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d’Good Café really needs no introduction. Celebrating their 2nd Anniversary just few days back, d’Good Café has already been one of those favourite cafes Singaporeans would love to go to. My first visit to d’Good Café was almost a year back, and this time round I’m back to try out the new items in their menu. Let’s check out what do they have this time! 


The new items include Oyster & Shimeji Aglio Olio, Baked Lemongrass Chicken and Fresh Sea Prawn Pesto Pasta, all of which we were happy to try out that day. 

Oyster & Shimeji Aglio Olio $18

As a fan of oysters, this pasta rendition is definitely uniquely delicious. Stir fried with huge juicy oysters, the pasta manages to carry off the taste of the oyster. Besides, the Shimeji mushroom gives an extra crunchy texture among the chewy pasta.

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Oyster & Shimeji Aglio Olio $18

cafe%2Bin%2Bsingapore 4
Fresh Sea Prawn Pesto Pasta $16

On the other hand, my friend loves Pesto and went ahead to try out d’Good Café’s new Fresh Sea Prawn Pesto Pasta. Unlike the mediocre pesto pasta she used to try elsewhere, she was glad that d’Good Café’s pesto pasta has the authentic long-lasting pesto flavour. 

cafe%2Bin%2Bsingapore 10

Baked Lemongrass Chicken $18

Not a pasta fan? Then you might want to try out Baked Lemongrass Chicken, which uses fresh juicy chicken thigh that is marinated with lemongrass. Paired with homemade mash potato that has real potato chunks in it and garden salad with Shimeji mushrooms, this is definitely an enticing dish for meat lovers. Recommended!  

dgoodcafe latte%2Bart

As usual, I opted for my favourite latte from d’Good Café – Matcha Latte. Creamy taste with a hint of matcha bitterness, it’s no wonder why the Matcha Latte is my favourite. Plus, the wonderful latte art just brings a smile to all diners, don’t they? 🙂


This time I also tried the new drink from d’Good Café – Oolong sea salt iced tea latte ($7). A beautiful blend of oolong and sea salt, the level of saltiness can be a little overwhelming for people who tried this for the first time. But the drink subsequently become nicer as you get used to the saltiness and as the oolong bitterness aftertaste takes over. Personally, I find this a unique drink to try. 

d’Good Café also introduced new desserts like their purple sweet potato waffle ($5). Inspired by the sweet potato waffles from Korea, d’Good Café decides to tweak a little and use purple sweet potato instead. A very interesting style of waffles I would say!

cafe%2Bin%2Bsingapore 15

cafe%2Bin%2Bsingapore 14
Purple sweet potato waffle ($5)
cafe%2Bin%2Bsingapore 16
Purple sweet potato waffle ($5)

And of course, d’Good Café always offer a very tranquil and peaceful environment for diners to enjoy a great brunch during their free time. I make sure I always sit on their swing to enjoy the view while I enjoy the food right in front of me. d’Good Café probably has one of the nicest cafe environment in my opinion. 

cafe%2Bin%2Bsingapore 8

And of course I brought my lovely blogger friend Ying Jie to try out d’Good Café new menu! 🙂

Thanks d’Good Café for the lovely invite and thank you for reading! ❤

d’Good Café

6219 9807

273 Holland Ave #02-01/02, 278992



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