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As part of a Digital Marketing module, a group of undergraduate students from Singapore Management University created a 7-week (12th Sept – 31st Oct 2014) pop-up online store named Card-io.

Card-io was born out of an idea to reconnect individuals – be it with themselves, the community, or with people who are deemed important to them. As such, 3 special postcards (cards from the heart) were designed with their own special meanings:


Postcard #1: “Count your blessings”

You’ll be surprised at the benevolences life has given you, and what it still has to offer you…


Postcard #2: “Live the life you love, love the life you live”


Happiness is a choice, so embrace it wholeheartedly and look out for the flowers that will bloom along the way!


Postcard #3: “Perhaps the best things are said on cards”


Send a wave of love to someone you admire, someone you love, someone you wish to know better today! Who knows what kind of ripple effects your handwritten note will create?

All proceeds from this project will go to the SingTel Touching Lives Fund (STLF). The STLF works with charities that offer critical and specialised education, and support programmes for children and youth with special needs, empowering them with valuable life skills.

Card-io’s postcards are priced at S$5.00 each, with free normal postage provided. Charitable donations directly to the STLF are also welcome, and can be made via our online store as well. To order or donate, simply head to and select your desired product by clicking on the “Buy Now!” button. Click “Add to Cart” to add it to your shopping cart, then navigate to your shopping cart to checkout. Ensure that all information entered is correct, then select your preferred delivery method and payment method. It’s that simple!

The payments accepted are via PayPal, Cash on Delivery (only for self-collection), and by Cheque.

The delivery modes offered are normal postage, or self-collection from SMU at 12pm or 2pm on Wednesdays.

More updates and photos can also be found on Card-io’s Facebook ( and Instagram! (@card.iopostcards).


Do support Card-io as they strive to encourage the spread of love amongst friends, family, and strangers, while at the same time giving your support to children and youths with special needs! J  

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