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Casio EXILIM EX-MR1 Selfie Camera has officially brought selfie-taking to a whole new playing field. This selfie camera, as featured in the photo above, is exactly a mirror camera. With its in-built front-facing mirror, ladies or selfies-lovers can easily snap a photo just by smiling at themselves in the mirror. 

No doubt, I am a big fan of selfies and I have to tell you taking selfies is so much easier with the EXILIM EX-MR1 now! There’s also many more to this petite and adorable camera so let me bring you through the functions and camera features of this selfie camera…

Already launched in November 2014, it’s a pity that I have yet to hear about this selfie camera and I totally think it deserves more attention. Basically, it’s a camera with very simple settings and buttons layout – clean, sleek and dummy-proof. The EXILIM EX-MR1 weighs only 133g and is really small in size. That makes the camera extremely light and easy to carry around; it also fits very nicely on my palm. The 21mm wide angle lens is hidden behind the mirror so you just look into the mirror and snap a photo. Here’s also a minor but great-to-have function – an auto rotation function as you rotate your camera to view both landscape and portrait images! 

EXILIM EX-MR1 uses micro SD card so you have to use an adaptor to read the card for bulk images. BUT if you just want a few shots, the wifi connection function comes in handy!

First of all, you have to click the wifi button on your camera. Then, connect to the camera under your phone wifi settings, like this: 

Once you get connected, you’ll have to go to their app called ‘EXILIM LINK’. I downloaded it from Appstore. 

And there you have it! Easily select the photos and download it straight to your phone. It’s absolutely easy, fuss-free and fast.

Shots taken while I was doing my hair

 Every time I bring out this camera for the first time, my friends will exclaim and comment how cute this ‘object’ is. When I told them it’s a camera, all were surprised and couldn’t wait to play with the camera. You know, it’s really cool to have a camera that is a mirror to begin with! It really helps to maintain the eye contact with the camera and look directly into the mirror reflection as you take a selfie.

Ask me about the quality of the shots, I experimented with the camera in different environment settings on different occasions and here’s many shots for you to decide! 

1. Selfies taken outdoors

The results definitely look great. Can you tell the difference between the two? For the shot on the right, I switched on Casio popular Make Up Mode so it enhances my skin complexion so much, I don’t even have to edit the photo 😛 

2. Selfie camera used as a normal camera


Of course, the EXILIM EX-MR1 can also be used as a normal camera where you get your friends to snap a wider shot for you. 

3. Indoors with low lighting

EXILIM EX-MR1 selfie camera also comes with ‘BEST SHOT’ settings, where you get to select from several options like ‘portrait’, ‘scenery’ and ‘night scene’. Here, I selected the ‘night scene portrait’ settings so I could take photos indoors even with low lightings. However, since the lighting is low, your hands have to be quite stable to not result in a blurry photo.

PS: I just realised I always take selfies with my left hand placed on my face HAHAH. Ok let me redeem myself with some selfies WITHOUT THE HAND. 

4. Outdoors with great lighting

Be it on a moving bus or standing stationary, I must say EXILIM EX-MR1 performs very well under great lighting especially natural sunlight. The photo quality turns out great and crisp, and again I don’t have to edit if the ‘Make Up’ mode is turned on. 

5. GREAT to take selfie with kids

And you know why it’s now easier to take photos with kids? Because it’s a mirror camera to begin with so they would look at themselves in the mirror!! Hahaha. What a great way to trick kids into taking the photo with you, isn’t it?

6. Various photo editing options

EXILIM EX-MR1 comes with several editing options, one of which is ‘Paste Subject’ function where I can decorate my photo with cute images and borders in the camera. I know I’m so bad at it but here’s just an example to show you how cute it is! 


I also brought along the camera to one beauty event and here’s some shots taken! The makeup mode totally made us look gorgeous with perfect complexion – something we yearn for badly hahaha.

In case you’re still wondering if this camera is a good buy, I’ll lay out the pros and cons for you: 


– In-built front-facing mirror ensures eye contact during selfies

– Multi-functional as a mirror itself (I use it for putting on makeup too)

– Light and small camera

– Buttons are easy to click

– Fuss-free Wifi sharing function

– Multiple photo settings 

– Face detecting



– Photo quality definitely not comparable to (bulky) DSLRs or semi-pros

– A slight lag time between photo-taking

– Low aperture = needs light for good quality photos

Casio EXILIM EX-MR1 Selfie Mirror Camera is available at selected Casio authorised retailers from SGD $429. 

Casio EXILIM EX-MR1 Selfie Mirror Camera also comes in Mint and Pink.
Taken indoors with low lighting
Taken outdoors with natural sunlight

Hope you enjoyed the review!! While I retreat from this long review and continue playing with my camera ^.^

Thanks for reading! ❤
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