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Discover The Best Feng Shui Courses In Singapore For Enhancing Your Knowledge And Skills

Are you curious to delve into the mystical world of Feng Shui? Singapore is home to several top-rated courses designed to enrich your understanding and skills in this ancient art form.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through some of the city’s best offerings – from beginner classes to advanced workshops led by industry experts. Ready for a journey that can transform your space and life? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Singapore offers a range of top – rated Feng Shui courses for beginners and advanced learners.
  • Popular courses include the Feng Shui Academy, Feng Shui Diploma Course, Applied Feng Shui Course, and Fengshui Learning Course.
  • These courses cover topics such as principles and techniques of Feng Shui, energy flow in spaces, wealth enhancement, creating harmonious environments, and using colors and symbols for positive energy.
  • The teachers are highly qualified with relevant certifications or accreditations to provide trusted guidance.

What is Feng Shui?

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on harmonizing individuals with their environment to promote positive energy flow and enhance well-being.

Which Feng Shui is the Best?

Definition and principles

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Feng Shui is a study that blends astrology and geography. It is like a toolbox of many practices. These practices have changed over time and place. One main idea in Feng Shui is to find the right spot for things.

This helps to keep mess away. Another key idea is to balance two types of energy called yin and yang. Feng Shui also teaches us how important it is to live well with nature around us.

The word Feng Shui comes from Chinese words that mean “wind” and “water”. People have known about it for more than 6,000 years!

Importance of Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is more than just a design trend. It holds great worth for our health, wealth, and wellbeing. Feng Shui brings balance to the five elements around us. This helps in making get energy flow right.

We can feel this positive impact every day! A home with good Feng Shui feels welcoming and comfortable.

Also, Feng Shui ties us closer to nature. Everything we do affects our world and each other as well because everything is tied together. This idea comes from Chinese beliefs about the earth and sky.

In fact, people even use Feng Shui when they build cities or figure out hard problems between groups of people! So learning about it matters much if you live in Singapore or any place else in the world.

Popular Feng Shui Courses in Singapore

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Some of the popular Feng Shui courses in Singapore include the Feng Shui Academy, Feng Shui Diploma Course, Applied Feng Shui Course, and Fengshui Learning Course.


Feng Shui Academy

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The Feng Shui Academy sits in Portugal. Over 25 years, it has helped many people learn about Feng Shui. The school offers a Feng Shui Diploma Course. This course helps you grasp the main ideas of this old art.

You can pay for the course in parts if needed. The academy also gives classes and talks over video to help you learn well from any place in the world. Their big goal is to make companies work better and keep staff happy using Feng Shui.

They also focus on limiting risks at work or business through this practice. Last but not least, they help individuals get more chances for growth with their Feng Shui tips and tricks!

Feng Shui Diploma Course

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The Feng Shui Diploma Course in Singapore is a popular choice for those wanting to enhance their knowledge and skills in Feng Shui. Accredited by the International Feng Shui Society and the American Feng Shui Guild, this course offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of Feng Shui principles and practices.

Led by experienced teachers with relevant qualifications, the course provides access to the advanced Feng Shui Mastery program. Whether you choose to take the course online or in person, you can expect to gain valuable insights into different techniques and applications of Feng Shui.

To enroll, simply check the course fees and registration details provided by the institution offering this diploma program.

Applied Feng Shui Course

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The Applied Feng Shui Course, offered by FengShui.Geomancy.Net in Singapore, is one of the popular Feng Shui courses available. This comprehensive course covers all the important theories, concepts, and practical applications of Feng Shui.

It is designed to provide individuals with a strong foundation in understanding and applying Feng Shui principles. By taking this course, you can enhance your knowledge and skills in the field of Feng Shui, allowing you to confidently apply these principles in real-life situations.

Fengshui Learning Course

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The Fengshui Learning Course is a popular choice for those looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in Feng Shui. This course covers the principles of this traditional Chinese art, focusing on energy flow, harmony, and balance.

Taught by experienced teachers who are well-versed in Oriental philosophy and spiritual connection, this course explores topics such as interior design and home decor to create positive energy in living spaces.

With its practical approach and easy-to-understand lessons, the Fengshui Learning Course helps students apply geomancy techniques to improve their surroundings. Whether you’re new to Feng Shui or seeking to deepen your understanding, this course offers valuable insights into creating harmonious environments using ancient wisdom.

Course Content and Format

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The courses cover topics like Eight Mansion Fengshui and provide practical knowledge to improve your skills. Read on to learn more!

FENG SHUI CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS ONLINE - How to Become a Certified Feng Shui Consultant

Topics covered

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The Feng Shui courses in Singapore cover a wide range of topics, giving you a comprehensive understanding of this ancient art. Here are some of the key topics covered:

  • Principles and techniques of Feng Shui
  • Understanding the importance of energy flow in spaces
  • Enhancing wealth and abundance through Feng Shui
  • Creating a harmonious home or workspace
  • Using colors, shapes, and symbols for positive energy
  • Applying Feng Shui to different areas of life, such as career, relationships, and health
  • Analyzing floor plans and layouts for optimal energy flow
  • Balancing yin and yang energies in your environment
  • Utilizing the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) for balance and harmony
  • Learning about auspicious dates and times for important events

Online or in-person

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There are different options available for learning Feng Shui in Singapore, whether you prefer to study online or attend in-person classes. For those who want the flexibility of studying from home, there are online courses and self-paced learning programs that can be accessed through the internet.

These distance learning options allow you to learn at your own pace and convenience. On the other hand, if you prefer a more structured and interactive approach, there are also in-person classes available where you can learn directly from experienced teachers.

Whether online or in-person, these courses offer comprehensive content and practical guidance to enhance your knowledge and skills in Feng Shui.

Duration and schedule

The duration and schedule of the Feng Shui courses in Singapore vary depending on the program. For example, the Feng Shui Diploma Course is a 200-hour program that can be completed at your own pace.

The Urban City Feng Shui course offers face-to-face classes from 10 AM to 5 PM, allowing for immersive learning. The Eight Mansion Fengshui course has a duration of 6 months, providing ample time for in-depth study.

Each course has its own set hours and timetable, so you can choose one that fits your schedule and learning preferences.

Teachers and Certification

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The teachers of these Feng Shui courses in Singapore are highly qualified and experienced experts in the field. They hold certifications or accreditations to ensure that you receive trusted guidance and instruction for enhancing your knowledge and skills.

Qualifications and experience of teachers

The teachers who offer Feng Shui courses in Singapore have more than thirty years of experience in the field. Each teacher specializes in a specific area of Feng Shui, ensuring that you receive expert guidance and knowledge.

To become a qualified practitioner, it is important to possess relevant qualifications from approved Feng Shui schools or academies. Additionally, registering for a Feng Shui Master Accreditation shows that the practitioner has undergone thorough training and understanding of the subject.

Rest assured, these experienced teachers are well-equipped to provide you with the necessary expertise to enhance your Feng Shui skills.

Certification or accreditation

Many Feng Shui courses in Singapore offer certification or accreditation for teachers. For example, the Feng Shui Diploma Course is accredited by the International Feng Shui Society and the American Feng Shui Guild.

This means that upon completion of the course, you will receive a recognized certification. Another option is the Feng Shui Professional Consultant Training Course, which allows you to become an Accredited Feng Shui Instructor if you meet certain qualifications and have relevant experience.

Additionally, some courses are approved by reputable organizations such as the International Feng Shui Association and provide educational qualifications that can enhance your credibility as a practitioner.

Course Fees and Registration

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The course fees for the Feng Shui courses in Singapore vary depending on the program and duration, and you can easily register online through their respective websites.

Cost of the course

The cost of the Feng Shui Diploma Course offered by the Feng Shui Academy is divided into 10 instalments, with each instalment amounting to 215 euros. For the Eight Mansion Fengshui Course, the price is S$450 per month for a duration of 6 months.

However, the price and course details for Master Goh Guan Leong’s New Course are still pending confirmation.

How to register

To register for the Feng Shui courses in Singapore, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website of the chosen Feng Shui academy or training center.
  2. Look for the registration or enrollment section on their website.
  3. Fill out the registration form with your personal information. such as name, contact details, and course preferences.
  4. Choose the desired course and check its availability.
  5. Select the preferred payment plan.if applicable.
  6. Make the payment using the provided payment methods.
  7. Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email or notification.
  8. Follow any additional instructions given by the academy regarding course materials or pre – course preparations.


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Hear what previous students have to say about their experience and the benefits they gained from taking these Feng Shui courses in Singapore.

Reviews from previous students

  • Students who have completed the Feng Shui courses in Singapore have left positive reviews.
  • Graduates praise the courses for their practical knowledge and hands – on application.
  • Many students appreciate the experienced teachers who provide clear and easy-to-understand explanations.
  • Testimonials mention how the courses have helped students improve their living spaces and create positive energy flow.
  • Students rave about the friendly and supportive learning environment, making it an enjoyable experience.
  • The reputation of the schools is solidified by feedback from previous students who highly recommend them.
  • The courses receive acclaim for their comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of Feng Shui.
  • Many graduates have successfully applied what they learned to transform their homes and even start consulting businesses.
  • The testimonials highlight the valuable skills gained from these courses, enabling students to enhance their lives and those around them.

Related Courses

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In addition to the popular Feng Shui courses mentioned, there are other related courses available in Singapore that can further enhance your knowledge and skills. These courses cover topics such as Bazi astrology, space clearing, and interior design principles.

Explore these additional options to broaden your understanding of Feng Shui and its applications in different areas.

Additional courses offered

There are some additional courses that you can consider if you’re interested in learning more about Feng Shui in Singapore. These courses provide a deeper understanding and specialization in specific areas related to Feng Shui. Here are some of the additional courses offered:

  • Oriental Wellness Tourism: This course combines the principles of Feng Shui with wellness activities, storytelling, and tourist guides’ tours. It provides a unique perspective on incorporating Feng Shui into the tourism industry.
  • Destiny Analysis: This course focuses specifically on destiny analysis using BaZi (Chinese Astrology). It teaches you how to interpret and analyze a person’s destiny based on their birth date and time, helping you understand the influence of Feng Shui on individuals.
  • Divination: Learn the art of divination, which involves using various methods like Qi Men Dun Jia and I Ching to predict future outcomes or gain insight into current situations. This course will enhance your skills in interpreting symbols and understanding patterns related to Feng Shui.

Importance of continuous learning

Continuous learning is crucial when it comes to related courses on Feng Shui in Singapore. It plays a significant role in lifelong learning, skill development, and professional growth.

By continuously acquiring knowledge and enhancing your skills through these courses, you can experience personal development and improve yourself. Continuous learning also provides opportunities for educational advancement and career enhancement.

This process allows individuals to keep improving themselves, ensuring that they stay updated with the latest practices and trends in Feng Shui.

Unique Features of Each Course

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Each Feng Shui course offers specialized knowledge and unique teaching styles that will help you excel in the art of Feng Shui. Discover the diverse features and benefits of these courses to find the perfect fit for your learning journey.

Specializations or focus areas

The Feng Shui Academy offers courses with specializations in Eight Mansion Fengshui and Strategic Fengshui 101.

Teaching styles

Each Feng Shui course in Singapore has its own unique teaching style. The Feng Shui School of Excellence focuses on traditional Chinese techniques that have been proven to be successful and long-lasting.

Their instructors have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Feng Shui. The ECOFS Accredited Professional Feng Shui Training Course provides an in-depth program with comprehensive training lasting 28 days or 190 hours.

This course follows a rigorous curriculum taught by experienced instructors. The Flying Star Feng Shui Course is based on the lineage teaching of Grand Masters, making it one of the most effective methods for learning Yang-style Feng Shui.


A diverse group of students studying Feng Shui together in a modern classroom.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to enhance your knowledge and skills in Feng Shui, Singapore offers a variety of practical courses taught by top experts in the field. From the Eight Mansion Fengshui course to the comprehensive Feng Shui Diploma Course, there are options for both beginners and advanced learners.

With trusted guidance and experiential learning opportunities, you can master the art of Feng Shui in Singapore and improve your career prospects. So why wait? Enroll in one of these courses today and start enhancing your Feng Shui knowledge and skills!


1. Are there any online Feng Shui courses available in Singapore?

Yes, there are online Feng Shui courses available in Singapore that can be accessed from the comfort of your own home.

2. How long do these Feng Shui courses typically last?

The duration of Feng Shui courses varies, but most courses range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the level of depth and expertise offered.

3. Can I enhance my knowledge and skills in Feng Shui through these courses?

Yes, these Feng Shui courses are designed to help you enhance your knowledge and skills in various aspects such as understanding the principles, applying techniques, and practicing advanced methods.

4. What qualifications or prerequisites do I need to enroll in a Feng Shui course?

Most Feng Shui courses do not require specific qualifications or prerequisites. However, some advanced or specialized programs may have certain requirements which will be mentioned during enrollment.

5. How can I find the best Feng Shui course for me?

To find the best Feng Shui course for enhancing your knowledge and skills in Singapore, you can research different providers, read reviews from past students, consider the curriculum and teaching methods offered by each course provider before making a decision that aligns with your learning goals.

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