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“I can’t believe this photo was taken with my iphone! Omg I am so proud of it.”

That’s what I told my boyfriend when the fireworks finally came as the clock strikes 12 on 1 January 2015. We waited for 5 hours for this and it was all worth it. How did you spend your countdown? 😉


The Marina Bay countdown organizer was very kind to provide me two VIP tickets to the Celebrate with the World concert. I spent most of my time here listening to live music and performance while I eagerly waited for the fireworks to come. Music performances summed up to a total of eight hours. This year’s edition boasts international and local DJs, and features performances from our home grown artistes like famous DJ Nicole Chen. 


And as the time ticks nearer to the new year, the whole concert area turned into a mega huge live dance floor. 


Besides the food and music, I also get to enjoy free flow of Dester beer and I’m in love! The beer is pretty smooth and it just reminds me of the days I was in Germany for uni exchange. 


But of course before the crowd started filling up the whole of Marina Bay, my bf and I decided to walk around the Marina Bay from the Promontory to MBS, across the helix bridge and around the esplanade. There were many activities going on simultaneously and I was surprised no event was any disrupted by each other. For example, I don’t hear any music from the Promontory if I’m on the helix bridge etc. This gives the chance for more events to happen at the same time to cater to the big enthusiatic Singapore crowd! 


History of Singapore projected on Fullerton Hotel. 


I had a great time doing my countdown at Marina Bay! It’s my first year and as much as I thought it’s a fun experience to have, it surely has to be treated with care and cautious. What I mean is you have to be constantly vigilant with regards to your own safety and belongings. The crowd starts to disperse and towards the MRT station, and the situation was hell chaotic. So please, enjoy yourself at the countdown but do take care of yourself! 

I look forward to the countdown in 2016 😛

But first, let me look forward to a grand National Day Celebration in SG50!

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