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Fashion statements can be everywhere, which is why I always appreciate customizable items like passport covers, laptop sleeves or even your bags! I chanced upon Summer & Co. on their instagram and I immediately fell in love with their passport covers and laptop sleeves. JUST the things I needed for my TW and Bkk trip!

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For this bag, I didn’t get it customized but apparently you can include the service and add your nametag on it. This bag is really roomy and spacious, I can practically put a lot of things inside! I brought this bag to my 7D Taiwan trip and it had served me well~

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I can even fit so many items in the bag! 

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I chose the safest colour – blue – because I wanted any dirty stains to be less noticeable. However, there are plenty colours for you to choose, even the name straps as well! I thought something bright on a dark cover would be great, and I wasn’t wrong 😉 Till now I’m so loving my covers. 

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Lots of charms to personalise your items, at affordable price!

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The casings are made of high quality PVC i assume, and it seems like it won’t get dirty any where soon. My laptop sleeve can hold my macbook pro 13in as well. 

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Customisable items make great gifts as well. If you’re in love as much as I do, do visit Summer & Co. for their latest items! 🙂 customizable%2Bgifts%2Bsingapore 2

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