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I remember when I was young, I used to fiddle around with Cyber Colors cosmetics because they are very affordable and worth for money. So you bet I was quite thrilled when I receive a parcel of 10 new Cyber Colors Anti-Lines Lip Lacquer from Sasa Singapore! These Anti-Lines Lip Lacquer are great in creating luscious pouts you’ve ever wanted. Let’s look at the swatches shall we? 🙂

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These Cyber Colors Anti-Lines Lip Lacquer are a combination of lip gloss, lipstick and essence altogether, giving you long-lasting moisture and ability to conceal fine lines on your lips. The results? Luscious and full looking lips! 

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These Lip Lacquers also contain Lotus Water and Sunflower Seed Oil for added moisture to your lips. Lotus Water and anti-oxidant and moisturising, which helps to smoothen out the fine lines on the lips. Sunflower Seed Oil on the other hand is rich in vitamin E and Linolenic Acid, which strengthens barrier function of the lips for added effective anti-oxidant! 

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And here are the swatches you have been wanting to see! The 10 shades (from left) include:

1. Vivid Orange

2. Pop Pink

3. Violet Pink

4. Secret Berry 

5. Blooming Peach 

6. Adorable Beige

7. Pink Balloon

8. Forever Pink

9. Shiny Red

10. Classic Red

And you probably won’t believe it but the swatches above are all achieved with just ONE SWIPE! The result is already so intense and thick. 

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Cyber Colors Anti-Lines Lip Lacquer are retailing at only $24.90 at all Sasa Singapore stores and SELECTIV’ by Sasa @ ION Orchard Link. Thank you Stephanie and Sasa Singapore for making this review possible 🙂

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