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I am back with another food review! 

This time I dropped by a pretty much isolated shopping mall – Rochester Mall at Buona Vista, and I decided to try out the sushi here at Kaz Japanese Fusion Sushi! 

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When I stepped in with my camera on hand, I attracted much attention and the staff and the boss were all looking at me. I can’t help to feel very uneasy but oh well, all for taking nice photos of the sushi! 

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Green Tea $1.50 

I love to complement my sushi cuisine with the authentic Japanese green tea instead of soft drinks. Here, KAZ serves a small cup of green tea at $1.50, refillable though. 

Just have to love the nice design of the cups. 

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Green Tea $1.50 
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Agedashi Tofu $5.80

A side dish worth a mention is the Agedashi Tofu, in order words, the usual fried tofu we order in a Japanese Restaurant. Dipped in a pool of delectable tempura sauce and sprinkled with seaweed flakes, the soft fried tofu is a good one to start off your meal. But do make sure to consume it asap so that it doesn’t turn too soggy or too cold, else it won’t be as nice anymore. 

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Agedashi Tofu $5.80
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Salmon Carpaccio $10.80

Another starter that we had was the Salmon Carpaccio ($10.80), a slightly grilled sliced salmon with homemade sauce. The homemade sauce did bring out the semi-raw salmon out very nicely, giving it an extra salty taste on top of the salmon, but definitely not too salty. I like how the salmon is slightly grilled because it still maintains certain part of the slice raw, which equates to a two different textures on a humble thin slice of salmon. 

As much as I love this dish, I don’t really like how the Tobiko (looks like orange crystal balls on the side) are placed about the sliced onions. I’m not a fan of sliced onions and despite trying it on the salmon, I couldn’t appreciate it either. Perhaps to me, it would be a better idea to place the Tobiko on top of the salmon so that I can consume them both together. 

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Salmon Carpaccio $10.80

About 10 slices for $10.80, that isn’t too pricey actually. 

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Rainbow Roll $18.80

My favourite sushi roll at KAZ is none other than the Rainbow Roll ($18.80). Sumptuously packed with shrimp tempura, tobiko, avocado and cucumber; rolled with tuna, salmon, hamachi, scalop and avocado – it totally signifies the restaurant’s name, a fusion of many things.

Why I like this Rainbow Roll is because of its fresh and generous amount of sashimi wrapping around the sushi roll. A piece of it can actually be wrapped by say, both salmon and tuna sashimi. All in all, a piece of Rainbow Roll contains more than just one sashimi. Not to forget the shrimp tempura which added a crunchy texture to the sushi roll. 

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Rainbow Roll $18.80

It’s very pretty looking too! With all the colours and the nice presentation. A Rainbow Roll set has 8 pieces. 

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Rainbow Roll $18.80

As much as I’m bought over by the Rainbow Roll, the next dish was actually a great disappointment. 

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Katsu Roll $18.80

Katsu as we all know, is deep-fried pork cutlet. Here they used sirloin pork. But it stands too small a portion of the roll, and the rest entirely filled with lettuce. No sorry, I don’t appreciate so much vegetables in a sushi roll. I really didn’t enjoy this and each bite was a pain because the lettuce was very plain and distasteful.

The most infuriating fact is it cost exactly the same as the Rainbow Roll, I could have other another set of Rainbow Roll!

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Katsu Roll $18.80

But that aside, even though the sushi roll was awful, I must really say the sirloin pork was very tender and juicy.  The sesame sauce that comes with it (beige in color) taste surprisingly good! It’s slightly tangy so it actually helped me to finish half of this set. 

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Katsu Roll $18.80

Katsu Roll comes in 8 pieces as well.

Alright putting the not-so-satisfying dish aside, my dearest boyfriend ordered the Salmon Teriyaki (14.80) as well! 

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Salmon teriyaki $14.80
+$3 for rice set: Rice, Miso Soup, pickles

For a small $14.50 for such a big slice of Salmon Teriyaki, I though the price is reasonable. Grilled to an appropriate level when the salmon doesn’t go too tough, it taste even better with the light soy sauce drizzled over it. Ultimately, this managed to satisfy my picky boyfriend’s stomach. 

The total bill fetched $84.75 for quite a number of quality sushi. That’s also because I alone ate two sets of sushi rolls and the salmon carpaccio haha! Overall, I think KAZ is a great place to try out great quality sushi, but do choose your dishes wisely! 

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