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The trend of pretty food has been on the rise. Not only does food has to taste good, it has to look good as well! If you’re looking for a place with food that tastes good and looks good for you to instagram, then you really have to visit Eggs & Berries.¬†

Eggs & Berries sets out to be the first in Singapore that allows you to build-your-own coloured burgers. Visit with a bunch of friends and you’ll find yourself a table of coloured food and happy diners.

Left: Avocado MilkShake
Right: Banana MilkShake

eggsnberries%2Bsingapore 1

The highlights of the night was the four coloured burgers, namely the Spinach Pesto (Green), Turmeric Curry (Yellow), Smoked Paprika & Beetroot (Pink) and Charcoal Squid Ink (Black). Want to know which is my favourite? Then you have to read on ūüėČ

As you know, Eggs & Berries allows you to build your very own burger using the given bun options and the meat you prefer. The meat selection includes:

Beef & Egg Burger ($13.90)

Pork & Sage with Paprika ($12.90)

Provence Herb Lamb ($13.90)

Cajun Spiced Chicken ($12.90)

eggsnberries%2Bsingapore 8
Charcoal Squid Ink (Black)
(Like duh, need me to tell you after looking at the colour)?

Charcoal Squid Ink (Black) bun has the smoky and savoury flavour thanks to the squid ink ingredient injected in the bun. You don’t really have to worry much because unlike squid ink pasta, this will definitely not stain your teeth :B

Turmeric Curry (Yellow)

One of my favourites is the Turmeric Curry (Yellow). The curry isn’t as strong as you would have expected. In fact, I like how the subtle hint of curry taste slightly sweeter than normal curry. The buns themselves are all pretty sweet and it complements very well with the savoury meat sandwiched between the buns.¬†

eggsnberries%2Bsingapore 11
Smoked Paprika & Beetroot (Pink)

The Smoked Paprika & Beetroot (Pink) bun is a safe choice because as a person who detest beetroot, I still manage to find the bun manageable. The subtle beetroot taste was not too overwhelming for me, and the smoked paprika element pulls it off well. 

Spinach Pesto (Green)

The Spinach Pesto (Green) is my least favourite because of the Pesto taste. Guess I’m really not a fan of Pesto. But my friend really likes it, not because of the colour but because of the pesto flavour as expected. Spinach Pesto are found to nourish the eyes and bones, so good for those pesto lovers!

For the meat, the beef and lamb taste pretty much the same to me, so I’ve failed you for not being able to differentiate them. As I grow older, I realise I really prefer chicken than pork, so I would say go for the chicken. All the meat are done up pretty well and I wouldn’t say which scores better in my list. I guess at the end of the day, just choose whichever meat you prefer.

Eggs & Berries also have a few other mains options like the Eggs and Benedict. 


I personally thought the eggs should be runnier and shouldn’t be cooked till it’s slightly towards the hard-boiled version. Thankfully the hollandaise sauce was pretty good enough.

As always, once we’re stuffed with the colourful burgers, our second stomachs welcome the dessert. First up was their famous mini pancakes with mango and whipped cream.


Aside from the super sweet and chunky mango slices, I like how the thin layers of pancakes come in small portion. The petite image makes it easier to eat too, at least I don’t feel too full like how I would if I’m presented with normal-sized pancakes.¬†

eggsnberries%2Bsingapore 15

Complementary sauces include chocolate sauce, maple syrup or strawberry sauce. 

Over The Rainbow Petite $8.90

Grande $15.90

The waffles on the other hand was good – crispy on the outside and slightly chewy (but not too dense) on the inside. As you can tell, they’re really generous with the fruit toppings!¬†


I would definitely recommend Eggs & Berries as a dining place for gatherings, especially for those photography lovers who love love love to take photos of food! Well food photos aside, their menu provides really decent food and I thought the pretty aesthetic is a good bonus. 

Eggs & Berries 

Jurong Point 1 #01-32

1 Jurong West Central 2, Singapore 648886

Tel: 6790 9195

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