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The start of May ushered in one of the significant events in Munich, Germany. A smaller replica to the famous Oktoberfest, the Frühlingsfest München is an event filled with fun, relationships and yummy food. 

 Frühlingsfest München happens from April 25th to May 11th, 2014. If you’re planning to visit Munich, Germany anytime within this period, make sure you don’t miss this event! You can spend about half a day here, or even a full day if you’re into exciting thrilling rides like below:


Things you’ll find at this event are funfair games where you get a CHANCE to win prizes… which aren’t really optimistic because the chance of winning is usually disgustingly low, unless you are one really lucky person. My friends all played this smashing-cans game and in return received a stalk of fake rose for 3 Euros. Teehee. 

Fru%25CC%2588hlingsfest+Munich Games+and+Prizes
Prizes and games at Frühlingsfest München

 Or if you’re a daring person and would love to try out exciting thrilling rides, you sure wouldn’t want to miss some of the rides. They are much more crazy and funny than those in Singapore. One of them actually has a water feature, where riders may risk a chance of getting wet. 

The one on the top right is a ride that is EXTREMELY high. Almost felt like you’re being tossed high up in the air and you’ll be swung out at any point of time.

Exciting rides at Frühlingsfest München 2014

And of course, how can you call such event fun if without your friends? 

Fru%CC%88hlingsfest+Munich 1
With Kenneth and Jiaqi

Exchange really gave me  the opportunity to know more friends and even travel with them. Friends of friends, or friends of friends of friends just swing by anytime and if you happen to be at the place they visit, you’ll just meet up for dinner or something, even if you don’t know them! I find this the true way of making friends – there’s no boundaries and nothing to be embarrassed of! No such thing as “I don’t really know the person leh, I shall not go for the dinner later”. 

Fru%CC%88hlingsfest+Munich 14
With Jiaqi, my travel buddy! She’s exchanging in Munich LMU too.

 And of course, one can never say they are here in Munich if they have not stepped into one of the beer halls. Mugs and mugs of beers are served, all mostly in 1 litre quantity. But there’s a norm there and you’ll find yourself finishing the mug of beer in no time because… THE BEERS HERE ARE REALLY MARVELLOUS. No joke regarding this especially when it’s coming for a person who used to hate beers (I still hate hard liquor though).

Fru%25CC%2588hlingsfest+Munich Beer+Hall
Beer halls (top), and the aftermath of drinking too much (below) HAHAHA. 

Fru%25CC%2588hlingsfest+Munich 9

And of course, the amazing food awaits.

Many local foods waiting for you to try them, but at a hefty price though. My heart was bleeding but then again, I always ask myself when’s the next chance I can try Europe’s food again? 🙂 

Fru%25CC%2588hlingsfest+Munich Food

I had an unforgettable time at the Frühlingsfest this year, while then again, it’ll be my first and only year. Thankfully I was around during the period, so I could pay a visit and experience a similar vibe of the Oktoberfest. 

Till then,

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