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Do you know Astons at Cathay has undergone a huge renovation? 

When I first reached, I was pretty shocked myself too! I knew it was renovating but I didn’t expect such a huge change. 


Basically, what they did was to really extend the indoors seatings more than by around 50%? I swear! I think they must have bought or rented another store next to them and linked both up. Astons is much much extended and spacious now! Though there is still queue, but it is no longer as long as the usual queue you would see in a weekend. A queue in the past can make you wait as long as 15-20 minutes, but now, worry no more! 🙂


Their menu. 

Do you know Astons do not charge GST and service charge? So whatever price on the menu is NETT PRICE. 


And it’s below mostly $10!! 

I think it’s pretty worth it to dine at astons because the portion they provide are really sufficient to stuff yourself freaking full. If you have a big appetite, you can go for the Double Up Chicken at $11.90, which gives you two pieces of chicken! Still cheap please.

Three of us ordered snapple,  but here’s the two different flavours we had: 

2013 01 16+19.32.13

Mango Madness and Pink Lemonade 

$2.80 each 

I think this is a little retarded here… but Mango Madness snapple basically has a very strong mango taste, while my Pink Lemonade’s sour taste isn’t exactly the intolerable sour, and it has this after taste which makes my mouth pretty dry. BUT! I still like it. I think I would order Kiwi Strawberry next time too, it’s nice as well. 

2013 01 16+20.40.25

Their very funny snapple bottle caps, with random facts imprinted on it. 

My friend ordered the IBC Root beer! 

2013 01 16+19.32.42

IBC Root beer


You know there IS a difference between the normal rootbeer and IBC rootbeer. If you are unaware of it, try it. To me, it does taste different! More authentic and fizzy I guess? But then again, what’s considered authentic? Haha. Up to your tastebud to decide! 

2013 01 16+19.42.07

Lemon Lime Chicken

with Fries and Mash Potato 

$7.90 (nett)

I ordered the Lemon Lime Chicken, with the two side dishes. If stated on the menu, chicken dishes usually has two complimentary side dishes for you to pair it with your main chicken, without additional charge of course! I usually ordered fries because they taste pretty good. 

Their mash potato is soft and tender as well, but one bad thing is they usually give very little mushroom sauce, as you can see from the photo. So usually I will ask for additional mushroom sauce and they are more than willing to give it to you. Talk about service! 

2013 01 16+19.42.14

Chicken (Teriyaki) and Sausage Combo 

With Marconi cheese and corn on the cob! 

$12.90 (nett)

If you order this, you have a choice to choose any type of chicken from the menu for your combo. My friend ordered the Teriyaki chicken. Their sausage looks a little though, so it might not be very worth it.

But since my friend doesn’t mind having these, he got it! For me, if I have a big appetite, I will go for the Double up Chicken. 

2013 01 16+21.08.42

Overall, Astons at the Cathay has greatly changed for a better good! They are now so spacious, clean and newly revamped! I really like their change and would definitely wish to come back again. They have now provided me a better reason to come back again! 

Since they are now bigger, you can easily come with a group of friends to have a very very affordable meal together and catch up with each other, just like what I did! 

2013 01 16+21.09.25

Furthermore, the price of their food is extremely affordable and below average restaurant prices! What’s the best is that they do not charge service charge and GST at all. With their low prices on the menu, they don’t even charge all these. I only paid a total $11 for my dinner, which I though was really worthy. 

We came at 7pm, and left at 9pm. Two hours spent here with all the catching up and chit-chatting, Astons is great for gatherings and chill out session with your friends as well. Sorry for repeating but since Astons is now bigger and better, you now have another choice for outings or lunch with friend! 


Hope you liked the review! 


( Tel: +65 6887 5889

Address: The Cathay Building #04-03 

Singapore 229233

Nearest MRT station: Dhoby Ghaut MRT station

Operating Hours: 

11.30am -10pm 

(Sun – Thurs)

Operating Hours: 11.30am -11pm

(Fri, Sat & Eve of PH)

(open daily)

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