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Kate Tsui 徐子珊 (Hong Kong) The Skechers Sundown Festival 2014 will be returning to the F1 Pit building tomorrow (22 November) with a…


Kate Tsui 徐子珊 (Hong Kong)

The Skechers Sundown Festival 2014 will be returning to the F1 Pit building tomorrow (22 November) with a bang. Supported by STB, this is the biggest Asia music festival yet with artistes from 11 countries performing on one stage. In just one music festival, you’ll find representing artists from the 11 countries which includes ShiGGa Shay (Singapore), CROSS GENE (Korea), Jeremy Teng (Singapore), Regina Lin (China), S.O.S (Indonesia), Kate Tsui 徐子珊 (Hong Kong), WEAVER (Japan), Kanika Kapoor (India), PUPIL (Philippines), Chang Chen Yue 张震岳 (Taiwan), BIG ASS (Thailand) and Olivia Ong (Singapore).


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[Press release]    2014 THE FACE SHOP T.O.P. GIRL “ If you ’ re a girl who is Talented, Open minded and Passionate, TH…


faceshop%2Btopgirl  2014 THEFACESHOP T.O.P. GIRL “If youre a girl who is Talented, Open minded and Passionate, THEFACESHOP is looking for you!THEFACESHOP T.O.P. GIRL 2014 THEFACESHOP T.O.P GIRL 2014- A yearly affair and the one competition that everyone has their eyes on is back in its 3rd year! THEFACESHOP T.O.P. GIRL is based on the objective of reaching out to consumers in an exciting way through a “beauty audition” and to select a country representative model for THEFACESHOP. So what does T.O.P. GIRL stand for? T.O.P. which stands for Talented, Open minded, and Passionate are the qualifying conditions that the brand is looking for in the representative model for THEFACESHOP.


Today, let’s talk about hair again!  I used to have boring brown hair which go all the way to my belly. But I started to snip the…



Today, let’s talk about hair again! 

I used to have boring brown hair which go all the way to my belly. But I started to snip them parts by parts, until I ended up with short hair: 


A hairstyle is very important. Besides defining a person’s personality and character, it also intertwines with fashion and art. To empower women by helping them easily achieve stand-out haircuts, Vidal Sassoon introduces the #GetSassooned campaign. 

Vidal Sassoon is probably more known for their edgy hair cuts such as the iconic five-point cut. This time, along with their first Vidal Sassoon ambassador Joanne Peh, Vidal Sassoon’s legacy continues to thrive in the legendary Sassoon Salons, Academies and product lines. Calvin Gan, creative director of Hairloom and Sassoon Academy-trained hairdresser, continues to shape the way women care for their hair through his distinctive take on the art of hairdressing. 

In the video, you’ll see that Joanne Peh has underwent a daring and stylish transformation from jet-black medium length locks to a bold, asymmetrical Vidal Sassoon bob customised for her heart-shaped face. Embodying the Vidal Philosophy of creating a seamless fusion of cut and colour, Calvin gave Joanne’s bob vibrant shares that accentuate the angled bob. 

-Vidal Sassoon

To learn 5 hair care tips, watch this video below. Sometimes it’s not the steps that matter, but the products themselves!

To ensure the #GetSassooned experience is easily achievable, VidalSassoon introduces the Elastica Premium Hair Care Series (5 products) to allow women to effortlessly recreate the salon look at home. Now that I have short hair, I would really appreciate having such products to help tame my short hair, or even better, style it nicely.

getsassooned+vidal+sassoon To better looking and edgy hairstyles!



Brace the storm…..  …. Because the Great Singapore Sale is here  With ZALORA Singapore !!!  Discounts, free shipping & h…


Brace the storm….. 


…. Because the Great Singapore Sale is here 

With ZALORA Singapore!!! 

Discounts, free shipping & half price are all you can find for Zalora Singapore’s GSS! 

Here’s what I gathered for a cozy look, especially when I’m in Europe now. 


I guess the Great Singapore Sales need no further explanation. It’s the occasion where you’ll find my items and apparels priced at a much cheaper price to prepare a new wave of season. 

ZALORA has been well-prepared with many big brands for this GSS. Find Melissa, Nine West and even Steve Madden shoes at crazily slashed prices!


Shopping during GSS can be really crazy especially when everyone are well-prepared for the sales. Imagine having to squeeze with people, finding clothes piling up like mountains instead of being hanged properly; the sight is just not appealing. What I like to do is to shop online instead to avoid the crazy crowd. 

So, brace the GSS storm and head over to ZALORA Singapore for the Great Singapore Sales! 





Benefit Cosmetics finally has its OWN boutique store!!  Sad to admit, I’ve never once tried Benefit products before. But that…



Benefit Cosmetics finally has its OWN boutique store!! 

Sad to admit, I’ve never once tried Benefit products before. But that doesn’t deprive me of hearing so many good reviews about it, and seeing popular bloggers writing and reviewing their amazing products with quirky names. Few of the many are POREfessional and Lollitint, so much love for these whimsical names! 

If you have been a die-heart fan of Benefit Cosmetics, this ought to be a piece of superb news for you, although you’ve probably made your way down wayyy before even reading this post! Yes, Benefit has finally opened their very first Benefit Boutique Store at Westgate, Singapore! (Westgate Mall is the newest addition at Jurong East)

benefit+westgate+opening1 Benefit+Cosmetics+Boutique+Westgate+Singapore 12

I really enjoyed indulging myself in the beautifully decorated store. Having to see pink balloons floating around, with beautiful benefit cupcakes, the mood was really delightful. Kudos to all the people behind this grand opening! Good job Benefit!

Benefit+Cosmetics+Boutique+Westgate+Singapore 1 I’m so very happy when my friend, Keline brought me along to this event. We watched the opening hosted by MunahHirziOfficial and they put on a really good show for  the opening. Didn’t get to know them before this but now I do! Maybe I’ll check out their videos really soon. 

The grand opening attracted quite a few passers-by as they wonder what’s that beautiful store all about. Invited VIPs also get to play around with quizzes and get to try out Benefit products right on the spot. 

Benefit+Cosmetics+Boutique+Westgate+Singapore 9

Finally, find the many Benefit Cosmetics at this outlet store instead of buying them online. You’ll get to try out their products on the spot and even get to decide which shade suits you better. 

Benefit+Cosmetics+Boutique+Westgate+Singapore 11 benefit+westgate+grand+opening Benefit+Cosmetics+Boutique+Westgate+Singapore 19 Benefit+Cosmetics+Singapore 4

Do check out Benefit’s BrowBar as well where they have a list of brow services like brow waxing. They have brow specialists around so don’t worry, your brows will be in good hands! Give their famous brow waxing a try! 

Benefit+Cosmetics+Boutique+Westgate+Singapore 18Benefit+Cosmetics+Boutique+Westgate+Singapore 24 Benefit+Cosmetics+Boutique+Westgate+Singapore 25 Benefit+Cosmetics+Boutique+Westgate+Singapore 21 Benefit+Cosmetics+Boutique+Westgate+Singapore 26

Find Benefit Boutique at WestGate Mall, #02-15. 

Benefit+Cosmetics+Boutique+Westgate+Singapore 14

Stay beautiful!



What comes to your mind when you have to settle your meals while you’re overseas? For me, like how you’ve read my Bangkok guide , I…


What comes to your mind when you have to settle your meals while you’re overseas? For me, like how you’ve read my Bangkok guide, I always strongly encourage people to try local culinary prepared authentically, by the locals. I dislike patronizing restaurants or any types of eateries that are catered to tourists, simply because the authenticity was never retained. 

IMG 4340
A bowl of tomyum soup from Bangkok Street Stalls

Give you an example. I’ve been to Thailand several times and I’ve eaten at both restaurants and street side stalls. The food, the taste and the whole experience are just incomparable. For a posh restaurant, your tomyum soup will never be as spicy as the one sold by a street stall. Any idea why? Simple, they have catered their food to tourists, whom they think aren’t able to take too much spicy (which is true for some people). 


I love local food. I advocate going all the way to find out and taste what the locals in that particular country eat. But for places like bangkok, it can be a little dirty sometimes. Finally, there’s a channel to get to authentic local food, without compromising the hygiene! 

Introducing – Withlocals!


Just like how the name suggests, Withlocals is the peer-to-peer marketplace where local people offer experiences and their skills to travelers. This is the very first initiative in Asia to bring together travellers and local families for a meal of home cooked food. Through this, travellers can benefit by receiving travelling tips, exchanging stories with the families and making new friends, all on top of having a nice heartwarming home cooked meal! Hosting families on the other hand are able to earn quick cash by doing what they love – cooking! 


In fact, Withlocals not only has culinary options, there are also options like doing activities with the locals or tour the country with the locals. 

So what’s stopping you? I think this is a really ingenious idea to bring together different people and allow them to make new friends of different nationality. I personally love meeting new people, which is why I chose to be a blogger. I like meeting new challenges too! 


Withlocals.com sounds like a mini version of couchsurfing. Instead of needing a couch for a few nights stay, Withlocals pretty much present the same idea for you to exchange culinary experience and make new friends over a simple home cooked meal. I may even try out this service when I’m in Bangkok next time!

If you’re feeling dubious about Withlocals, fret not. It now has over 50,000 Facebook fans and more than 100,000 site visitors per month. Though based in Netherlands, Withlocals focuses completely in Asia region only. Right now, it has more than 70 local staff working as ambassadors and more than 10,000 locals applied to be hosts for tourists on withlocals. 

How it works: 

Visit http://www.withlocals.com/

Decide if you want to Eat Withlocals, Tour Withlocals or do Activities Withlocals.


Book a date and make payment 


And wait for that exciting day to come! 

I find the prices really affordable and I really wouldn’t mind participating in activites with the locals. But it would be better if Withlocals are equipped with more options for us to choose. After all, being less than a year old, they have been doing really well so far! Withlocals has also been featured on Techcrunch, TechinAsia, Jakarta Post, Telegraaf and many more media sites. Let’s join in the fun! 

Home Dinner in Singapore
Saigon’s Best Party Tour

Go out and make friends with the locals to experience a whole new level of fun! 




The well-known Ramen Chain has finally made it’s entrance to Singapore.  Ramen Kagetsu Arashi,  the Ramen Chain that has garner tre…


Ramen+Kagetsu+Arashi+Singapore 1

The well-known Ramen Chain has finally made it’s entrance to Singapore. Ramen Kagetsu Arashi, the Ramen Chain that has garner tremendous support and patronage in Taiwan and Japan will not fail to satiate your cravings for Ramen. Having 290 outlets worldwide, Ramen Kagetsu Arashi is here aiming to seize a first placing in Singapore.  Their “Kagetsu Ramen” in particular, represents more than 100 creative flavours for you to relish. Today, Ramen Kagetsu Arashi brings you two other delectable dishes: Ginjiro Ramen and Itameshi Dry Curry Rice. 

Ramen+Kagetsu+Arashi+Singapore 12 Ramen+Kagetsu+Arashi+Singapore 7

The Ginjiro Ramen ($13.90) can be said to be a very time-consuming dish. Pork bones are simmered over long hours in order to obtain the thick and non-artificial sweetness for its broth. Exclusive ingredients like dried bonito, kelp and some others are included in to enhance the flavoursome goodness. Undoubtedly, this Ginjiro Katgetsu Ramen is sure to be packed with rich collagen from the long hours simmering. 

 I find the texture of the noodles very well done (not too hard or soggy), even after we took a little while to shoot some photos. Generally, the broth isn’t too salty like how Ramen usually is. The most evident difference is also the choice of hard-boil eggs instead of soft-boiled. To explain the intention behind, Ramen Kagetsu would prefer hard-boiled eggs in order to avoid the soft-boiled eggs from affecting the taste of the broth. Thoughtful! 

Ramen+Kagetsu+Arashi+Singapore 8

To promote customization to your own likings, Ramen Kagetsu encourages you to add in condiments at your own preference to add oomph to the dishes. The 4 condiments are Black Pepper, Kagetsu’s secret soy sauce, Kagetsu’s special in-house seasoned chives andfreshly crushed garlic by using their own unique press tool. 

Ramen+Kagetsu+Arashi+Singapore 2 Ramen+Kagetsu+Arashi+Singapore 6

The Dry Curry Fried Rice ($12.90) on the other hand is a new addition to Ramen Kagetsu’s menu. A selection of premium spices are stirred and blended into the hotplate of fried rice, giving a flavourful relish. Fret not about the level of spiciness as it’s pretty average. To bring out the aroma, the rice is also scorched to give an extra crispy texture too. To top if off, find yourself a layer of fried egg and some sausages which you can stir fry together with the dry curry rice. 

The smoky aroma certainly perks up diners’ appetites as it was served. The Japanese rice grains are very soft and fragrant as well, which sums up a very decent base for the Dry Curry Fried Rice. 

Ramen+Kagetsu+Arashi+Singapore 5 Ramen+Kagetsu+Arashi+Singapore 10

Another common dish is none other than Japanese Gyoza ($6). This set of Gyoza is encased in crispy pastry skin filled with juicy chunks of meat fillings. Most importantly, the skin is specially imported from Japan and has the capability to retain that crispy and chewy texture even after frying. Serves as a good appetizer. Give it a try! 

Ramen+Kagetsu+Arashi+Singapore 11

Find yourself other kinds of dishes too! Some of which are: 

Arashi Genkotsu Ramen (In-house made Tonkotsu Broth)

Arashi Genkotsu Sio Ramen (milky white broth with natural sea salt)

Buta Moyashi (blanched beansprouts with marinated minced pork in their special recipe seasoning)

 Ramen+Kagetsu+Arashi+Singapore 9

Ramen+Kagetsu+Arashi+Singapore 13

Find Ramen Kagetsu Arashi at the following outlets below. Soon you’ll be surprised to see a few more outlets popping out as they are in their mega expansion plan 😉

The Star Vista – 1 Vista Exchange Green, #01-41, 
Singapore 138617
Telephone : 6339 0335
Operating Hours : 11:30 AM to 11 PM (Fridays, Saturdays and eve of Public 
11:30 AM to 10 PM (Weekdays)

Tampines 1 – 10 Tampines Central 1, #02-09/10

Singapore 539536
Telephone : 6854 0335
Operating Hours : 11:30 AM – 10 PM

The Cathay – 2 Handy Road, #B1-01/02/03

Singapore 229233
Telephone : 6736 3055
Operating Hours : 11:30 AM – 10




If you are a beauty junkie or someone who has a passion in beauty, you sure will not miss the annual BeautyAsia 2014 Exhibition happening …


If you are a beauty junkie or someone who has a passion in beauty, you sure will not miss the annual BeautyAsia 2014 Exhibition happening this year. 

The 18th edition of regional trade show is held at Suntec Singapore this year, bringing you the world of beauty and wellness with either new or improved creations set to amaze each visitors. Some of the new creations include 3D nail clippers that trim nails according to the natural curve, toothbrushes using silver’s anti-bacterial properties and even fancy nail polishes that change colors according to your mood! The one that I highly anticipate is the 7-in-1 Dynamic Do-all Cream, in other words, DD CREAM! 

BeautyAsia, the region’s most established one-stop trade show for the beauty, is the show that 

industry professionals look forward to every year to learn about current and upcoming beauty 

trends, new products, cutting edge technology and hands-on demonstrations. The three-day show will be held from 17 to 19 February at Suntec Halls 401 – 403. 

Here’s some of the interesting things I was introduced to when I visited the exhibition earlier this noon. 

Taiwanese brand O’right’s latest Tree-in-a bottle shampoos that are bio-degradable 

Mood Gel Polish that changes colour according to temperature! 


NailsAsia™ 2014 will also be hosting its highly anticipated 8th International Nail Art Competition. 

About 130 nail artists will be competing in the six award categories. This includes 3-D Folk Art 

Nail Design, French Sculpture Gel Nail and Mix Media Nail Art Design (Design theme: Cartoon). 

The competition is managed by exhibitor Thebmico Pte Ltd.

Most importantly, beauty junkies get to purchase beauty products here at a much cheaper price! I purchased a hair repair oil at $10 only after 50% off! I’ve also gotten myself a well-known taiwan brand eyeliner which is both smudge-proof and waterproof at only…….. $12! Other than the fact that this exhibition is a price-slashed shopping paradise, it’s definitely an eye-opener to witness many new inventions and improvements to existing beauty products/technology. Be sure to make your way down to Beauty Asia 2014 if you are interested!

BeautyAsia 2014

11 – 19 February
10am – 7pm
Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre
Halls 401 – 403.
Open to Trade & Professionals only 
(Pre- or Onsite Registration Required)

http://www.beautyasia.com.sg/ Love,


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