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Don’t this make you drool even by looking at the photo?! 

Few days back, I went to malaysia with two of my friends to get some cheap food. I live in woodlands so JB is like another shopping centre to me. I use lesser time to travel to JB compared to travel to town! 

We managed to walk around JB and the place is not as new as what we see in Singapore. But it’s pretty nostalgic to even walk through such alleys: 


So excited to take the malaysia cab. My first time taking malaysia cab! Usually I’ll either take my dad’s car or my brother’s car. I feel very skeptical in taking cabs because we always hear people saying they will con you bla bla bla. Haha sorry for being narrow-minded, now i’m out of my comfort zone! 


I saw a family photo right in front of the front passenger seat. Immediately I feel this cab driver is a nice father. ^_^


My good friend Paul who has helped me with so many things, especially my studies! 


Came across this while walking around in the shopping centre – KSL city. 

Oh dear it made me chuckles a bit. 

“Begs got three price” 


Then we had lunch!!

I brought the friends to this stall located at a very wulu place. But their food is marvelous! 

They sell chee cheong fun in curry sauce!! 

img_3835-2495724 img_3827-4047844

Stupid guy photobombed. 


I loveeeee the food here. Mad cheap and delicious, and it’s definitely something you will never find in Singapore, or at least not that I know of. 

Here comes the picture!!! 


Different ingredients you get to choose. Ranging for fishball to meatball, to fried tau you etc etc. 


The chee cheong fun in curry sauce. Usually we eat chee cheong fun in sweet sauce, but the boss has it special here. 


Guess what? This whole thing costs 11.70 RM ONLY. 

Thats, roughly SGD 5?! Shared among three people!! 


Looks yummy right? 

I bring all my friends here when we’re at malaysia, and I never fail to disappoint them. 

This was when we were walking in the shopping centre and I was bored, so I got myself a crepe. 


And this cost RM 4.90 Only! That’s like the same price in singapore!! 

Bahhhhh I love shopping in malaysia! 


Then we went to find durian!! 


This is 猫山王, supposedly one of the best durian kind. 

And it cost 15 RM a kg, which is one durian itself. 

I swear you can never find the same durian of the same quality at the same price in Singapore. Never. 


And my friend has Bah Kut Teh, 10 Rm! 

Malaysia’s Bah Kut Teh had always been different compared to than of Singapore’s. 

Singapore’s has more spice in it while malaysia’s one look more into herbs and making the broth sweet and herbal. 


Too full from all the durian. 


Delicious soupppp. 


All satisfied!! 

Another reason why I love to go JB’s shopping centre is because there’s this cosmetic shop called Elianto. It’s almost identical to that of Faceshop but because it’s in Malaysia, the cosmetics are priced slightly lower if you compare the price of a similar product selling in Singapore. And their products go for natural minerals, which is a better alternative! This is why, I spent about 70 sgd this time on cosmetics from Elianto. But at 70 sgd, I bought so many things: Concealer, Pressed powder, 2 packed of facial wipes (30 pc), Mascara, Eyebrow Pencil & Nail polish remover! 

I’m definitely not a person who’s into makeup because I always believe makeup makes my skin can’t breathe. But then again, as I grow older, makeup has to be essential for presentations, interviews and networking session. 

But still, shop smart and save money! 😀 

Hui Yan- 

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