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First of all, a huge congratulatory shout-out to Etude House Singapore on the opening of its Vivo City outlet! I am so honored and excited at the same time to attend their launch event last Thursday. As usual, I can fall in love with Etude House collections over and over again because they’re just too adorable. Last year, I missed the Disney limited collection but fear not because this year, in collaboration with Australian Fashion Illustrator Kerrie Hess, Etude House has came up with another limited Edition collection – The Dreaming Swan (which is only available in the Vivo City outlet!!).


If you remember, just few months ago, Etude House had one of its bigger launch in Wisma Atria. They have a real size princess carriage and capsule machines, which essentially made it like a playground. This time, the VivoCity outlet is even greater and fascinating with twice as large store space, candy catcher machines and…. a manicure ‘outlet’! 

Etude House flagship store at VivoCity launches its opening just last Thursday and invited a huge crowd to find out what’s new about this outlet. Besides the usual merchandises they carry, this is the ONLY store that carry their latest limited edition, the Dreaming Swan. 


First look of Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection, I’m in love. The illustrations painted with water colours are so clean and captivating. It illustrates a beautiful elegant ballerina along with the accessories essential to her. This limited collection comes mainly in the following merchandises, in several different designs: 

Dreaming Swan Any Cushion Case 

Dear My Blooming Lips-talk 

Dreaming Swan Eye and Cheek 

Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact Brush 

Dreaming Swan Mini Pouch 

Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact

Singapore%2Bbeauty%2Bblogger%2Bmedia%2Bevents0 Etudehouse%2Bvivocity Etudehouse%2Bvivocity%2Boutlet

While the crowd got so preoccupied with the Mediacorp Actress, I hid in a corner to play with my sweet catcher and got myself a 5000 credit prize!!! (That’s $50 voucher wahahaha). 

SG%2Bbeauty%2Bblogger SG%2Bbeauty%2Bblogger

And of course lots of selfie with the friends who were at the launch event! 

Left: Roanna, Right: Ena!

Mid: Debbie (I’ll see you around very often at Etude events! Hahah)


Etude House sure treats its customers like Princesses… Hehehe. 

EtudeHouse%2BVivoCity%2BOpening5Alright! Let’s have a look what the lucky girl (me) has gotten!  ETUDEHOUSE%2Bdreaming%2Bswan%2BBB%2Bcushion%2Bcase

First up, although there’s nothing new to the use of this BB cushion, the limited edition Dreaming Swan cushion case is definitely the showstopper as soon as the girl brings out her BB cushion from her bag. I also love how versatile it is such that I can easily replace my used BB cushion when it runs out, and still remain with the lovely adorable casing. 


Moving on to the blushers, as I’m writing this post, I’m not sure if there’s any more left on the shelves because just yesterday, I headed back to the outlet and one of the five blushers is officially out of stock! Even the staff has no idea whether or not they’ll replenish the stock. Either way, this dreaming swan limited edition blusher comes with a fluffy blush for easy application. Comes with 5 different colours as well. The colour pull off is sheer and not very pigmented, which is perfect for the korean look which calls for minimalist makeup look. 

EtudeHouse%2BVivoCity%2BOpening10 EtudeHouse%2BVivoCity%2BOpening11

Dreaming Swan mini pouch which is available for sale!


Anyway, in case I’ve not made in official, I am a HUGE fan of coral and I’m very glad that I found out coral suits my skin tone. Which is why when I saw that the lipstick given to me was in coral, I jumped in excitement. The lipstick is absolutely creamy, it just glides across my lips. Only if my lips aren’t dry, they’ll make a very high quality cream lipstick. 


Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk Lip Swatch in Coral Shade


Another two products that are not under the Dreaming Swan collection but definitely need to be mentioned are the cushion blushers. I got both coral and pastel pink shades. They both look intense from the pots but when swatched, both gave a very sheer coverage like the blusher mentioned earlier. I presume this however may last longer since it is cushion-type and not powder. Either way, I absolutely love the cushion blusher for its petite size! Great for bringing out.

Etude House cushion blushers
Right: coral, Left: Pink


I also purchased the Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact Brush at the launch (on Thursday) because it’s too hard to resist. To my surprise, the brush has also ran out of stock. Must be the really princessy design of it that makes all ladies couldn’t resist it. The fluffy brush is great for touching up with translucent powder. I just headed out today using it to pat on some translucent powder on my oily T-zone. This brush not only looks great but performs well too. 

SG%2Bbeauty%2Bbloggers CIMG0666%2Bcopy SAM 0067%2Bcopy Just today, I went down again to get my items with my $50 voucher and I actually spent more than $50 hahah. So the main things I have here are an eyeshadow palette, falsies, liquid eyeliner, my first play 101 pencil and also, another Dreaming Swan BB cushion case (the one in pinkish-red)!! Since I can easily replace the BB cushion, I reckon the case would come in very handy. Besides, I feel happy just by looking at it! ^.^ Guess someone just can’t get enough of cute makeup items! I also got three complimentary coins so I exchanged it for a gelish pedicure. The place is so spacious and well decorated with everything pink! Etudehouse%2BVivocity%2BManicure%2B Singapore%2Bbeauty%2Bblogger%2Bmedia%2Bevents3

Thank you Etude House Singapore and TouchPR for the kind invitation! I am so in love with everything inside – the decoration, the colors, the collections.. everything! 🙂

For fans of Etude House, don’t forget to make a trip down to Etude House Vivo City and experience something you have never before! The Dreaming Swan Collection is not gonna stay for long so grab them before it runs out of stock!


Thanks for reading! ❤
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