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Think Korea, think beauty.

Whenever I think about the word ‘Korean’, it’ll always remind me about the many ways the Koreans achieve beauty. Aside from evasive procedures like plastic surgeries, the Koreans sure know how to prep their skin with amazing skincare products and cosmetics! 

When I just came back to Singapore about a month ago, the very first #happyparcel I received was from TheOrangeCo. Their personal note really made my day, and not forgetting this was the first set of products I received after I came back from Europe. 


There were in total 6 products in the Ecobeau Revitalising Set, bear in mind that they are all 

natural skincare products. The are: 

1. Ecobeau Loess Nutritive Mask (120ml)

2. Ecobeau Loess Foam Cleanser ( 150ml)

3. Ecobeau Natural Skin Toner (100ml)

4. Ecobeau Natural Essence (50ml)

5. Ecobeau Nutritive Cream (50ml)

6. Ecobeau Eye Cream (15ml)

Since it’s a rather comprehensive post, I’m gonna separate the post into two. And today, I’ll be covering Ecobeau’s cleaner, toner and essence. 

1. Ecobeau Loess Foam Cleanser ( 150ml)

Ecobeau Loess Water Cleanser is formulated from natural loess harvested from mother earth. Depending on the loess minute mineral harvested, product may vary slightly in colour, scent and sometimes with mineral sediments. That’s because Ecobeau Loess Water Cleanser is 100% natural, with no artificial colouring and preservatives. For more info, click on product title. 

Direction: Single pump of foam will clean up mascara and makeup.   

Nonallergenic to skin and eye.

Recommended for all skin types

Review: First up is the Ecobeau Loess Foam Cleanser, which I thought is really lightweight in nature. If compared to Brand X’s foam cleanser that I’ve recently change to, I would say Ecobeau’s foam is less dense and more airy. So it really depends which do you prefer. If you have acne problem specifically, I would suggest going for this less rich and dense foaming cleanser. Remember, it’s 100% Natural and it contains no alcohol, preservatives and parabens.

The Ecobeau Loess Foam Cleanser contains natural minerals and botanical extracts, so it’s indeed meant for the problematic skin like acne-prone skin. For myself, I wouldn’t use it as a makeup remover solely because I prefer to have an additional step to ensure thorough cleansing.

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 What I love most about this product is honestly the gentle effect on my skin. My skin doesn’t feel tight or dry at all after washing with the foaming cleanser. Recently, I’ve been plagued with acne problems on my forehead and this comes in handy to control oil production of my skin. I strongly recommend this all-natural product to sensitive skin users


What comes naturally as the next step is the Ecobeau Natural Skin Toner. 

(I really love how all their product names are labelled with the word “natural”)

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Ecobeau Natural Skin Toner (100ml) 

Antimicrobial properties (intensified) from the extract of herb-medicine helps to keep off skin parasite and aids skin cell’s restoration. The herbal extract and sweet fragrance of rosemary totally invigorates the skin. For more info, click on product title. 

Direction: After cleansing, spray onto face (close eyes) and tap gently to ensure best absorption. If you prefer to use toner as a double cleanser, you can spray on a cotton pad and wipe across your face.

Review: Apologies for the lack of experience, but this is my very first time using a spraying toner! I was quite excited but at the same time skeptical about it, cos I will never forget someone once told me: “Toner is to double cleanse and not to tighten your skin whatsoever”. But after receiving this product to try, I went to look up on types of toner and I came to realise that there are many kinds of toner, and a spraying one itself has invited many suggestions for using it. Certain toner mist is also able to tone down any irritation or redness should you have any of these conditions. If you are a lazy person, spraying toner would be easier to use because all you need is to spray and gently tap dry. For me, I would still prefer spraying onto a cotton pad and wipe it across my face. So guess the good thing about a spraying toner is that you can control the amount you dispense out.

I love the lightweight texture of the Ecobeau Natural Skin Toner as well. It’s fragrance free, which displayed very well to be an all-natural product.


And finally, I have the Ecobeau Natural Essence (Gel Type) after I apply the toner. 

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Ecobeau Natural Essence (50ml)

Made from highly enriched extract of herbal medicine, Natural Base Control Essence is an intensive natural hydrator, highly nutritive with potent antimicrobial properties. The composite harmony gives restoration of damaged skin cell for radiant and resilient skin. 100% Natural Essence! Sweet scent of rosemary. As good as it smells! Use: Soft feeling when applying. Quick absorption All skin types including atopy skin, acne-prone skin and face with freckles, liver spots, dark spots

Directions: Pump 1-2 drops for the whole face. Spread across evenly and tap gently. 

Review: This is one of my favourite product among the 6 products in the set. As promised, the scent of rosemary is simply pleasant. It doesn’t smell too artificial or strong, and it gets absorbed really fast. I understand some serum leaves a really sticky texture after being applied, but there’s no such problem with the Ecobeau Natural Essence. 


And this pretty much sums up my personal thoughts for the first three products: Ecobeau Loess Foam CleanserEcobeau Natural Skin Toner and Ecobeau Natural Essence. Ecobeau prouds itself to be an all-natural skincare solution for sensitive, acne-prone and even aging skin. Not many products are able to achieve the title of ‘all-natural’, so I am absolutely happy to be able to try these products out. My previous skincare regime is a little too heavy for me, and I thought such a switch to a lighter-weight regime would be helpful to my skin condition. 

I will also be doing a detailed post on my acne journey. I am extremely thankful for all my sponsors showering me with acne-prone skincare products, and also my doctor helping to alleviate my skin-care problem. I’ve been in this beauty blogosphere for almost a year, and it’s only until now that I finally understood the PAIN of acne and just how MUCH it destroys one’s confidence and self-esteem. Honestly, my confidence has plummeted and sometimes I can’t even look at myself in the mirror…. it’s so bad :(. All I want to say is, seek help when you think you need to. Use products that you think they may help. Read reviews, try out samples (there are many out there) and use them religiously. Don’t just think that samples are small little negligible sachets that won’t make a difference. In fact, I think they do! If not enough, get a few more la! Your ultimate aim is to find the right product that suits you, and not be a ‘freebies-monger’. 

Thanks for reading! ❤

Visit TheOrangeCo for more natural skin care products 🙂 Love,


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