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compare%2Bprices%2Bonline%2Bshopping%2Cjpg What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you purchase something? I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s definitely the prices. My boyfriend always call me an ‘auntie’ because I tend to pay attention to nitty gritty stuff like the prices, the weight of the products and stuff. When I’m on it, I may actually do a quick calculation in my mind and see how much if the product costing per grams (just an example). Haha, do you even do that?! If I have the time, I won’t do a purchase so immediately because I will check out few other store options and find the best price available. Sometimes, this is just too taxing, and PricePanda is all you need. *winks online%2Bshopping%2Bprices

PricePanda aims to become the leading price comparison website in South East Asia. It helps consumers to find free and valuable price information of products before making a purchasing decision. The possibility of viewing and comparing useful data including ratings, availability and prices helps customers to find the best offer. By offer up-to-date information and a good overview, PricePanda wants to be the first stop for online shoppers in South East Asia.

An example of reviews written by consumers on PricePanda
An example of price comparison on PricePanda

Having said that, PricePanda is currently stronger in the electronics aspect. To serve the needs of female customers especially, PricePanda is looking forward to build its beauty product range for you, so stay tuned! I’m actually hoping for the day where I can compare prices of beauty products on PricePanda to come. So please, make it happen soon!! 

Visit PricePanda to check out their price listings now!

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