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ETUDE HOUSE has done it again! Always setting the bar high for the cutest and affordable makeup items for young ladies out there, ETUDE HOUSE is again proud to release their Color in Liquid Lips, made to combine the three lip products together – a lipstick, lip-gloss and lip stain. From the look of it, these Color in Liquid Lips seems like a lipstick but little would many realise it to be way better than a simple lipstick. 


Comes with an applicator made of velvet material, the liquid lipstick is extremely thick and colors are pretty much pigmented. The velvet applicator glides across my lips effortlessly and one application is good enough to give my lips the pigmented colours as promised by the colour, thanks to the One Touch Color Pigment in each liquid lip. You wouldn’t believe the following swatches are made with just one swipe of the liquid lips. 

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The most amazing thing about ETUDE HOUSE Color in Liquid Lips is that it comes in 20 vivid shades, making us all spoilt for choices. I had the privilege to first try out the following 5 colors, namely PK004 Rose in Bloom, PK 006 Always in Pink, OR201 Juicy in Joy, OR205 Made in Sweet and RD301 I’m in Love. 

Let’s see how do these gorgeous look on my lips.


For the good old bold red lippies, go for PK004 Rose in Bloom, like how the name suggests – Rose! 

If not, RD302 would be a good choice to avoid looking pale in dim-light settings. For normal days, I feel that all three other colours are equally appropriate, depending on your skin tone and your eye makeup that day. Just a quick tip, coral shades like OR205 will look great on warm skin tones while pink shades will look good on cool tones.

Moisturising wise, I have to say the lippies are really thick and moisturising. It includes Sweet Almond Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil to ensure your lips remain cushiony and well hydrated. To let you picture about how thick and pigmented the liquid lips are – I can basically dab one small dot on my cheeks and blend out as blusher, and that one dot alone is good enough. 

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I definitely recommend these liquid lips because they’re so versatile and come with multiple purposes. They’re moisturising, long-lasting, colours are great and there are many colours to choose from. 

ETUDE HOUSE Color in Liquid Lips are only retailing at SGD17.90 in all ETUDE HOUSE outlets (very affordable!!).

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