Top Electrical Panel Manufacturers In Singapore A Comprehensive Guide 139211175

Top Electrical Panel Manufacturers In Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the right electrical panel manufacturer can be a challenge amid numerous options in Singapore’s bustling industry. As home to some of the top providers globally, this city-state houses many firms that have mastered using superior quality raw materials for their products.

This guide will walk you through well-renowned manufacturers, offering insights into their partnerships, featured products and more to help you make an informed decision. Ready to power up your knowledge? Dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • There are numerous top electrical panel manufacturers in Singapore, including Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Auto-Way Electrical Pte. Ltd., M&I Electric Far East Pte Ltd, ARC, and Ricco.
  • Schneider Electric offers the EasyLah Rewards Program to reward loyal customers and provide exclusive benefits on electrical panel purchases.
  • Elmiko is a trusted electrical panel manufacturer in Singapore that has strong relationships with top manufacturers and specializes in digital transformation in panel building.
  • Kafkas is a successful partnership with Schneider Electric Singapore, offering software and digital tools for efficient management of medium-voltage switchgear businesses.

Understanding Electrical Panels

Understanding Electrical Panels 139211403

Electrical panels are key in any building. They work like a control center for electricity. From here, power gets sent to different parts of the house or office. This panel is also called a main switchboard.

There is a part named “service entrance”. The service entrance brings power from an outside transformer into the site. A big circuit breaker lives in the electrical panel too. It can turn off all power in a snap if need be.

Also, it’s worth noting that industrial factories rely heavily on these panels because they mix mechanical and electronic bits together.

Main electrical panel explained - Load center - service panel

Top Electrical Panel Manufacturers in Singapore

Top Electrical Panel Manufacturers in Singapore 139211988

Here are some of the top electrical panel manufacturers in Singapore that you should know about: Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Auto-Way Electrical Pte. Ltd., M&I Electric Far East Pte Ltd, ARC, and Ricco.

Inside a Singapore circuit breaker box (10 - Electricity Distribution)

Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. 139211653

Brilltech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. stands out as a top maker of electrical panels in Singapore. They craft many types of these panels with different uses and sizes. So, you can find what you need! Their head office is in Noida but they work with other big makers of electrical panels in Singapore too.

Their control panels and Motor Control Panels (MCC) are their pride. Many like them more than the Power Control Panels Brilltech makes. All their works pass tough tests which gets them the ISO seal of trust.

Auto-Way Electrical Pte. Ltd.

Auto Way Electrical Pte. Ltd. 139211262

Auto-Way Electrical Pte. Ltd. builds electrical control panels in Singapore. They started their work in 1996. Their experience adds up to more than 20 years! The company makes HMI/PLC systems, water booster and sump pumps, and HVAC control panels too.

Auto-Way Electrical aims to give its customers good quality products. They make reliable electrical solutions for their clients’ needs. As a leading maker, the firm is known for being expert and trustworthy in the industry.

M&I Electric Far East Pte Ltd

M&I Electric Far East Pte Ltd 139211739

M&I Electric Far East Pte Ltd is a top electrical panel manufacturer in Singapore. They specialize in providing custom-built intelligent electrical switchboards, motor control centers, motor starter panels, variable frequency drives (VFDs), and power inverters.

With their expertise in electrical power delivery and energy management solutions, they offer high-quality and cost-effective products. M&I Electric Far East is also known for their busduct systems, integrated power controls, online condition monitoring products, and power energy management systems.

As one of the leading panel builders in Singapore, they are dedicated to delivering reliable solutions that meet their customers’ needs.


ARC 139211813

ARC is one of the top electrical panel manufacturers in Singapore. They specialize in providing power system protection and control panels for electrical power transmission, distribution, and generation.

ARC offers comprehensive support for panel builders to ensure they meet global standards and requirements for low-voltage electrical installations. Their electrical control panels and cubicles are designed to withstand harsh conditions and are available globally.

ARC is a reliable choice for those in need of quality electrical panels that meet industry standards.


Ricco 139211255

Ricco Engineering is one of the top electrical engineering companies in Singapore. They are known for their expertise as a supplier of switchboards and control panels. Ricco offers quality Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) services to their customers, ensuring that they provide comprehensive solutions for electrical control panels.

As a trusted partner, Ricco is associated with the leading electrical panel manufacturers in Singapore and constantly upgrades its skills to stay relevant in the industry. With their commitment to excellence, Ricco remains dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers and delivering high-quality electrical equipment and solutions.

Partnerships and Success Stories

Partnerships and Success Stories 139211216

One of the successful partnerships in the Singapore electrical industry is Schneider Electric’s EasyLah Rewards Program. This program aims to reward loyal customers and provide them with exclusive benefits and discounts on their electrical panel purchases.

Another success story is Elmiko, a leading electrical distributor in Singapore that has built strong relationships with top manufacturers, ensuring high-quality products and reliable services for their clients.

Kafkas is also worth mentioning as they have established themselves as a trusted electrical contractor in Singapore, delivering efficient panel building solutions to various industries.

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Schneider Electric EasyLah Rewards Program

Schneider Electric EasyLah Rewards Program 139211820

The Schneider Electric EasyLah Rewards Program is a special initiative that focuses on partnerships and success stories in the electrical panel manufacturing industry. This program is designed exclusively for indirect panel builders, offering them a range of benefits and growth opportunities.

By joining this program, partners can gain access to sustainable solutions and high-efficiency products from Schneider Electric, allowing their businesses to thrive. The mySchneider Panel Builders program offers two levels of achievement with attractive rewards, making it an ideal platform for electrical panel manufacturers in Singapore.

With its growing presence in Asia Pacific through Singapore, Schneider Electric continues to support the local electrical industry and contribute to its development.


Elmiko 139211291

Elmiko is a well-known electrical panel manufacturer in Singapore. They have formed strong partnerships with some of the top manufacturers in the industry. Elmiko works closely with their partners to design cutting-edge control panels that meet the needs of their clients in Singapore.

They are at the forefront of digital transformation in panel building and are always seeking new collaborations to expand their work as electrical control panel builders. Elmiko’s expertise and recognition in the industry make them a trusted choice for streamlining panel building processes.

They offer planning, installation, and commissioning solutions for all types of electrical control panels. With Elmiko, you can be confident in receiving reliable and innovative products from an experienced team.


Kafkas 139211733

Kafkas is one of the successful partnerships with Schneider Electric Singapore. They offer software and digital tools for panel builders, which are helpful in their medium-voltage switchgear business.

With Kafkas, panel builders can access efficient management solutions and support to grow their businesses. This partnership aims to provide panel builders in Singapore with the necessary resources and technology to excel in the electrical industry.

Kafkas is an example of how Schneider Electric Singapore collaborates with companies to promote growth and innovative solutions for panel builders.

Featured Products

Featured Products 139211404

Discover the cutting-edge electrical panel solutions offered by top manufacturers in Singapore, including the ComPact NSXm, Easergy P3, TeSys D, and more.

ComPact NSXm

The ComPact NSXm is a high-performance molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) offered by Schneider Electric in Singapore. It comes in two frame sizes and can meet different needs, including thermal-magnetic requirements.

As a leading provider of protection solutions, Schneider Electric has a 70-year history of providing reliable products. The ComPact NSXm is designed to offer superior customer experience by combining advanced features with ease of use.

Easergy P3

Easergy P3 is a range of protection relays designed specifically for medium voltage applications in Singapore. These relays are responsible for providing protection to important components like feeders, motors, transformers, and generators.

With over 40 different protection functions and 9 communication protocols, Easergy P3 ensures the safety and reliability of your electrical system. This product is offered by Schneider Electric, one of the top electrical panel manufacturers in Singapore.

Whether you need enhanced operational efficiency or improved system performance, Easergy P3 has got you covered.

TeSys D

TeSys D is a range of motor control solutions offered by Schneider Electric, one of the top electrical panel manufacturers in Singapore. As part of their offerings, Schneider Electric provides technical guidance, digital tools, and software specifically designed for panel builders.

With TeSys D, you can have access to featured products that are known for their reliability and performance. In fact, Schneider Electric offers 99% of the components needed to build control panels.

One notable feature of TeSys D is its patented technologies like EverLink and TeSys T, which provide efficient motor management systems. Additionally, Schneider Electric also provides ratings spreadsheets to help determine Short Circuit Current Ratings for Combination Motor applications.

Enerlin’X Com’X

The Enerlin’X Com’X is an energy server and data logger offered by Schneider Electric in Singapore. It is a communication system designed for smart panels that displays essential electrical information and alarms related to the electrical network.

The Enerlin’X Com’X is compatible with the new generation of ComPacT NS, PowerPacT P- and R-frame circuit breakers. When equipped with the Micrologic X control unit and EIFE interface module, the Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker becomes a connected device with wireless and Ethernet capabilities.

Schneider Electric provides product guides to help users understand how to use their Enerlin’X Com’X along with other products in their digital system for smart panels, offering wireless and Ethernet connectivity options.

Easy UPS On-Line

Easy UPS On-Line is a reliable and efficient uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed to provide power protection for your IT infrastructure. With a power capacity of 3kVA/2700W, it ensures that your network remains secure and your systems are protected from unexpected power interruptions.

This tower model features 6x IEC outlets, providing ample outlet configuration options for your devices. Easy UPS On-Line is essential for ensuring business continuity and the reliability of data centers.

Schneider Electric Singapore offers this powerful solution to meet all your power protection needs.


PowerTag is a wireless sensor offered by Schneider Electric Singapore. It measures energy and power in real time, providing valuable information for businesses. With PowerTag, you can receive smartphone alerts to ensure business continuity and connectivity.

This Class 1 wireless power sensor is part of the PowerLogic™ product line, designed to make electrical panels smarter. It allows for wireless energy monitoring and real-time power measurement, helping improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

PowerTag enables smart grid technology and offers connectivity solutions for better power management systems.

Easergy Series P5

The Easergy Series P5 is a product line of protection relays offered by Schneider Electric in Singapore. It has become the new standard for medium voltage network protection. These relays offer multiple stages of protection functions, ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems.

The user manual for the Easergy P5 is designed for electrical power engineering experts, OEMs, system integrators, and communication specialists who need detailed information on its installation and usage.

Developed in close cooperation with customers, the Easergy P5 is built to withstand tough conditions, making it a reliable choice for various industries.

Resources for Panel Builders

Resources for Panel Builders 139211102

Panel builders can find valuable resources to support their work in the electrical industry. Resources such as the low-voltage electrical installation guide and the medium voltage technical guide provide comprehensive information on best practices and guidelines for panel building.

Additionally, there are resources available specifically for control panels, ensuring that panel builders have access to the latest innovations and technologies in this field.

Low-voltage electrical installation guide

The low-voltage electrical installation guide is a practical resource for electrical engineers involved in designing, selecting, installing, inspecting, or maintaining low-voltage electrical equipment.

It covers important topics like voltage drop, cable sizing, and electrical safety according to IEC international standards. With 588 pages of clear explanations and step-by-step guidance, this comprehensive guide aims to help professionals understand and implement the requirements for low-voltage electrical installations.

Produced in collaboration with panel builders and other industry experts, it provides additional measures and recommendations for the design and verification of these installations.

Medium Voltage Technical Guide

The Medium Voltage Technical Guide is a helpful resource for panel builders in Singapore. It provides essential information on designing safe and energy-efficient medium-voltage panels.

This guide also offers technical information and requirements for building occupants, ensuring they have the necessary guidance and knowledge. Additionally, it includes a list of Smart FM Point Solutions that can address specific facility management concerns for building owners and facility managers.

Moreover, this guide covers regulations and market registration schemes for solar installations in Singapore, providing an overview for those interested in installing solar panels.

Control panels

Schneider Electric in Singapore offers a wide range of control panels for panel builders and OEMs. These control panels are designed to provide efficient and reliable automation solutions.

By using these control panels, panel builders can easily integrate various electrical components and devices into their systems. With the help of these panels, they can also monitor and control the operation of different equipment and processes.

Schneider Electric provides resources for education and training to help panel builders enhance their skills in designing and building control panels. Additionally, they offer product selection assistance to ensure that panel builders choose the right components for their projects.

Importance of Electrical Fire Prevention

Importance of Electrical Fire Prevention 139211816

Electrical fire prevention is crucial because poor-quality electrical products can increase the risk of fires in buildings. By ensuring the use of high-quality electrical panels, these risks can be significantly reduced.

In Singapore, there are guidelines and regulations in place for fire safety engineering, including the testing of fire alarms and indicating panels. It’s important to note that electrical fires can occur even when currents are below overcurrent protection thresholds.

That’s why engaging licensed electrical workers for installation, maintenance, and repair work is essential in Singapore.

Understanding common causes of electrical fires at home and work settings is also key to effective prevention. By following guidelines for electrical safety, fire safety, and environmental control during the construction of industrial developments in Singapore, we can further mitigate these risks.

So remember, prioritizing electrical fire prevention not only protects our lives but also ensures the safety of our buildings and environments.

Standards to Look for in Electrical Panels

Standards to Look for in Electrical Panels 139211424

When choosing electrical panels, it is crucial to consider the standards they adhere to in order to ensure safety and reliability.

SEE Electrical

SEE Electrical is the go-to solution for all your electrical panel needs in Singapore. It offers a comprehensive range of tools and resources specifically designed for panel builders.

With SEE Electrical Building+, you have access to powerful planning tools that can help you with multi-level electrical installations and professional distribution. Whether you’re working on residential or commercial projects, SEE Electrical provides the necessary support to ensure efficient and safe electrical planning.

You can trust SEE Electrical as your reliable partner in building high-quality electrical panels.

Ordering and Support

Ordering and Support 139211404

When it comes to ordering electrical panels and getting the support you need, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to place bulk orders, access customer support services, find where to buy, and get in touch with our knowledgeable team.

Don’t miss out on the convenience and expertise we offer!

How to place bulk order

To place a bulk order for electrical panels from top manufacturers in Singapore, you can follow a simple process. First, research and select the manufacturer that meets your requirements.

Then, visit their official website or contact their sales team to inquire about bulk ordering options. Provide them with the necessary details such as the quantity of panels needed and any specific customization requests.

They will guide you through the ordering process and provide you with a quote based on your requirements. Once you agree on the terms and pricing, complete the necessary paperwork and make the payment as per their instructions.

Customer support service

If you need help with your orders or have any questions, the customer support service is there to assist you. They can be reached through a contact form on the “Contact Us” page or by calling their phone numbers +91-9818292266 and +91-.

If you have any billing inquiries, troubleshooting needs, or general assistance with orders, the support team is ready to lend a hand. Additionally, you can find frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the website that cover topics like billing, electricity and gas operations, as well as other customer services.

So don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help – they are just a call away!

Where to buy

Looking to buy electrical panels in Singapore? You can find them at various places such as electrical equipment suppliers, panelboard distributors, and switchboard manufacturers. There are also retailers and distributors specializing in low-voltage electrical products like switchgear.

If you need support or want to place a bulk order, customer support services are available. Just reach out and they will assist you.

Contact support

If you need help with ordering or have any other questions, Schneider Electric Singapore is here to assist you. Their customer support team can provide information and technical assistance for top electrical panel manufacturers in Singapore.

Whether you have inquiries, complaints, or need help placing a bulk order, their support hotline is available to assist you. They are dedicated to resolving any issues and providing excellent customer service.

So don’t hesitate to reach out to them for all your ordering and support needs.

Remember, Schneider Electric Singapore offers a range of services including assistance with complaints, ordering guidance, and technical support for electrical panels. They are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and will go above and beyond to help resolve any issues or answer any questions you may have.


Conclusion 139211346

In conclusion, this comprehensive guide provides valuable information for individuals seeking the top electrical panel manufacturers in Singapore. With reliable companies like Brilltech Engineers Pvt.

Ltd., Auto-Way Electrical Pte. Ltd., and M&I Electric Far East Pte Ltd, you can trust that your electrical panels will be of high quality. Whether you’re looking for control panel innovation or industrial enclosures, this guide has got you covered.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to these experts in the Singapore electrical industry for all your panel building needs.


1. What are electrical panels and why are they important?

Electrical panels, also known as circuit breaker boxes, are crucial for distributing electricity safely throughout a building. They protect against electrical overloads and short circuits.

2. How do I choose the right electrical panel manufacturer in Singapore?

When choosing an electrical panel manufacturer in Singapore, consider factors such as their reputation, product quality, certifications, customer reviews, and ability to meet specific requirements.

3. Are all electrical panel manufacturers in Singapore reliable?

Not all electrical panel manufacturers in Singapore may be equally reliable. It’s essential to research and select reputable manufacturers with a proven track record of delivering high-quality products and good customer service.

4. Can I install an electrical panel myself or should I hire a professional electrician?

Installing an electrical panel requires specialized knowledge and skills to ensure safety and compliance with regulations. It is strongly recommended to hire a licensed electrician for proper installation.

5. What considerations should I keep in mind when purchasing an electrical panel from one of the top manufacturers in Singapore?

Considerations when purchasing an electrical panel include determining your power needs, understanding local regulations and standards, ensuring compatibility with existing systems, warranty coverage, technical support availability, and pricing options that fit your budget.

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