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I used to step out of my house with zero makeup. Well yes one reason is because I wasn’t good at it, but the other reason is because it takes up time. TIME! It can’t be more true than the old phrase “Time is money”.

But as time goes by, I admit nowadays I start to gain more awareness of how I look. No, I don’t smack on heavy makeup with falsies and eyeliner. I do simple light makeup just to make myself look good and presentable when I head to school for presentation, or for instance, work (internship).

Today, I can ignore covering my dark circles & hereditary eye bags, or some occasional pimples even though I have pretty good complexion thanks to DRx; but there’s one thing I cannot leave without – a completed set of nice well-trimmed eyebrows.

This post will be all about eyebrows. I will also answer some of the frequently asked questions about eyebrow embroidery. Ever wondered how important a set of eyebrows could be? People always say the eyebrows are the windows of the eyes, the feature that compliments all other features on your face. Eyebrows can also change how the way you look: Fierce or innocent? You have the control to decide.

So after reading how I pour out so much sorrow about not having a nice set of eyebrows, you probably have guessed that I am not blessed with nice, bushy arched eyebrows. But after today, I turned from…

Celine+Chiam+Eyebrow+Embroidery +Brow+Enliven

A very big thank you to HighBrow, as they gave me tremendous amount of confidence and of course, convenience after I did their own special technique of eyebrow embroidery – Brow Enliven!

Here’s a comparison with my drawn eyebrow. Before Brow Enliven (Eyebrow embroidery), I have to draw my eyebrows with eyebrow pencil every single day. I probably have to touch up once each day. But now, I do not have to worry about how to draw my eyebrows anymore! 


Previously, I mentioned that HighBrow is crowned for their unique version of Eyebrow  embroidery- Brow Enliven. The above photo is solely drawn by their Creative Director, Andy. All the therapists have many years of experience, while Andy himself has up to 20 years of experience. 

So what is so special about HighBrow’s Brow Enliven? 

Brow Enliven only works on the epidermis layer of the skin, without penetrating deep into the dermis layer like eyebrow tattoo. The brow therapist will use HighBrow’s own brow designer tool and technique, with each embroidery process using to 3 Brow Enliven blades. Each brow embroidered will be filled with strokes rather a solid colour. HighBrow’s Brow Enliven is also useful for corrective eyebrow, like the one below. 

Credits: HighBrow

Below, you can see Andy meticulously explaining to me the procedure, the theory and concept behind Brow Enliven. No, this is not just for me just cos I’m a blogger. Andy is very proud of the fact that his consultation with customers often than not takes longer than the eyebrow embroidery itself. He puts utmost importance in getting to understand and know better what the customers really desire. 

After all, Andy does not believe in rushing things. He believes in getting what you desire done.

Eyebrow+tattoo+Singapore 2
Eyebrow+tattoo+Singapore 1

To start off, there were a lot of comparison to find the balance point between my eyebrows. I was told to raise my eyebrow a few times to assess the appropriate placement of the eyebrow arch. So now you should know eyebrow embroidery is never easy! It takes a lot of assessment of the face feature, face shape and even your usual makeup makes a difference! 

Eyebrow+tattoo+Singapore 10

And so Andy moved on to draw the eyebrows for me. 

Eyebrow Embroidery Process

After settling for the eyebrow shape that I am satisfied with, Andy applied some numbing cream. 


Quite amusing to have some bushy brows for a good 15 mins. So I can’t help to make funny faces hahaha. 


To decide the colour of the eyebrow embroidery, Andy would draw some strokes on the back of my hand. I was also told to put beside my eye to decide if the colour was alright. 

Eyebrow+Embroidery+Singapore 16

The whole eyebrow embroidery process took about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on your consultation period. I wouldn’t mind the time spent here because I feel that the therapists at HighBrow are dedicated rather than rushing to earn your money that’s all. Let’s quickly move on to some frequently asked questions about eyebrow embroidery

1. How long will this eyebrow embroidery (Brow Enliven) last?

6-8 months without touch up, 1-1.5 years with touch up, depending on the customer. 

2. What do you mean depending on customer? 

Different skin condition will affect the durability of the embroidered eyebrow. For example, oily skin may result in a faster fading of eyebrow colour. But take note, it’s slow fading and not decolorisation of eyebrow embroidery. Unlike embroidery/eyebrow tattoo, Brow Enliven does not require lasering to remove the ugly decolourised brow.

3. Is eyebrow embroidery painful? 

I don’t know about other kinds of eyebrow embroidery,  but I would give a “no” for HighBrow’s Brow Enliven. It’s really painless if you let the numbing cream set longer. Even if you do feel any pain, you can request to put more numbing serum in between the embroidery process, like how Andy proposed to me when he asked if I’m feeling any pain. 

4. What justifies Brow Enliven’s price? 

Witness it yourself. Instead of a solid colour for eyebrow embroidery, Brow Enliven prides itself for a natural-looking eyebrow. Each and every stroke completes the natural brows. 

Let’s see it ourselves!


6. Why does the package comes with touch up? 

Yes, why touch up? 

As you can see from the photo above, my embroidered brows look a little faint by Day 6. Two reasons behind this: One, my original brow is too dark and two, Andy does not encourage the use of dark colour for my first time. To avoid customers feeling uncomfortable and in fact shocked with a pair of dark and unnatural eyebrow that they are not used to, the first embroidery would be a little lighter than requested. This also provides a chance for the therapist to correct the brows if the customers would like to alter the shape a little. If the first embroidery was too dark, it leaves no room for correction. Hence, touch up is extremely important because it can accommodate correction & alteration according to customers’ requests.

Eyebrow+tattoo+Singapore 17

HighBrow themselves have a booklet of references to pair eyebrow shapes with different face shapes. The therapists here would use this to explain and discuss with their customers. 


And now, let’s have a more holistic view of my newly done brows!


I really cannot emphasise how important a full & completed set of eyebrows is. It also provides me a lot of convenience because I no longer have to spend 3-5 mins drawing my brows every time before I head out. Funny thing is, there was once I went out of the house feeling weird, which I then came to realise I forgot my usual sunblock and matte powder because I look fine without makeup! All thanks to the fully done brows, I really gain a lot of confidence. 

I do believe that aesthetics enhancements such as Eyebrow embroidery would bring a person a lot of confidence. Beauty gives confidence, and confidence brings out inner beauty. 


I was also given HighBrow’s Nourish & Care pack consisting of HighBrow Nourish Essence and Care Cream. They are to protect the colour and shape of the brows like nourishing and moisturising the skin. 

Thank you HighBrow for the wonderful eyebrows! 

I am ALL READY for Chinese New Year! 

To all readers out there, I am very willing to answer your questions regarding Eyebrow embroidery and Brow Enliven! Just leave a comment below and I will reply asap. 

Packages consisting one full Brow Enliven + one touch up:

(touch up within 6 months)

Creative director $1280 

Senior Therapist $880 

Aftercare products: $88



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