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Hello everybody! How did your Chinese New Year celebration go?  The above photo actually shows my #outfit for cny day 1. CNY was real…


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Hello everybody! How did your Chinese New Year celebration go? 

The above photo actually shows my #outfit for cny day 1. CNY was really the time I get to spend quality time with my family, head out with my parents and go to places we hardly go! 

As much as CNY can be a joyous occasion, it can get a little frustrating and depressing when your relatives started asking you questions like “When are you getting married?”, “How’s your studies?”. Those awkward moments…. I know. 

Thankfully, Heaven and Earth Tea has came up with a very quirky and funny app! 




They call it the #calmcomebacks. 


What is #calmcomebacks? 

Basically like how this hashtag suggests, you’ll just have to stay come and come up with a good retaliation/comeback if you face an awkward question! 

So far I haven’t face any awkward question, but here’s some that I thought people would fear: 

“When are you attached?”

“When are you getting married?”


“Where are you working?”

“How is your salary?” 

“Where are studying?”

especially when you’re not doing well in these aspects, you’ll probably feel embarrassed.

Don’t worry, because #calmcomebacks will be providing you some witty responses you can use! Below are some of my favourites. Some get really straight in your face, it’s really ‘painful’. 

cny+comebacks heaven+and+earth+tea+comebacks

Now, are you equipped with the right and viscous responses for those irritating questions? 😉

Find out more on https://apps.facebook.com/calmcomebacks


Stand a chance to win Heaven and Earth® Chinese New Year Variety Packs (which contains a mix of 4 flavours: Jasmine Green Tea, Honey Chamomile Green Tea, Ice Passionfruit Tea, Ice Lemon Tea, and comes in a 24-can pack) 

Just head over to https://apps.facebook.com/calmcomebacks, like and share their app will do. Make sure the shared post is opened to public so that I can do a screenshot and send to the organiser 🙂 REMEMBER to leave a comment with your fb email once you’ve done so! Good luck! 😉


Contest ends Sunday 9 Jan 11.59pm. 

Happy Chinese New Year!

Remember, stay calm and enjoy this festive season!



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