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SHO%2BEGFactor%2Bampule%2Band%2Beyecream1 When I first unbox my May BNTnews box, the very first item that caught my attention was the Coreana’s RODIN SHO’s EGFactor Timeless Program (28 days), I was like ‘WOW’, that’s a very nice presentation of the ampules and eyecream there! Grand presentation of items aside, the SHO’s EGFactor Timeless Program is an intensive 28 days anti-wrinkle program to bring back moisture and elasticity to your skin. Much needed by all hardworking and tired mums out there! SHO%2BEGFactor%2Bampule%2Band%2Beyecream7

So for those who have grown wrinkles over the years due to stress and work, I really hope this SHO EGFactor 28 Days Skin Care Program would help you! It comes with 28 individually packed ampules (for hygiene purpose) and two tubes of eye cream that resembles a syringe. 


First up, I know ampules can be quite expensive. They are also individually packed so as to preserve its contents in a sterile condition. Ampules are usually filled with a higher concentration of ingredients which explains why they are not used on a long-term basis, but mainly for intensive programs or facial sessions.

For the Coreana SHO EGFactor ampules, the texture of the ampule is prefect, not too light or thick, but can be a little sticky. It really takes time to pat dry the ampules before they get fully absorbed. Also, don’t belittle each small little ampules because one small little bottle was more than enough to cover my whole face and neck. 


Next, can I just say how adorable these Timeless Eye Cream are? The bottle, like you can tell from the photo, resembles a syringe which is so cute! Cuteness aside, it’s definitely more hygienic because you only push a little to dispense out the right amount of eye cream needed. 

I have to be honest with you. I am very susceptible to oil bumps around the under-eye if the eye cream is too rich for me. I’ve experienced that before so I am very skeptical about eye creams now. Thankfully, the Coreana SHO EGFactor eye creams are not too rich which thus suit my skin (or rather, eye area?). It’s quite lightweight and it gets absorbed easily, without leaving too greasy a residue. 



Finally, I do think this is a very thoughtful gift for your friends and families who have been worrying about wrinkles and aging concerns. I’m definitely giving my mother the Coreana SHO EGFactor 28 Days Skin Care Program for some pampering session! 

Thank you BNTnews for sending this lovely item over! 

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