PER MONTH for life and $35 ZALORA voucher. That means, you’re enjoying a total of extra 6GB every year, as long as you stay on the network. 

Here’s a quick summary.

For $28, you get: 

4GB (with app activation bonus)

+ 500mb (ZALORA bonus) 

+ 100 mins 

+ 0 SMS 

+ $35 ZALORA voucher

(+1GB port-in bonus) 

(+2GB every month till December for National Day Promotion)

= Total 7.5GB data until December, at only SGD28!! 

Besides this promotion now, you can always refer friends and get 200MB per successful referral for as long as you both are on the Circles.Life network. 

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Do the math and you can actually accumulate a lot of bonus data as long as you keep referring! No kidding, this is one of the best mobile data plans in Singapore. As much as it has its downside which is lesser outgoing calls and no free SMS, I believe nothing here can’t be resolved with the help of extra (and I mean a lot more extra) mobile data 🙂

Thanks for reading! ❤ Love, Celine

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