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Made a trip down to Charly T’s near dhoby ghaut to have dinner right after school. I had groupon voucher so we could order more stuff. If without the voucher, the bill will be pretty ex. 

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Charly T’s has this concept of order-at-the counter, like fast food restaurant. After which, the food will be delivered to your table instead.2013 01 30+19.20.38 2013 01 30+19.20.29

I ordered their house special – Rotisserie Chicken

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This is 1/4 size, $13. 

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Always a chicken-thigh lover rather than a breastmeat lover, I was caught by surprise the meat could still juicy and chewy instead of dry. 

Each rostisserie chicken comes with two side dishes, and I had macaroni w cheese and potato salad

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The side dishes were really badly prepared. The macaroni was clumped together, but the taste potato salad was still acceptable. 

SY had chicken wrap and this was the best out of what we ordered. 

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Chicken Wrap $13

For the amount of chicken they give, I thought this as a really good deal for its price. Inside the wrap was a certain type of dressing/sauce which gave it an appetizing taste. The wrap was a little overloaded with sauces though, but still good and worthy! 

2013 01 30+19.27.45

It comes with a side dish choice too, so SY ordered garlic rice, which was mmhhmm fragrant

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We also ordered the house specials again – Hot wings

When we ordered, the waitress at the counter gave us a reminder that the chicken wings are spicy. I thought it’s fine since we’re getting a drink….. …


… but I was really wrong. 

The wings gave out a unpleasant sharp smell when brought near to the mouth for a bite. That’s because the sauce was really really sour (towards acidic!) and spicy, so the nose really find it hard to accept. Same goes to the tastebuds, the wings was really hot! 

I don’t really call myself a person who can take very spicy stuff, but I can take average spiciness. If I were to rate as a normal average person, the spiciness is a 4/5 chili padi! 

2013 01 30+19.42.24

Hot wings $12 

We also ordered rootbeer float to curb the spiciness! 


Float, $5.50

Overall, the place was really quiet on a wednesday night, not much patrons and no queue either. The food came rather fast, so if you are ordering sides and you don’t like to be overwhelmed by too many dishes at one go, be sure to let the waiter know that you would want the dishes to be served in a staggered manner! 

I forgot to mention, one of their waiters was amazing. He’s a very polite and friendly waiter who satisfy our demands willingly, with no signs of irritation in his face. He even smiled at us after telling him what we need. Good service here! (Or the credits should probably go to him only)

Hahah took a photo while SY was still munching away!

*Munch munch*

2013 01 30+19.39.04

The bill! 

Two mains, a drink and a 12 pieces wings! 

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