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I can’t be more than thrilled to receive the latest BlackBox edition – A Stroke of Beauty, consisting of three brands under the shiseido brand. The three brands found in this box are Senka (for skin), Tsubaki (for hair) and Majorlica Majorca (makeup). Basically, this box has quite a number of samples for you to try out before deciding whether or not it suits you and your skin!

Besides knowing I’m pretty much happy with most of the products in this box, read more to find out what’s my favourite and what’s considered can be missed to me. I also have 3 boxes to give away so I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss this giveaway!

Blackbox The%2BStroke%2Bof%2BBeauty
BlackBox exclusive: The Stroke of Beauty


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1. TSUBAKI Hair Oil Packset 

Tsubaki Hair Oil is formulated with high concentration of selected Camellia Oil to deeply protect, moisturise and repair hair for luxurious shine. It not only instantly penetrates into your hair without any greasy after feel, but also protects your hair against damage caused by UV rays and hair dryer heat with a floral fruity scent.

My review

Absolutely nourishing and moisturizing! This moisturizing oil comes in a much denser form so when it’s applied onto the hair, it combs my hair ends very well and is able to tame almost all my flying hair ends. Besides, I am absolutely in love with the camellia floral scent in this hair oil. 

For my medium-length hair, I used about 2 tablespoons amount of Tsubaki Oil. I poured one teaspoon amount on my palm and sort of spread the oil evenly on my palm, before I comb my hair ends. Don’t use this on your scalp if not it’s gonna clog your hair follicles. Can roughly sweep through the hair on too of your head to give that finish shine. Need to reapply once in a while.

The box also comes with two Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner sample bottles, which is perfect for travelling! I love such petite packaging because it saves me a lot of trouble transferring from a big bottle to a travel size bottle.



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a. Perfect Watery Oil [20ml]

Make up remover which is gentle on the skin, yet effective in removing waterproof mascara, stubborn makeup and impurities without hard scrubbing or tugging of skin.

When it comes to removing the makeup, I actually prefer to use oil-based makeup remover because my beautician advised that oil-based makeup remover can remove the residue more thoroughly than micellar water/wipes. I pretty much like this Senka oil cleanser because it removes my makeup rather well.


b. Perfect Whip

Long-lasting mochi mochi (cushion-like) foam with 5x density to penetrate your pores for a deep cleansing.


My take on Senka foaming cleanser

I wasn’t really expecting this cleanser to foam up so much until I tried it for the first time. When dispensed out, it looks like a normal cleanser but when lathered onto my face, small little bubbles started to foam from the cleanser, forming a layer of tiny bubbles! When washing, I admit my skin does feel a little stretched but it turned out smooth after my skin is dried. I’m not sure if this really suits dry skin because it can be a little drying, so it’s best to get this box with the sample size to give it a try first.

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c. Whitening Lotion [20ml]

Instantly permeates the skin to hydrate and prevent against melanin formation, spot and freckles. It also increases the capacity of your skin absorption for the next product.

The whitening lotion on the other hand wasn’t anything special. But I do like how this gel lotion gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. Claimed to have whitening effects, I’m looking forward to see if it doesn’t lighten my acne marks on my forehead

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3. Majolica Majorca Line Hunter [0.5ml]

Double-faced Liquid Film EyelinerUse angles of the brush to achieve the line that you want! Draw impactful lines with the thick side, and delicate lines with thin side.Sweat, Sebum and Tear-proof.

Moving on to the last item in the box is the line hunter eyeliner from Majorlica Majorca. I’ve tried this product before and I thought it was interesting. But to sum it all up, I love the invention of a flat tip which gives the user the freedom and flexibility of drawing a thin to thick line with just one eyeliner. In case you don’t already know, this line hunter’s flat tip is only 0.3mm thick, which means you can draw a really thin line towards the end of your liner.


Disclaimer: Do note that all boxes on sale includes travel packs unlike the full-sized bottles seen in this review. For more details, visit BlackBox The Stroke of Beauty here

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