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I’ve got something pretty interesting to share today! Here we have the Forencos’ greek mythology mask series, it’s a 7 days program following the earth elements, which translates the story between every single day of the week and the gods who are behind them.

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Each individual masks also come with Ampoule. 


What makes this REALLY interesting is that these ampoule actually gives off a hot sensation when applied onto my skin. Since the 7 day masking program started with the ‘fire’ element mask, I thought the ampoule only feels hot for this first day. To my surprise, all ampoules actually give the hot sensation like the first one!

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All other masks are transparent except the first detoxifying mask. 

What I love about this Forencos’ greek mythology mask series is that it kind of instil that discipline in me to mask every single day. Besides, each individual mask has its own properties and uses, so it’s a great program to have! 

Thank you BNTnews for sending this lovely item over! 

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