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Cornetto, a “more than just familiar” ice cream brand that is more than 50 years old, is finally coming out with a new creation – 

Cornetto Enigma Cookie cone! 

I’m not really sure if this is already out in the market, but if it’s not, then I am glad to say I was one of the first few to try out this newer, better and tastier Cornetto! 

It all started with the founder having a strong passion in ice cream making, especially ice cream in a cone. Yet he realised that ice cream will eventually turn the cone soggy, so what to do? Thankfully, the founder came up with the idea to coat the cone with chocolate so that the ice cream would not get into contact with the cone, and thus no more soggy cones! 

If you ask me about Cornetto ice cream, I guess we are not wrong to say that most of the flavors (except chocolate flavour) have some vanilla ice cream in it. As much as I love vanilla ice cream, we all know it could be better if it’s creamier and thicker, isn’t it? 

Cornetto Enigma Cookie retailing at SGD3.20 

The great news is this – Cornetto has recreated the Cornetto cone and substituted the usual vanilla ice cream with a soft cookie-flavoured ice cream! That gives us the star flavour Cornetto Enigma Cookie cone; it is generously topped with crunchy cookie bits while fused with smooth and rich chocolate sauce all along the core of the cone, leading its way right to the chocolate-stuffed tip.(That is everyone’s favorite!)

Just few hours ago, I was glad to be invited to try out this new Cornetto Enigma Cookie. 

ASP 0600
Photo credits to the event photographer

The Cornetto Enigma Cookie with its 4 Cs – Cookie, Cone, Creamy and Chocolate definitely won my heart over with its creamier cookie-flavoured ice cream. I honestly thought the ice cream was indeed creamier and much much softer, not sure if it’s because I’m just a biased ice cream lover. Kidding! Why don’t you give it a try and let me know? 😛

The Cornetto mascot made a great entrance with SMU’s Samba Masala to present us the new ice cream!


2013 06 07+19.40.13
Some resemblance here? 
2013 06 07+19.44.06
The top thinly layered with hardened chocolate sauce and chocolate chips!
2013 06 07+19.47.08
The chocolate lava along the core of the cone. 

Also, get your tongues ready for the Cornetto’s first licking competition in the world! Embark in a less than a minute challenge to see how fast you can get to finish licking the virtual ice cream… on an ipad! (whatttttt?)

2013 06 07+19.48.44
2013 06 07+19.54.26

Here is my score!!! Not that hard actually, you should give it a try and tell me if you could beat my score! Muahahaha. 

2013 06 07+19.53.05
#586 in the world okay *cough cough*

If you feel awkward, you can close the door and try as many times as you want! 

Want to give the competition a try and win prizes instantly? Here are the venues for your reference: 

Screen+Shot+2013 06 07+at+11.06.41+PM

Know more about the new flavour at

Check out their video here!

Oh I love ice cream. 

ASP 0602
Photo credits to the event photographer

Greedy ice cream lover, 

Celine (Hui Yan).

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