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Before you read this, I would want to inform you this is a super long food post!! Beware of hunger attacking you very soon!

Courtesy to Community Games 2013 once again, I was invited for a Thai food tasting session at Thai Express. 

IMG 9034 IMG 9032

I am more excited this time round because I love Thai food! At first I was skeptical about the quality of the food because the other time I ate at the other thai food restaurant, the food was really awful and ever since I did not bother trying thai food restaurants anymore, except small eateries. 

This time, Thai Express has immensely changed my perception and I shall give all my love to Thai Express from today onwards. 

I’m not saying this because I ate these free food during food-tasting. Some of them really taste nice and you’ll know which one is it as you read on. 

IMG 8954
Thai Rice Cracker served with Special ThaiExpress Creamy Chicken and Shrimp Sauce
Khoa Tang Naa

Firstly, the Rice Cracker was still crispy despite being aired for some time due to the overwhelming photo-taking session of the food. I was surprised the crackers were still crispy though it has been served like almost half hour ago. 

Paired it with the special ThaiExpress Creamy Chicken and Shrimp Sauce gave the plain-looking crackers an additional taste of creamy and sweetness. It wasn’t spicy at all. Small chicken chunks were found as well, thus you’ll be able to eat the sauce and chicken with the rice crackers. But honestly, the special thing of this dish has to be the in-house special sauce that caught my appetite. 

Sauce: 4/5 

Crackers: 3/5 

Overall: 3/5 

IMG 8947
Special ThaiExpress Creamy Chicken and Shrimp Sauce 


IMG 8951
   Deep-fried Minced Crab Meat and Chicken Cake with Plum Sauce
Poo Cha

Ahhh I miss this. 

Generously filled with minced crab meat and chicken, a bite of it was good enough for me to chew on the prominent crab and chicken meat. The don’t fluff you with the flour and anything, but you’ll really find real crab meat within the fried skin. Topped with fried egg shreds and paired with their special plum sauce, it can’t get any better. 

I would like to make a special mention to the plum sauce, because it gives a very appetizing tangy taste to the fried cake, which normal fried meat cake can be a little dry and you’ll find yourself not finishing the side dish. For this case, the plum sauce saves the world. 

IMG 8969

Taste: 4/5 

Texture: 4/5 


IMG 8978
Crispy Caramelized Noodle with Chicken Cube
Mee Krob

Ahhh my favourite. 

Who doesn’t love caramel? I mean, I love it so much. 

This could be a little sweet for some people, but this is never a problem to me. Coated with caramel, the Crispy Noodle was still able to retain its crunchiness, surprisingly. This dish may look very plain and meh, but it honestly tasted well even without any garnishing or additional ingredient. Served well as a starter!  


(I’m bias here. Caramel-lovers alert)


Enough of the side dishes, we now move on to the yummy the main dishes! ^.^

I’m very excited to share with you all the main dishes I’ve tried, some that I’ve never even seen in thailand. 

IMG 8961
Thai-style DIY Minced Chicken and Dry Kway teow Salad
Kway Teow Lui Suan

Similar to Korean BBQ style, simply hold on to a slice of lettuce, pick up a slice of kway teow and filled it with the minced chicken. As the name suggests, this is like a DIY style where you prepare your every bite with the ingredients provided to you. 

IMG 8962

I love the minced meat because it’s not only juicy and tender, the sauce was great enough to make the minced meat really moist and smooth. This isn’t spicy as well. 

IMG 8964

Overall taste: 4/5 

Overall: 3/5

(Gets a little messy sometimes)

IMG 8973

IMG 8983

Came with the ingredients is the sweet and spicy sauce. Not sure the exact name of it, my apologies, but this is really the bomb. I didn’t expect it to be spicy, so I grabbed my fork, dabbed a little sauce and placed into my mouth. 


It was crazy. It wad mad spicy. Not to the extent I was hanging my tongue out that kind, but rather a very spicy sensation that numbs my tongue or sort. 

IMG 8981


IMG 8992
Stick Noodle with Minced Chicken and Prawn in Chilli Oil Soup topped with Crushed Peanut
 Kway Teow Sukhothai $11.30

First, I apologize for this shitty photo. I myself hate it but I have no other photos of this bowl of noodle already. 
Okay about the noodle. 
At first, the soup base was a little bland considering it as a thai noodle. But I realise you need to mix the sambal chili into the soup in order to make it taste thicker and richer. 

IMG 9006

Well the noodles were good. They were chewy but never soggy or too thick. I like to have it with the soup. 

The price is a little on the high side, but overall it’s fine. Not the favorite of mine though. 

Overall: 3/5 


IMG 8996
 Crispy Tom Yum Chicken Wing
Tom Yum Peek Gai

Drizzle the lemon juice over the chicken wings, that’s the thing you ought to do if you order this. The lemon juice complements the wings so well because the sourness appetizes me a lot, despite my already full stomach.

Overall: 3/5

IMG 8997

IMG 8998
Fried Taro with Cashew Nut
Pueak Himmapan$9.30

TARO has always been a love-hate thing for me. It really depends on my mood that day and the way it’s prepared to determine if I like that taro in the specific dish. Here, the taro was a little too thick and chunky, making it a little overwhelming to consume. This dish taste something like the sweet and sour chicken. A few taro chunks were really nice, but too much of it will be a little too sick for me. So, why not sharing this with a group of friends? 🙂

Overall: 3/5


IMG 9004
Thai-style Roasted Chicken Thigh
Gai Op Pattaya $9.90

Roasted it may be, but the moisture was never compromised. The chicken thigh was still able to deliver tender and succulent thigh meat despite the possibility that roasted could cause all the moisture to disappear. 

Overall, I thought the chicken thigh was really nice ^.^ 

It’ll be good to pair it with the sweet and sour sauce to give the meat a better taste. 

Overall: 4.5/5


IMG 9009
Stir-fried Minced Chicken with Thai Basil and Century Egg
Kraphoa Gai Kai Yeow Maa

Many of us commented that we can’t taste the century egg because the taste of the meat has covered it. However, if you took a bite of the century egg specifically, I guess it’s hard to not taste the century egg. Whichever the case it, this dish again wasn’t spicy. It’s a little on the salty side though, because of the combination of stir-fried and century egg. 

Overall: 3/5 


Commercial break! 

This is a lengthy food post, I’m going to get a drink first. 

Here with me are the many bloggers at the food-tasting session. Know 3 of them even before the event haha. 

IMG 9014

Enough of the mouth-watering main dishes, ThaiExpress also serves plenty good desserts which I love! 

IMG 9018
ThaiExpress Coconut Paradise – $5.30

Take a small little portion from each cup and there you have – a mixture and combination of nuts, sweet potato, coconut icecream and sticky rice. 

IMG 9031
Steamed Sweet Potato with Coconut MilkMun Cheam


At first I really thought this is a plate of papaya -_- 

But little did I expect sweet potato can resemble so much like papaya. 

Drizzled with coconut milk on top of the sliced sweet potato, it sure is my favourite for the whole food tasting session. 

I love sweet potato, I have to admit this. 

Right here, the sweetness of the sweet potato isn’t too sweet to handle. I just couldn’t stop munching on this! 

IMG 9021

 Green Emerald Thai Lod Chong with Sliced Jackfruit and Red Ruby in Coconut Milk 

Lod Chong Singapore


IMG 9024
Famous Thai Fragrant Pandan Jelly with Coconut Custard
Ta Kor

A very delicate way of presenting this dessert. The top later is the coconut custard, garnished with a few yellow corns. Right at the bottom is the pandan jelly, which was very very surprisingly salty. I have no idea why but yea it is salty! Salty dessert, not very often found isn’t it? 

This dessert tastes good anyway. It’s soft and smooth. It glides down the throat with much ease. 

IMG 9028
Famous Thai Fragrant Pandan Jelly with Coconut Custard
Ta Kor

Some photos! 

IMG 9023

IMG 9034 IMG 9012

Thank you Community Games! 

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