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When we talk about soya milk and bean curd, it reminds me of breakfast complemented with fried dough stick. But have you seen any other flavored bean curd, other than original and almond flavours? 

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To satisfy the constantly changing tastebuds and preferrences of consumers, Happy Boy Soya Bean is one of the few soya bean suppliers that explores into creating many exciting flavours of soya bean curd. 

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Started up by two lovely sisters, Joanne and Susan Khoo, Happyboy has been producing marvelous results. They have been covered by several medias as well as been partronised by local celebrities and politicians. Photos are proudly displayed on the walls in their main outlet. 

Asked why soyabean and not other kinds of food, Joanne explained that soyabean is a food that suits all races and age groups. To make sure their customers like the beancurd, the sisters experimented with the beancurd recipe to improve on the texture. Most of the flavours are made from powder that are processed from real fruits. As for durian flavour, they use real durian flesh to acquire the taste and there after sieve out the durian flesh. Hence, no artificial flavours are involved. 

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When we arrived at the main outlet, I was very much surprised by the bountiful amount of flavours Happy Boy was about to offer. All together there are 11 flavors – Original, Almond, Milo, Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry, Honeydew, Green Apple, Matcha Green Tea, Taro and Durian. 

Their best sellers are in chronological order: original, almond, mango, durian and matcha green tea.  If you are a tea person, I strongly recommend the Matcha Green Tea flavour which has a hint of bitter taste in it. 

HappyBoy has also engaged about 20 channel partners, of which includes bakery shops, fruit stalls and  food eateries, so as to make their soya beancurd more accessible to consumers. 

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Original flavour S$2

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What I enjoy the most about HappyBoy Soya Bean is the level of sweetness. To adopt a more healthy consumption for consumers, HappyBoy has specifically reduced the usage of sugar and has vouched to not include gypsum (material used for cementing) to harden the beancurd, and gelatin (hence halal). HappyBoy’s beancurd texture isn’t as watery as its competitor too.

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My favourite is the ‘unique combination’ introduced by Joanne, where she suggested pouring the soya bean drink onto the beancurd and eat them both together. The end result produced watery beancurd but you could distinguish the different texture as the beancurd glides down your throat with ease.

happyboysoyabean 11
A consumer amazed by the little trick Joanne mention about their beancurd. 

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happyboysoyabean 17
HappyBoy’s bean curd in assorted flavours. 
happyboysoyabean 7
Joanne Khoo, the proud owner of Happy Boy Soya Bean

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I would personally recommend the combination of soya milk and soya beancurd to enjoy a mouth-watering and lasting taste sensation. Happyboy bean curd is certainly suitable for every one from all age groups, especially for the elderly and diabetic patients for its low sugar content. 

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HappyBoy will be at the upcoming World Food Fair 2013 from 5 Sept to 8 Sept. You can catch them there along with many other cuisine and food delicacies at the Food Fair!

World Food Fair 2013

Time: 11am to 10pm

Venue: EXPO Hall 4


Happy Boy Expo 2
Print this voucher to enjoy HappyBody Soya Bean at the food fair!

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Happy Boy Soya Bean Curd

1) 592 Geylang Road
2) 51 Old Airport Road
3) Blk 347 Jurong East Ave 1

Food Factory: 
8A Admiralty Street #01-09 FoodXchange @ Admiralty 
Phone: +65 68441963

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