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Two weeks back, my fav girl Alene and I were kindly invited by AestheticsAndBeauty to visit Covermark Cosmetics counter at Takashima. We were treated to a one-to-one beauty consultation where the beauty consultants all the way from Japan were there to go through with us a step by step beauty regime using Covermark Cosmetics….

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I also managed to bag home a generous bag of goodies from Covermark which I absolutely love! 

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I must say Japanese are really the nicest and most gentle women ever.. They speak so softly to me every time and it’s so soothing hearing them explain the Covermark products. 

We started off with cleansing to remove the makeup I had on my face. Here’s Covermark Treatment Cleansing Milk to remove my light makeup, followed by Covermark Mineral Wask as a face cleanser. Moving on is the Covermark Precious Bright skincare range, which includes the lotion, serum and cream. 

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And we moved on to putting on the makeup! 

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There were several shades for the Covermark foundation packs, and I’m a FN30 for Flawless Fit Foundation and a MN20 for Moisture Veil LX Foundation.  

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Testing on the foundation shades! 

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In case you are wondering, the Flawless Fit Foundation (left) is more of a cream foundation pack while the Moisture Veil LX foundation (right) is a powder foundation. 

The Moisture Veil LX enables flawless skin that becomes increasingly radiant over time. In just one minute, it can achieve a high-performance perfect complexion. It also contains an all-new reformulation of COVERMARK’s Moisture Coating Formula to hydrate and moisturise the skin, enabling a flawless finish. You’ll also be delighted to know that it actually prevents dark spots and freckles caused by UV rays ( SPF32, PA+++ )!

The Flawless Fit Foundation on the other hand helps recreate the true beauty of human skin with Lively Skin Veil, covering blemishes, dullness and roughness with beautiful luster, texture and freshness. Which means, you don’t even need concealer and this would do the job! This foundation also prevents dark spots and freckles caused by sun damage (SPF 35, PA+++).

I would prefer the flawless fit to be honest because the coverage is high and it actually allows me to skip concealers. Of course, this would not be enough if you have really huge blemishes. If you prefer lighter makeup, you might want to choose the Moisture Veil which can help retain the moisture despite the makeup. 

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The two Covermark foundations also come in beautiful sleek foundation casings. The thinness of the foundations are what makes me wanting to bring them out in my purse. 

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Pretty eyeshadow palettes from Covermark as well!

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Thank you Covermark and Aestheticsandbeauty for the lovely opportunity to discover Japanese makeup brand, Covermark! 🙂

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