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Went over with my group of friends in uni. 

Okay this is very embarrassing but at first we went to Dempsey hill, wanting to try some of their restaurants there but the price range were really over our budget – we are just students! So we head over to Holland Village instead, and settled down at Everything With Fries. 

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Many probably have been here before since the price are very affordable and it seems to be well-liked by students and young adults. But it was my first time here, I just couldn’t find a time to visit there for a meal. 

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Their menu. All the food are pretty much affordable and reasonable! 

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Interior designing 

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This is on a saturday, 2pm. Quite crowded. 

The ambience here isn’t as great because of many reasons. First, the air conditioning was not strong enough and I still feel hot and uncomfortable sitting in the restaurant. It might be due to the sunny weather. Second, the place was a little cramp (definitely not their fault to have such a small space), but this affects my mood with regards to the restaurant too. Last, everyone here spoke so loud like a coffeeshop, which makes me feel irritated. 

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Haha the empty seat is mine, duh

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Okay food food food is hereeeeee. 

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Creamy Salmon in a Cup


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You know what’s amazing about the soup? It has a slight alcoholic taste! My friend who had this dish is a malay so we had to ask what was in it, and to our surprise, there was no alcohol haha. 

Nonetheless, the soup didn’t turn out great. 

But there were plenty thick salmon slices inside the soup. 

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You have an option of choosing the type of fries you want to go along with your main. 

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Salad that comes with the salmon in a cup, not very appealing. 

Okay here’s mine! 

IMG 3939 IMG 3940

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich


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The taste of the chicken sandwiched between the toast was very tender and juicy. I really hate dry chicken, so I thought the tandoori was alright. The sour creamy sauce that went along with it made the sandwich more appetizing and I like it! 

My fries was sour cream and onion. 

IMG 3942 IMG 3944

Grilled pork chop


IMG 3933

There is a walking distance from the holland v mrt station to this cafe, so you might want to check out the address (which I will post below, as usual). 

IMG 3936 Overall, I thought this is considered quite a good place to chill out with your friends. What’s best is the affordable price which most students can probably afford. Everythingwithfries is just like another restaurant which serves western food and thus there is nothing much special about it, at least that’s what I thought. A small bad point is that it’s not very accessible. Perhaps going to their outlets! Check out the website here
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About their service: Oh yes, I forgot to mention, one of their waitress (there were two) was very rude! When we called for her, she just gave a hand sign telling us to wait while she finish off her task on hand. I mean, if you don’t have the time now, let us know politely because after all you are here to provide service to the customer, and not your black face. 

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They sell cupcakes too!

IMG 3946

With my lovely friends! 

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Everything with fries 

( Tel: +65 6463 3741

Address: 40 Lorong Mambong SP 277 695

Nearest MRT station: Holland Village MRT station

Ask the SMRT staff where is the mall before you went ahead to find it, because I lost my way and wasted a hell of time finding rochester mall. Sigh. 

Opening hours: 

Sun – Thurs, 12 – 11pm

Fri – Sat, Eve of Ph, 12 – 1am

Hui Yan- 

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