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Have you seen this recently? That’s right, it’s the Etude House Customizable BB Cushion Casing with Decoden Kit! Apparently you can get this but the period was already over… 🙁 nonetheless, you still get to see what’s it all about!

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So previously at the launch of Bling Me Prism launch, we also get to play with the Decoden kit! 

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And here’s the one that I designed. 

There were two different boxes of decoden, one the floral charms while the other assorted cute charms. I decided to share some with Sydney and came up with a combination of both!

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As we all know, all BB Cushion practically look the same. I guess this is quite a fun way to decorate your BB cushion to make it really yours! 😉

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Do hop over to my other review on the Bling Me Prism collection to see more swatches! 

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