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A quick weekend getaway immediately reminds me of Bintan. Just an hour away by ferry, Bintan is probably one of the easiest and fastest weekend getaway destination without costing you a bomb. With developed resorts, white sandy beaches and water activities, you’ll be sure to find many programs to keep you occupied without having to spend on expensive flights and hotels if you were to fly to nearby countries. 

This is my second time to Bintan, the first one dated two years ago. But both times, I stayed in Bintan Lagoon Resorts so I’m pretty much familiar with this resort. Here’s 7 good reasons why Bintan remains a good getaway destination any time across the year!

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Air adventure – taking a two-seat aircraft

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Spacious Toilet in Bintan Lagoon Resort’s rooms

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Breathtaking sea-view from the hotel rooms
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Bintan Ferry Terminal
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Bintan Lagoon pick up service

1. Bintan Lagoon Resort’s great view and rooms 

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Great hospitality upon arrival

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I was assigned to their Deluxe Plus room, which is like their standard room but facing the sea. I understood that it’s only about SGD30 difference between the rooms facing the sea and those not facing, so personally I’ll definitely go for the sea view. Imagine waking up to such a nice view in the morning, that feeling is terrific.


The room come with standard items like toiletries, room slippers and bathrobes. The only downside is that there’s no wifi in the rooms, else you have to pay for it. They do have free wifi at the lobby. Come to think of it, it’s not exactly a bad idea not to have wifi in the rooms. The reasons for a getaway is to truly shut yourself out from any disturbance, and the connectivity is definitely gonna disrupt. Which is why I took this chance to shut myself out from the social media for two days while I stayed in Bintan Lagoon Resort.

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The sea view from the deluxe plus room!

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For bigger groups, you can also visit their site to see the villas they offer.

The ANGSOKA VILLA in particular is spacious and huge, and it even comes with a personal swimming pool! They don’t cost much if it’s during non-peak period, and if it’s shared among a few friends, the price each person pays is really affordable.


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Angsoka Villa’s living room

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Angsoka Villa’s private pool

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2. Activities filled resort 

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Tucked in another corner of the whole resort is their Leisure Centre. 

I’m pretty amazing by the amount of activities available here. They provide bicycles rental, table pool, batik painting and many more! Rest assure you won’t be able to finish all the games and activities in one day. 

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A life size snake n’ ladder maybe? 😉

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Golf Course….

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And also sea activities if the weather permits! 

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Pictured on left is RICE resturant

The Bintan beach is generally clean and a great avenue to relax your mind. I suggest you taking a stroll along the beach when it isn’t too hot cos it can be quite therapeutic to forget everything and simply take a breather… 

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Spa salon 

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Batik Painting activity

bintan%2Bgetaway%2Bresorts 54
Billiard game available

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And even a room for the kids and the young!

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Bike rental 

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Bintan Lagoon Resort has two pools. One smaller and slightly further away from the lobby. All in all, there’s many areas for you to find activities to engage in!

3. Resort’s ferry or transport from ferry terminal 

bintan%2Bgetaway%2Bresorts 21 Bintan is only an hour away from Singapore, and you can choose to either take the Bintan Resorts ferry or Bintan Lagoon Resort’s ferry itself. It was a pity I couldn’t take their ferry due to monsoon season, but I can image how convenient it is that I can reach the resort straight from Singapore!  singapore%2Btravel%2B%2Bblogger

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A shot with the pilot, also the founder of airadventure in Bintan

4. Air adventures 

Not so much linked to Bintan Lagoon Resorts itself but here’s another great reason why Bintan should top your list of getaway destination – it now has air adventures! 

At at affordable price of SGD120, get to experience a flight experience on their 2-seater aircarft in the sky! Get to enjoy the gorgeous bird-eye’s view of Bintan’s landscape over the 20mins flight. It was a little terrifying at the beginning but it soon became a mixture of thrill, excitement and eye-opener! 

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When you’re in Bintan, I strongly recommend you to try out this air activity It was one of the best 20 mins in my life catching views of what I don’t usually get to see. The pilot also did some air stunts in the sky like quick spiral upwards and diving down to only a few feet atop the sea level. Oh my that adrenaline rush.

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Before that, I was given a quick briefing about safety procedures.

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And a GOPRO was set us to record down the whole flight journey for my viewing purpose after the flight! You can opt to purchase the video at a small fee. I thought it’s quite worth it though! 

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5. Great good available bintan%2Bgetaway%2Bresorts 2

Other than complimentary breakfast with every rooms booked, Bintan Lagoon Resort also a few restaurants, including RICE Restaurant and MIYAKO Japanese Restuarant. However, just a quick reminder: If you do not want to spend too much on restaurants,  perhaps you should bring over some food to your hotel stay to avoid expensive meals in the resort.

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Dining at MIYAKO Japanese Restuarant

bintan%2Bgetaway%2Bresorts 64
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6. Many other rooms available

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For those guests who are visiting Bintan for more than just a getaway, say for example honeymoon or family gathering, they can select VIP suites. One of those suites include SWARGALOKA suite: 

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bintan%2Bgetaway%2Bresorts 58
bintan%2Bgetaway%2Bresorts 60
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7. Discovery tours in Bintan

For the adventurous who loves the nature, take a boat in their day tours around the mangrove areas to discover the ‘kampung’ life of the past. In face, Bintan Resorts offer a wide range of activities and tours in Bintan, so have a look here! bintan%2Bgetaway%2Bresorts 3

bintan%2Bgetaway%2Bresorts 4
While waiting for our Mangrove Discovery tour to begin

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bintan%2Bgetaway%2Bresorts 6
bintan%2Bgetaway%2Bresorts 8
bintan%2Bgetaway%2Bresorts 9

So excited on our boat ride! 

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Boatman sellng the crabs he had just caught

bintan%2Bgetaway%2Bresorts 11

After the tour, we chanced upon Pasar Ole Ole market, which will soon be shifted to a new shopping area in Bintan. Lagoi bay will be the name for the upcoming development, so be prepared to see new hotels, resorts and even shopping malls from May 2015!

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Bintan has definitely offered me a much needed break from my extremely busy schedule. Every time I’m here, I always get to do and try out different things, although there’ll be this one thing that remain the same – their kind and warm hospitality in Bintan Lagoon Resorts. 

Thank you Bintan Lagoon Resorts and Bintan Resorts for making this getaway trip possible! 

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Thanks for reading! ❤ 

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