The Ultimate Guide To Cox Bazar Hotel Prices: Find The Best Deals And Lowest Rates

A stunning aerial view of Cox Bazar beach with hotels lining the coastline and a bustling atmosphere.

Looking for the best deals on Cox Bazar hotels can be a daunting task. With various options ranging from high-end luxury resorts to budget-friendly inns, making a choice might seem overwhelming.

This ultimate guide cuts through the confusion by showcasing top-rated hotels at unbeatable prices and providing insider tips to land the perfect deal. Let’s dive in and uncover these hidden gems!

Key Takeaways

  • Discover top – rated hotels in Cox’s Bazar with unbeatable prices and insider tips for finding the best deals.
  • Filter your hotel search based on stars, review scores, price, and freebies to find the perfect accommodation.
  • On average, a 3-star hotel in Cox’s Bazar costs around $23 per night, while a 4-star or above hotel averages $34 per night.
  • Book on a Friday for the best deals and consider comparing prices on multiple travel sites to save even more.

Hotels in Cox’s Bazar

A stunning view of a luxurious hotel room overlooking the beautiful coastline of Cox's Bazar.

Discover the top hotels in Cox’s Bazar based on popular travel sites and get all the information you need to know before booking your stay.

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Top hotels based on travel sites

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You should know about Cox’s Bazar’s top hotels. These come highly rated on travel sites:

  1. Hotel Kollol By J & Z Group: A 3-star hotel loved by its guests.
  2. Exotica Sampan: Known for great service and comfort.
  3. Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa: This resort is very popular for trips to the beach.
  4. Long Beach Hotel Cox’s Bazar: Guests praise this hotel for its lovely rooms.
  5. White Orchid: This is a favorite for both comfort and location.
  6. Hotel Sea Crown: Another good 3-star hotel you might like.
  7. The Cox Beach Resort: Many travelers make this their home base in Cox’s Bazar.
  8. Neeshorgo Hotel & Resort: A great choice if you’re looking for a resort stay.

Good to know

A family enjoying a tennis match at a luxurious hotel in Cox's Bazar.

Staying on a Friday often gives the best deals at Cox’s Bazar hotels. Many great options exist among over 95 hotels in this area. These have room rates, traveler reviews, and details about what is empty or full for you to look at and compare.

If you love playing tennis or enjoy a hearty breakfast buffet, Cox’s Bazar has these kinds of hotels too! You can find out more about them with real photos from travelers who stayed there before you.

Your travel will be easy and without trouble if you choose your hotel here because the hotel will always help out (they offer support 24/7!), let you cancel some rooms for free, and even match lower prices if you find any elsewhere!

Recommended Hotels in Cox’s Bazar

A luxurious hotel room with a panoramic view of the beach and cityscape, capturing a bustling atmosphere and featuring a diverse group of people.

Check out the most recommended hotels in Cox’s Bazar, including options near Laboni Beach and hotels with parking facilities.

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Most recommended hotels

A couple enjoys a beautiful sunset view from their hotel balcony.

You will love these top pick hotels. They are the favorites of many visitors. Let’s check them out:

  1. Best Western Heritage: It offers comfortable rooms and great service.
  2. The Cox Beach Resort: Here, you can enjoy amazing sea views.
  3. Sayeman Beach Resort: It’s a popular hotel near Himchori for its top-notch facilities.
  4. Exotica Sampan: This hotel is on the list of the top 10 ranked hotels in Cox’s Bazar.
  5. Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa: Many guests like this place for its relaxing spa services.
  6. Long Beach Hotel Cox’s Bazar: Good food and nice staff make this hotel a good choice too.
  7. White Orchid Hotel: This hotel is known for its friendly atmosphere and tasty breakfasts.

Hotels near Laboni Beach

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Looking for hotels near Laboni Beach in Cox’s Bazar? Here are some options to consider:

  • Hotel A: This hotel offers stunning views of the beach and is just a short walk away from Laboni Beach.
  • Hotel B: Enjoy comfortable accommodations and easy access to the beach at this hotel located near Laboni Beach.
  • Hotel C: Stay close to the action at this hotel situated right on Laboni Beach, perfect for those who want to spend their days by the sea.
  • Hotel D: Offering a range of amenities and a convenient location near Laboni Beach, this hotel is a great choice for beach lovers.
  • Hotel E: Experience luxury and relaxation at this high-end hotel located within walking distance of Laboni Beach.

Hotels with parking

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Looking for hotels in Cox’s Bazar with parking? Here are some options:

  • Best Western Heritage (On – site parking available)
  • Grand Beach Resort (On – site parking available)
  • [Add more hotels with parking]

Filter Options for Cox’s Bazar Hotels

A luxurious hotel room with a panoramic view of Cox's Bazar beach in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

Filter options for Cox’s Bazar hotels include stars, review score, price, and freebies.

Cox's Bazar Hotel | Cox's Bazar Hotel Price 2023 | Shapnaloy Studio Apartments


A golden star-shaped trophy surrounded by a red carpet is showcased with a diverse group of people.

When booking a hotel in Cox’s Bazar, you can filter your search based on the number of stars. The star rating represents the standards and amenities provided by the hotel. Here is a basic breakdown of what you can expect from different star ratings:

Star RatingExpectations
1 StarBasic room options, shared facilities and often in a budget locationMeals are usually not included.
2 StarsSimple rooms with basic facilitiesSome may offer meals as part of the price.
3 StarsComfortable with a range of room optionsMany will have onsite restaurants and offer conveniences like Wi-Fi and room service.
4 StarsHigh-quality service and a wide range of amenities, with comfort being a high priority. Dining options and room service are standard.
5 StarsThe highest level of service and facilities. These hotels typically have luxury features like spas, valet parking, and gourmet dining.

Please note that star ratings can vary by country, and it’s always best to check with the hotel for specific details.

Review score

A photo showcasing people enjoying the luxurious beachfront view at top-rated hotels in Cox's Bazar.

Choosing a hotel based on its review score can greatly enhance your stay in Cox’s Bazar. The review score is a reflection of the quality of servicecleanlinesslocation, and other factors that matter to travelers. Here’s a simple HTML table presenting some of the top-rated hotels in Cox’s Bazar along with their respective review scores.

Hotel NameReview Score
Long Beach Hotel8.7/10
Best Western Heritage8.5/10
Grand Beach Resort8.3/10
The Heritage Hotel8.0/10

Remember that these scores are based on the experiences of other travelers. Always check individual reviews for specific details and factors that are important to you. This guide should help you in your search for the perfect hotel in Cox’s Bazar.


A couple happily checking in at a budget hotel reception with detailed facial features and different appearances.

When it comes to the price of hotels in Cox’s Bazar, there are many options to fit a variety of budgets. Below is a rough estimation of hotel prices based on their star rating.

Hotel StarAverage Price
2 StarFrom $12
3 StarFrom $35
4 StarFrom $65
5 StarFrom $100

This table shows an average, and prices can vary depending on factors such as the day of the week, with Friday offering some of the best deals. Moreover, websites such as Travelocity and Momondo provide a selection of nice hotels in Cox’s Bazar at great prices. They allow users to search and compare hotel prices in Cox’s Bazar, with options for luxury, boutique, or budget hotels. Bear in mind that these rates can change, and it’s always better to check the actual booking sites for the most updated prices.


Hotels in Cox’s Bazar offer some great freebies to make your stay even better. One of the most common freebies is Wi-Fi, which is available in many hotels, including luxury options. You can also find special deals and discounts that hotels provide as freebies, especially when booking through platforms like Tripadvisor. So, keep an eye out for these free perks when searching for the best hotel in Cox’s Bazar!

Cox’s Bazar Hotel Prices

A photo of a luxurious hotel room with a stunning view of the beach and cityscape.

Discover the average prices for 3-star and 4-star hotels in Cox’s Bazar, and learn when to book for the best deals.

Average prices for 3 stars and 4 stars and above

On average, a 3-star hotel in Cox’s Bazar costs around $23 per night. If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, the average price for a 4-star or above hotel is $34 per night. And if you’re really splurging, there are two five-star hotels in Cox’s Bazar with an average price of $69 per night. But don’t worry, if you’re on a tighter budget, there are also two four-star hotels available at an average price of $37 per night.

When to book for best deals

To get the best deals on hotels in Cox’s Bazar, it’s a good idea to book on a Friday. This is because many hotels offer discounts and promotions at the end of the week to attract more guests for the weekend.

By booking on a Friday, you can take advantage of these special offers and get lower prices for your stay. Keep in mind that availability may be limited, so it’s recommended to book as early as possible to secure your desired hotel at the best price.

Remember, booking on other days of the week can still lead to great deals, but Fridays tend to have more options for savings.

Top tips for finding deals

  • Compare prices on multiple travel sites to find the best deal.
  • Look for hotels that offer free cancellation in case your plans change.
  • Be flexible with your travel dates to take advantage of lower rates.
  • Consider booking during off – peak seasons for lower prices.
  • Sign up for hotel loyalty programs or newsletters to receive exclusive deals and discounts.
  • Use price comparison tools and apps to track price fluctuations and snag great deals.
  • Check for package deals that include accommodations, flights, and activities for additional savings.
  • Consider staying in nearby areas or neighborhoods for cheaper options.
  • Book directly with the hotel to potentially get better rates or additional perks.

Useful Information for Booking Cox’s Bazar Hotels

A diverse group of travelers pose in front of a hotel reception desk with their suitcases.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about booking hotels in Cox’s Bazar, discover the best areas to stay in, and learn about the nearest airport and landmarks.


If you have any questions about booking hotels in Cox’s Bazar, here are some frequently asked questions:

  • How much do 3 – star hotels in Cox’s Bazar cost per night?
  • What is the starting price for 4 – star hotels in Cox’s Bazar?
  • Are there any hotels in Cox’s Bazar with connecting rooms?
  • Do cheap hotels in Cox’s Bazar offer free cancellation?
  • Are there any hotels in Cox’s Bazar with breakfast buffet?
  • Are there tennis courts available at any hotels in Cox’s Bazar?

Where to stay in Cox’s Bazar

When it comes to choosing where to stay in Cox’s Bazar, you have many options. Some popular choices include Hotel Kollol By J & Z Group and Hotel Sea Crown, with rates starting from $35 per night.

If you’re looking for hotels with connecting rooms, there is one option available starting from $56. Additionally, there are 95 top hotels in Cox’s Bazar for 2023, offering flexible cancellation policies.

With prices starting from $23 per night, you can find something that suits your budget and preferences in this beautiful beach destination. Whether you prefer a hotel near Laboni Beach or one with parking facilities, there are plenty of options to choose from when deciding where to stay in Cox’s Bazar.

Airport and landmarks

Cox’s Bazar has an airport called Cox’s Bazar Airport. Here are some popular landmarks in Cox’s Bazar:

  • Laboni Beach
  • Himchori Waterfall
  • Inani Beach
  • Maheshkhali Island

Available Languages

A cozy reading nook surrounded by a bookshelf filled with books in various languages.

The hotels in Cox’s Bazar cater to a diverse range of travelers by offering different language options. This ensures that guests from various countries and backgrounds can feel comfortable during their stay.

Whether you speak English, Bengali, or any other language, there are hotels in Cox’s Bazar that can accommodate your needs. With this feature, communication with hotel staff becomes easier and more convenient for everyone.

So no matter where you come from or what language you speak, finding a hotel in Cox’s Bazar that suits your preferences is made simple and hassle-free.”.

Popular Cox’s Bazar Hotels

A photo of the Best Western Heritage Hotel exterior at dusk, featuring a diverse group of people in various outfits.

Some popular hotels in Cox’s Bazar include Best Western Heritage, Grand Beach Resort, and several budget-friendly options.

Best Western Heritage

The Best Western Heritage is a 4-star hotel located in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. It has spacious guest rooms and modern amenities for a comfortable stay. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, breakfast, and parking to its guests.

It is conveniently situated just steps away from Cox’s Bazar beach, which is the world’s largest sandy sea beach. With 236 spacious rooms spread across a 13-story building, it provides plenty of accommodation options.

The Best Western Heritage also has a spa and is connected to the convention center, making it an ideal choice for both leisure and business travelers visiting Cox’s Bazar.

Grand Beach Resort

Located just a 10-minute walk away from Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, Grand Beach Resort is ranked #35 out of 70 hotels in Cox’s Bazar on Tripadvisor. This 4-star resort offers exquisite accommodations and top-notch amenities, making it an ideal choice for both relaxation and adventure.

The resort features family rooms for accommodation and is business-friendly. Guests can enjoy free breakfast, free WiFi, and free valet parking during their stay. With its prime location and excellent facilities, Grand Beach Resort is the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate while exploring Cox’s Bazar.

Best hotels with breakfast

Looking for the best hotels in Cox’s Bazar that offer breakfast? Look no further! Check out these top-rated hotels that serve delicious breakfast options:

  1. Best Western Heritage: Enjoy a complimentary breakfast, along with free WiFi and parking.
  2. Grand Beach Resort: Start your day with a tasty breakfast before exploring the beautiful surroundings.
  3. The Grace Cox Smart Hotel: Indulge in a complimentary breakfast and make use of their fitness center and swimming pool.
  4. [Any other relevant information/fact]

Budget hotels

Looking for affordable accommodations in Cox’s Bazar? Check out these budget hotels:

  1. Seagull Hotels: Known for its reasonable prices and good service.
  2. Hotel Prime Park: A budget-friendly option with comfortable rooms.
  3. White Orchid: Offers affordable rates without compromising on quality.
  4. Uni Resort: Provides budget-friendly rooms near the beach.
  5. Hotel Sea World: Listed as one of the best cheap hotels in Cox’s Bazar.
  6. Royal Bay Regal Palace Hotel: A budget hotel choice offering value for money.

Hotels located in the center of Cox’s Bazar

Hotels in the center of Cox’s Bazar:

  • Impulse Ocean View
  • Fercem Inn and Suites
  • Hotel Regal Palace
  • Prime Park Hotel
  • Sea Welcome Resort
  • Hotel Esplanade
  • Grace Cox

Guest Reviews and Ratings

A man and woman read hotel reviews on a beach, surrounded by a lively atmosphere and stunning ocean view.

When choosing a hotel in Cox’s Bazar, it’s important to consider guest reviews and ratings. These can provide valuable insights into the quality and experiences of previous guests.

On Tripadvisor, there are 4468 traveler reviews specifically about hotels with a view in Cox’s Bazar. This can help you determine which hotels offer stunning views of the surrounding area.

Additionally, there are 3057 traveler reviews for accessible hotels in Cox’s Bazar, which is helpful information for those with mobility concerns or disabilities. By reading these reviews and ratings, you can get a better understanding of what to expect when booking your stay in Cox’s Bazar.


A diverse group of travelers relaxes in a hotel lobby, enjoying drinks and the bustling atmosphere.

In conclusion, finding the best deals and lowest rates for hotels in Cox’s Bazar is easy when you follow this ultimate guide. Use filters to narrow down your options based on stars, review scores, and price.

Remember to compare pricesread reviews, and book in advance to secure the best deals. Happy travels!


1. What is the Cox Bazar hotel price guide?

The Cox Bazar hotel price guide helps you find the best deals and lowest rates for hotels in Cox Bazar.

2. How does the Cox Bazar hotel price guide work?

It shows you all the prices of different hotels in Cox Bazar so you can compare them and find the best deal.

3. Can I trust this guide to get me a good rate at a Hotel In CoxBazar?

Yes, this ultimate guide will show only real time and updated information about every single hotel’s pricing situation.

4. Why should I use the Ultimate Guide To CoxBazaar Hotel Prices instead of other sites?

This ultimate guide focuses on giving you specific up-to-date information on CoxBazaar hotels, helping you make an informed choice to get your cost worth value!

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