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Not all of us are born with long full lashes. If you want to look beautiful effortlessly, eyelashes are one of the key things you need to have, aside from a well-done brows. Here I had my eyelash extension done at Amy Beauty Link, located conveniently at Far East Plaza!

As you can tell, my original eyelashes are barely noticeable. I have inner single eyelids which cover my eyelashes, making them even harder to notice!

This time round, I opted for cluster eyelash extension to see if there’s any difference compared to the lash by lash extension I did in the past. 

What’s good about Amy Beauty Link is that that actually places the different eyelash lengths on my lashes to let me have a look and see what length I desire! 

After an hour or so, my new set of eyelash extension is completed! 

I’ve receive lots of compliments on this set of lashes done. Cluster eyelash extension does seem to create a mesmerising look with fuller lashes. My eyelids even turn to double eyelids for a while!

As you can see, eyelash extension does make a hell lot of difference to how a person can look! My eyes look really huge right now 😀

So don’t wait anymore! Visit Amy beauty link or give them a ring to ask about prices! 🙂

Amy Beauty Link

14 Scotts Road #05‐72

Far East Plaza Singapore 228213

Tel: (65) 6738 2180

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