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I’m gonna rant about something relatable to this incident:

About the heated quarrel between a middle-aged woman and a teenager after her giving up the seat to the woman.

You know I was wondering, will you still do a good deed if your efforts are not appreciated?

This is a rant post, it’s all based on my opinions.

So I experienced this kind of situation this afternoon. It happened on a typical weekday morning where the train cabins were packed with people like sardins in a tin. Usually I can easily get myself a seat because there’s arent many passengers coming from stations before Marsiling (towards Marina Bay). And usually if I happen to see an elderly or pregnant lady (especially pregnant lady), I will give up my seat to them.

Okay to cut the chase, I saw an old man on this fateful day and I gave up my seat to him. I vaguely feel that everyone was waiting for me to give up the seat, or was my conscience responsible for it? Whatever the case it, I did give up the seat.

Then guess what?

He gave me a glare as though I shouldn’t be sitting down in the first place because I am a healthy young adult.

So I was like, what?

Jackie Chan WTF meme face 70958233396

 I gave up the seat, instead of appreciating it, you give me your attitude?

Admit it, I’m not asking for a lot. I just hope I can be appreciated. That’s all I wish for. Even if the person receiving the seat doesn’t thank me, I am still not obliged to be stared at. What has the world turned into?

I quote this stomper on the website, “The old lady does not have the right to the reserved seat, it is entirely voluntary and up to the person sitting on it. Don’t expect, don’t demand and you’ll be much happier.”

Okay long story short, what will you do if you face this kind of situation? I posted about this on my facebook and I receive some likes. I don’t know are my friends agreeable with me about the “I don’t owe you anything” part, or are they being sarcastic (I hope not L)


A friend of mine came to fb message me personally and ask me to calm down. Well, I admit I wasn’t at first! 

Then again, do you feel good to be treated like this after doing something good to the person?

There was a few times I gave up my seats to several people, and some of them give me the same look, like I’ve owed them millions of dollars. Please, it’s just a seat! And you can take it all you want! Stop staring! L

Please remember this fact, nobody in the world owes you anything, including the MRT seat. If they happen to give up the seat to you, they are just being kind (to the pregnant ladies) or polite (to the elderlies). No sense in the world should they tolerate you nonsensical face and attitude.

The whole point of the story is, everyone likes to do good deeds, and naturally they like their efforts being appreciated and reciprocated so that people are encouraged to continue doing good acts. Even if we don’t ask for such appreciation, I guess it’s not hard either to stop giving those ill attitudes.

I am typing this on my laptop right now on the train, and an old lady came in. Somebody gave up the seat before I could save the document, close my laptop and stand up. How nice would it be if the old lady had given a mild smile to the person, and they have both made each others’ day? J❤❤❤

Hui Yan-

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