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We all know Singapore has been the venue provider for Singapore Grand Pix, also known as the Singapore Formula One night race. I have to admit I haven’t been there before and I thought every one should at least go once. Perhaps I’ll buy the tickets and watch the race this year! But first, what can I get the tickets for the Singapore f1 2015 tickets? 

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I once asked my boyfriend when will Singapore ‘lose’ the privilege to host the F1 night race because as far as I can remember, Singapore has been hosting the the race for the longest time! He told me not so soon because Singapore is one of the few countries who will close the roads just to host the race in the night. Hahaha. Not sure if it’s true but sounds legit!

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Sometimes I wish I had the chance (and money hahaha) to stand right behind the fences to see racing cars zoom by before my eyes even realise it. Even if it’s just the split second to witness that, the sound and thrill will be there for real! 

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This year’s F1 Race seems so exciting as it includes concerts by Maroon 5 and Pharrell Williams, who are both American Grammy award winners. They’ll be performing at the Padang Stage, Singapore’s largest outdoor entertainment stage.

Also, catch Britain’s influential band Spandau Ballet making their first debut in Singapore!

Some of the performance includes:

Global superstar Pharrell Williams to headline Padang Stage (18 Sep)
American pop rock heavyweights Maroon 5 returns to Marina Bay Street Circuit (19 Sep)
Legendary new romantic band Spandau Ballet to headline the Village Stage (19 Sep)
Information from Singapore Grand Prix.

I mean, why not? Just by getting a pair of tickets to the F1 race this year, I get to go for the concerts by these famous singers and bands! Although tickets can be a little pricey, people still attend the F1 race every year, so much so that it becomes a tradition not to be missed. 

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Not only do you get to see racing cars zooming pass you, you’ll get to see the mechanics in action as they change the parts for the racers. I can feel the excitement just by typing and imaging it with the above photo.

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If I’ve gotten you excited for the Singapore Grand Prix 2015, grab the Singapore f1 2015 tickets here which are priced from SGD200 onwards!

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