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Attention to all ladies who suffer oily T-zone problems: gone were the days you have to constantly blot or powder your face because Etude House Singapore has released their new Zero Sebum skincare range, which I truly swear by! My T-zone area always gets oily within mins after staying under the sun and I’m utterly surprised how this collection manages to keep the sebum under control. By using just the All-Day Matte Gel ($19.90) and Drying Powder ($13.90), my face remains matte even after a few good hours under the sun. Read on to read about the magic of these products!

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This new Zero Sebum Line by Etude House Singapore aims to provide well-rounded solution to excessive sebum production. Put it simply, it helps to prevent or slow oily skin from happening. 

Comes with a three prong approach including steps like Remove, Control and Absorb, the Zero Sebum Line also contains active ingredients like Sugar Polymer, Cotton Flower and Mixed Herb Extracts to keep your skin flawless and matte whole day. To know the uses, here’s a breakdown: 

1. Sugar polymer helps to absorb sebum and maintain powdery skin surface

2. Cotton extract prevents skin damage due to production of sebum

3. Mixed herb extracts help to soothe your skin with antibacterial effect

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First up, we have the Zero Sebum White Sebum Clear ($19.90, 15ml). It’s used to remove sebum on your skin through an effective peeling process using this cream. After short application of the sebum cream, wipe away the residue lightly with tissue.

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Can you tell a certain amount of sebum is actually removed? Like how the product promise, it gives a smooth finish on my oily areas like my nose. 


Now here come the holy grail products that manage to keep my face matte for a few hours despite me being under the hot sun for a few hours….

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Zero Sebum All-Day Matte Gel ($19.90, 65ml) is nothing but amazing. It doesn’t feel like anything when I apply onto my face, and it does seem to mattify the surface of the back of my hand. I do believe that this matte gel does play a part in keeping my face matte all day, although I did use the dry powder which will be featured slightly later. How did I come to this conclusion? I usually use dry powder of many brands sent to me but my face still turns oily after a while. With this matte gel, it doesn’t seem to be the case at all!! This finishing gel definitely does a good job in controlling my sebum production with natural organic grain powder.



If the Zero Sebum All-Day Matte Gel  already sounds so awesome to you, then the drying powder will shock you even more. Simply for one reason: it instantly mattifies my face. Instantly. 

zero%2Bsebum%2Bdrying%2Bpowder%2Breview The Zero Sebum Drying Powder ($13.90, 6g) helps absorbs sebum with the help of natural mineral powder (80%). It doesn’t affect my makeup at all, but instead perfect it and mattes away any oily part. I don’t usually put foundation but instead tinted sunscreen only, and I find this drying powder perfect to give that complete finish look. I love it! Etude%2BHouse%2BSingapore%2BZero%2BSebum%2BLine 0
Etude House Singapore’s Zero Sebum Line is already available in Etude house stores!! Grab yours today, cos I promise you you wont regret it! 
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