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Calling out all chocolate lovers! 

Have you chanced upon Cadbury’s new Marvelous Creations? 

They are namely the Jelly Crunchie Bits, Jelly Popping Candy Beanies and Peanut Toffee Cookie.

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Darren being a nice chap as usual (hahaha, no I’m kidding), brought me along to the Cadbury Bloggers’ Party and I brought back quite a few packets of my favorite Jelly Popping chocolate. Few days back I purchased the single bars without knowing I’ll be attending this event, and now I have more than enough chocolate bars at home. That can be at least 3 months of my chocolate supply *evil smile*

CadburySGBlogger%2527sParty001 CadburySGBlogger%2527sParty002

The moment I stepped into the room, the chocolate chunks on a humble table were the first that caught my attention. 


As much as I would want to quickly take one and pop it into my mouth, I had to control myself because they are actually for the blind-tasting test. 

In fact, there were more than just the new creations. All-time favourites like TimeOut and Crunchie were mixed in between too! 


Next to the entrance is actually Cadbury’s chocolate stand filled with their new Marvellous Creations. 

Look at all the chocolates waving to me! 

CadburySGBlogger%2527sParty004 CadburySGBlogger%2527sParty003

Appetizers were thoughtfully provided as well.


 Very quickly, everyone settled down to listen to the opening speech done by the marketing in-charge, Rachel (the one with colourful cardigan). 

CadburySGBlogger%2527sParty007 CadburySGBlogger%2527sParty006

If you realise, LadyIronChef, Beatrice Tan and MissTamChiak, the ambassadors of the marvellous creations are in this picture. 

 First to give a speech was LadyIronChef. 

LadyIronChef, Beatrice Tan and MissTamChiak


And he moved on to hit the Cadbury’s piñata! 


To show you the long process of hitting open the piñata, I made a gif out of it! 


 A band was there to provide amazing background music as well. The guy in the middle sang “Rocketeer” very very well! Especially at the high pitch part. I was really mesmerized. 

CadburySGBlogger%2527sParty024 CadburySGBlogger%2527sParty025 CadburySGBlogger%2527sParty028

A photo with the pretty ladies! 


I felt underdressed hahaha. I wasn’t expecting to come. Was notified like half an hour before the event’s time. 

Ask me what is the best part of this party? 

It has got to be the photo booth!


With spontaneous Cadbury’s staff. 077 M
And the bloggers!!! 

Hahaha I can’t stop laughing at the huge chocolate bar I’m holding on to. Imagine a real chocolate the size of this hahahahahha. 


Thanks for reading! I sure had fun at the event! 

Now I’m gonna go enjoy all my chocolates. 

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