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Helllooooohaa people! 

I’m going to share with you a promotion at Domino’s Pizza for all your pizza and party lovers out there! 

Read on to know the 4 new features under Domino’s Pizza. 

A huge extended gratitude to omy.sg for the invitation to the Domino’s food-tasting session and the opportunity to mingle and get along with other bloggers. 

Here’s the marketing manager of Domino’s Pizza, giving us a brief agenda of today’s food-tasting session. 

IMG 8830

First she started off telling us about 

1. The Domino’s Pizza iphone app 

Screen+Shot+2013 03 28+at+1.05.32+AM Screen+Shot+2013 03 28+at+1.05.36+AM

It’s easy to use, and she claims that an order can be easily made within a minute or two. 

I couldn’t give it a try because this app is only available in iphones. But not to worry android users, I’m sure they’ll be launching an android version not long later. 


Here is she doing a demonstration for us. 

It’s really user friendly and it provides quite a number of services:

a. Placing of orders

b. Tracking of orders 

c. Convenient to use 

She also mentioned about the function of doing a shake with your iphone while ordering and you’ll be able to see the free sides you’ll be entitled to. Give it a try! (But not sure if it’s gonna work though) 

2. The Domino’s Pizza 2 for $22 promotion

2 for $22 for regular sized, while 2 for $33 for large sized. 
Until 21st April only.

I honestly think it’s a better and worthy pizza alternatives compared to other bigger pizza outlets. Domino’s vouched to provide the pizzas at the cheapest price and if I’m not wrong, the prices are really competitive and they often smacked in many promotions and offers on top of the insanely cheap prices. 

IMG 8838

3. The Domino’s Pizza GPS tracker

IMG 8849

 I’m sure some might not know about this, but each and every process of your pizza being prepared are recorded and you’ll be able to track them, just like how you are able to track your postage through registered mail. 

What’s more is that if they are unable to deliver the pizza to you within half an hour, you’ll get a free voucher for use next time! That’s quite a big incentive they have compared to other pizza companies. 

IMG 8835

I wouldn’t say I eat pizza often, but they are really convenient food alternatives we can think of when we have parties or when I simply don’t have time to head out for dinner because I’m stuck in a meeting in school. So when I heard about the fact that ordering has been made even easier, I can’t say no anymore.

IMG 8846

Our orders came really quickly after we placing the orders 

IMG 8850

4. The Domino’s Pizza Free Cheese promotion 

The marketing manager also mentioned about providing the best service and food to their customer because they value their customers so much, such that they wanted to let them enjoy their every meal at Domino’s. 

Which is why, they wouldn’t mind topping up cheese for you without any extra charges. Yippee! 

I’m a cheese lover, the moment I hear this, I am so going for Domino’s the next time. 

IMG 8851 IMG 8860

Bloggers insanity with photos 

IMG 8862

Let the food-tasting BEGIN

IMG 8892

IMG 8856
Very veggie, large sized. 

 A very apt name indeed, this is a pizza you would want if you love all the capsicums and olives. I personally am not a fan of all these though 🙂

IMG 8857
Hawaiian Paradise,  large sized. 

If you ask me what I like about this, it has got to be the amount of cheese and pineapples in it. Did I tell you about the fact I love pineapples, but only those found in pizzas? Hahaha! Well for some reason, pineapples that are heated somehow taste really good, especially when they comes with pizza and mozzarella cheese (omgosh)

IMG 8901
Hawaiian Paradise in thin crust

It’s definitely my first time trying the thin crust from Domino’s and boy you don’t know how much I loveeee it. 

I’ve begin to be more consious with my carbohydrates intake and I try to cut down on them like for example rice and flour. So when I took a bite of this thin crust hawaiian paradise, I was pleasantly surprised because the taste of it was certainly not jeopardised at all. In fact, the thin crust gave the fillings on top of it more room to be emphasized. In other words, the crust simply do not cover the taste of the fillings. 

IMG 8863
Classified Chicken

 Classified chicken was another surprise because it had plenty of cheese underneath the melted mozzarella cheese on top. It’s topped with chunks of smoked chicken breast, onions and mushrooms, coupled with Domino’s special suace. If it’s me, I probably will opt out the onions and add more mushrooms to it hahah. 

I will only suggest this to cheese lovers because the overwhelming cheese can sometimes be a little too much for non-cheese lovers 🙂 

But it doesn’t get too awful in any way! It taste as good as it looks. 

IMG 8890 IMG 8895

IMG 8885
Classic pepperoni

Self-explanatory. This comes with tremendous amount of beef pepperoni and melted mozzarella cheese. It’s a little on the spicy side but it’s definitely bearable. In fact I like the slight spicy flavour because it appetize you pretty much.

IMG 8898 IMG 8899

It’ll be even better if you add more cheese (FOR FREE)! 

I’m a cheese lover…. just saying. 

Now the sides! 

IMG 8904

IMG 8864
Golden Roasted Drummet 

 If I mentioned about the pepperoni slight at the spicy side, then these drummets are flaming hot. 

I am a person who can take average spiciness, so I really thought the drummets are really spicy!! But the chicken was certainly tender and easy to eat. 

IMG 8872
Garlic cheese onion rings

 This has to be consumed immediately when it’s hot, so that it’ll be nicer. 

IMG 8869

IMG 8875
Chocolate lava cake 

 Sweet is all I can say about this! 

As usual, chocolate lava cake is usually for the really sweet tooth. I enjoyed the cake but I couldn’t take more bites because they are really too sweet for me. But this doesn’t mean it’s not good. It was yummy, but perhaps sharing it with friends will make it a wiser choice since it gets really sweet after a few bites.

IMG 8884

IMG 8858
Caramel sticky dessert 

Another sweet dessert they have ^_^ 

IMG 8906 IMG 8907 IMG 8909

I had a wonderful food-tasting session with the bloggers and the good food served to us! Remember to check out Domino’s website and place your order today! 🙂

IMG 8913 IMG 8914 IMG 8917

With michhy!!

 And the domino pizza crew is really spontaneous!! 

IMG 8880 IMG 8905

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