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massage%2Bduring%2Bfacial Remember the other day I attended d’skin launch event at Kovan? Few weeks later I made an appointment with them in hope to clear my forehead and lighten all the acne scars left from my horrible breakout few months back. To sum it all up, the facial was superb because the salon is very well equipped with the necessary machines and devices to provide top notch facial service. Let me go through the facial step by step with you.

To start off, we cleansed my face with d’skin oil cleanser which is find it able to cleanse my skin very thoroughly. I like this cleanser so much that I wanted to purchase it but Serena, the in-charge was very nice to give me a sample to try out first before deciding to buy. Kudos!


Cleansing before the facial

After cleansing comes the interesting part. The beautician actually spread some prep-scrub (as they call it) on my face and started the steaming machine on my face. The steaming part is meant to open up the pores and soften the skin for easy extraction. I find this interesting because it’s the first time I have scrubbing beads on my face while steaming. The scrub will exfoliate the skin gently especially when the skin becomes softer after steaming.


Once done with the steaming, it’s time for extraction! As usual mine wasn’t painless because I have a lot of clogged pores that are very hidden underneath the skin. There was some slight redness after the extraction too. The beautician actually advised me not to makeup anymore to prevent further clogging. I’m not sure if I can sustain such commitment because who can attend events without makeup?! But for my skin, I’ll definitely try my best not to apply any makeup if there’s no event.


While the face gets red, fiery and traumatized after the extraction, proper anti-inflammatory steps have to be done to prevent infection. There were a few steps involving different machines and devices, along with appropriate serums, gel mask and antiseptic for my skin. The beautician also carries out this treatment called ‘oxyjet’ that aims to pump more oxygen for my thirsty skin.

1. First step helps to remove the dead skin, disinfect, balance my skin tone. Strong gust of cool air was released out of this long tube that provides massaging effect.

2. Hyaluronic acid serum. A little tingly as the skin started absorbing serum

3. Absorb and penetrate the serum into the skin

facial%2Bfor%2Bacne%2Bsingapore facial%2Bsingapore facial%2Bfor%2Bacne d'skin%2Bfacial%2Bspa

The beautician ended off the facial with stem cell serum and soothing cream. During the masking, the beautician also provided me shoulder massage which was really comfortable. At that moment I wish I was doing massage instead! Haha.

At the end of the day, I can really tell that my pores are much smaller and the skin surface is much smoother. Most importantly, this facial has helped eradicated the blackheads and pimples on my face as I was on the way to recovering from my very bad acne outbreak. Based on my own experience, facials will only help to solve problems temporary like removing the blackheads and pimples, but those issues are bound to return if the real problem within the body isn’t solved. I was on medication (unwillingly because every thing that I tried was to no avail), and that’s why this facial is really meant to do a last clean up and remove anything left behind, without me fearing of any return of acne.¬†


As you can see, my face does have a lot of scars left from the acne outbreak, but IT’S OK MY SKIN IS MUCH BETTER NOW ūüėÄ So much so that I have the courage to go out without putting any makeup to hide the blemishes and scars on my forehead especially.¬†


Left: Before

Right: After facial 

With all the high quality equipment and trained ladies to carry out the facials, I do recommend d’skin spa salon for your regular facial treatments. They’re in the midst of revamping so do drop by and give it a try!


Went the facial with my love Kymm! 

d’skin skin treatment centre¬†

Kovan Heartland Mall 

205 Hougang St 21 

#02-133/135 Singapore 530205 


Novena Square outlet 

238 Thomson Rd



Toa Payoh Outlet 

520 Toa Payoh Central 

#01-54 Singapore 310520

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