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Hello all! 

Haha this is a little amusing but my blog has an intruder! And by intruder, I am totally referring to the post i’ll be doing today. Unlike the usual food reviews and food tastings I’ve been doing, I am actually going to do a beauty product review today! 

I am absolutely not a pro in these kind of things but I’m just telling you my honest review. 

Let me know how does this product review score in your opinion. Give me some chance for my first time ya. 

Alright back to the topic! 

Recently, I got hold to these three amazing products kindly sponsored by TALIKA paris 

TALIKA, established in 1948, is absolutely a girl/woman’s favorite because their products cover from taking care of the eyes, lips, your face and even your body. 

This time, I was invited to the media launch of TALIKA’s new product series –  Photo Beauty Therapy. 

We are all pretty sure that the worse thing we would want our skin to be exposed to is definitely the harmful sunlight and its UV rays. But do you know light can be something beneficial? TALIKA research has discovered that light can actually be transformed into dermo-repairing energy, revolving around this essence of : Photo-Beauty Enzyme (PBE).

Photo-Beauty Enzyme (PBE) – able to transform light energy to dermo-repairing energy, repairing your damaged DNA. While repairing the damaged DNA, allowing it to return to its original form and functional capacities,  you’ll subsequently find a reduction in wrinkles and dark spots on your skin. 

The Photo Beauty Therapy series contain 0.2% Photo-Beauty Enzyme (PBE). Which has been proven to be sufficient and effective through a ex-vivo test of 14 days, showing that after 48 hours, 87% of changes to DNA caused by UV are repaired. 

It’s time, to “push back time”. 

Alright, after so much information, I bet you are wondering how do the products look like in real life. 

IMG 9930

The items I got are: 

1. The Light Essence 

2. Brightening serum

3. Brightening cream

IMG 9931
The Light Essence

The very second product (after your toner) to use before the others is The Light Essence, also known as the cellular activator. The reason why it’s a cellular activator because it acts as a correction curve, which takes only a few seconds to reset the ‘cell counters’ to zero, so that all the products you’ll be using later on will be better locked in and fully absorbed. Basically, it’s like the ‘appetizer’ to your ‘main courses’ HAHA! 


1. Brighten up the complexion 

2. Diminish the dark spots 

3. Regenerate and protect skin’s DNA 

4. Hydrates your skin (with gentle fruit acids)

My verdict of this product: Amazing. It gets absorbed really instantly and leaves zero residue, just like how it aims to be – the base that resets cell counters to zero to lock in nutrients from other products. I honestly like how it feels like nothing after applying this Light Essence! 

Immediately after applying the Light Essence, where your skin cells are ready to absorb other nutrients from other products, you might want to quickly proceed on to… 

2. Brightening serum

IMG 9937
Brightening Serum

Brightening serum is encouraged to be used in the day because of its lighter density.  

Absolutely rich in  Photo-Beauty Enzyme (PBE) and brightening active ingredients, the brightening serums will target the stubborn dark spots and actually brightens the complexion within 4 weeks. 

Their ex-vivo test result actually shows that there’s a 79.6% increase in non-pigmented cells after a mere 2 weeks. 


1. Regenerate and protect skin’s DNA

2. Transform light into cellular energy

3. Lightenes complexion

4. Moisturize (with vegetal gylcerin)

My verdict of this product: The reason why I picked this BRIGHTENING line over the ANTI-AGING line is because my skin is really dark, for some reason although I don’t really go outdoors very often. So my complexion is a little dull and towards the darker tone. As mentioned by the TALIKA expert, the brightening serum is actually lighter in density, and thus would be good to apply in Singapore with its hot and humid climate. 

Important to note: Realise why your face turns oily after a while in the day? That’s because Singapore is really hot and humid, such that your skin starts forming oil because your skin is simply dehydrated. 

Here’s a personal experience here to share – I started to apply moisturizer and toner to my face not long ago, and because my first has been really dehydrated for very long, my face had yet to accustomed to the moisturizer, and thus my face is still continuing to product oil to keep the face hydrated. So oil + moisturizer, your face is just too oily. So the more oily my face become, the lesser willing I would be to continue apply my skincare routine, which is a big mistake! 

And my mistake has been gladly rectified by the products here! 

The Brightening serum as mentioned, is light, and gets absorbed equally fast as the light essence. In fact, it only leaves a thin layer of serum and is definitely non-greasy. After about 1 min after the application, the serum got absorbed so fast that there’s no more residue left behind. My skin becomes really smooth. 

While Brightening serum can undoubtedly be used for the day too, but here’s a better recommendation: 

3. Brightening cream

IMG 9933
Brightening Cream

As far as I know, the Brightening cream serves almost the same purpose as the serum. 

Then you’ll ask me, what’s the point of getting the two products then? Here’s the first difference – the Brightening cream intensively moisturize and repairs epidermis (with shea butter), something that couldn’t be found in the serum. 

Also, here’s a more obvious difference: 

IMG 9943
Pardon my skin tone, I have quite tanned skin.

As illustrated in the photo above,  the cream on the left is thicker and denser than the serum on the right. 

Spread it across my back of my palm, you can clearly see that the serum is more transparent while the cream is really denser. 

IMG 9945

Which brings me back to the point that… 

IMG 9933
Brightening Cream

The brightening cream will serve as a better nourishing product to apply in the night while you go to sleep! Since it’s richer and denser, it won’t be suggested to apply during the day because Singapore is really too hot and humid. 

And yes, the cream is slightly more greasy than the serum, but gets absorbed in like a few mins, a little longer than the serum. 

So far, honestly, not because I’ve been sponsored to these products, I really love the products and have no complaints about it. Trust me! 


Here’s a complete photo with all the three items! 

IMG 9930

If you would like to know more about these products, you can leave a comment and I will gladly answer you 🙂 

Some photos at the media launch

IMG 8415+copy
IMG 8418+copy IMG 8419

The black ones is the ANTI-AGING line. 

IMG 8438+copy
Anti-aging Cream 
IMG 8440+copy
Anti-aging Cream 

And they serve super awesome refreshments hehehe ^^,

IMG 8437+copy
IMG 8447+copy

Macarons coated with sugar!!! It was so so good!!

IMG 8446+copy

I really hope you liked the review and find the following information useful! 

Leave a comment and let me know where I should improve on, or if you would like to give me a pat on my back, please do 😛 Hahaha. 

Thank you TALIKA for the invitation to this product launch! 

Talika official website: http://www.talika.com Talika Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TalikaSG

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