The Ultimate Guide: Best Places To Find Gold Bars In DMZ

A team of explorers investigates a hidden cave entrance in the DMZ.

Unlocking the secrets of Warzone 2’s DMZ has been a challenge for many players. This strategic area is particularly noted for its elusive gold barscritical components in completing The Golden Rule Mission.

Our article promises to brighten your gameplay with expert tips and precise locations to ease your gold bar hunt! Ready? Let’s unravel the golden mystery together!

Key Takeaways

  • The DMZ in Warzone 2 is a strategic area where players can find gold bars, which can be traded for cash to unlock gear and weapons.
  • Al Mazrah and Ashika Island are the best places to find gold bars in the DMZ.
  • Players can find gold bars by searching containers and shelveschecking buildings and warehouses, and defeating bosses.
  • Utilizing high ground and sniping spots, communicating with your team, and paying attention to loot drops from supply crates are effective strategies for finding gold bars in the DMZ.

What is DMZ and Why is it Important to Find Gold Bars?

A captivating photograph of a pile of gold bars in a mysterious underground vault.

DMZ is a hot spot in the game Call of Duty: Warzone 2. It’s full of action and thrills. In this area, players battle against each other to rank up and gain loot. One of the most special items to find here are gold bars.

Finding gold bars in DMZ boosts your game big time. These shiny treasures can be traded for cash at any Buy Station. This cash helps you unlock cool stuff like gear and weapons. More gold means more power in the game! So, finding them becomes very important for gamers who want to level up fast and have an edge over others.

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Map Overview of DMZ and Potential Gold Bar Locations

A group of treasure hunters explore abandoned tunnels in the DMZ, searching for hidden gold bars.

The DMZ map in Warzone 2 offers potential gold bar locations in Al Mazrah and Ashika Island.

Al Mazrah

A close-up photo of a golden jewelry box nestled among sand dunes in Al Mazrah.Al Mazrah is a key spot in DMZ. This city holds many spots to find gold bars. One place to look is the Dead Drop location near Al Mazrah City. The map shows this spot at F3.

In this city, you need to search for a Dead Drop Dumpster. It could hold many gold bars inside it. So, Al Mazrah is one of the best places to find gold bars in DMZ.

Ashika Island

A stunning photograph of the old castle on Ashika Island with a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape.

Ashika Island is a key spot in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. This place has an old castle and a big hill in the middle. It’s easy to defend yourself here. There are also special chests with lots of good loot on Ashika Island.

You can find bags with 2-3 gold bars inside them! For trade, grab two gold bars and five thumb drives from around the island. Of all places in DMZ, Ashika Island may be your best bet to get gold bars.

How to Find Gold Bars in DMZ

An explorer stands in front of a hidden vault entrance in an abandoned building during urban exploration.

To find gold bars in DMZ, start by searching containers and shelves for hidden loot. Additionally, explore buildings and warehouses as they often contain valuable treasures. Don’t forget to defeat bosses, who may drop gold bars upon their defeat.

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Searching containers and shelves

A busy warehouse filled with stacked shipping containers, crates, and shelves.

To find gold bars in DMZ, one effective method is to search containers and shelves. Look out for duffel bags or crates that can be found in buildings or scattered throughout the map.

Check each shelf carefully as well, as gold bars may be hidden among other loot items. Remember, gold bars are considered rare and valuable, so don’t overlook any potential container or shelf.

Keep an eye out for the golden icon that marks rare loot items to help you identify valuable finds. If you come across a $8,000 gold bar, make sure to grab it as it can greatly boost your earnings when sold at the buy station.

Checking buildings and warehouses

A person is exploring an abandoned warehouse with a flashlight, capturing the atmosphere with different faces and outfits.

To find gold bars in the DMZ, one effective strategy is to check buildings and warehouses. These locations often contain hidden treasures that can lead you to your desired loot. When exploring these structures, be sure to thoroughly search every room for potential gold bar spawns.

Look inside containers and on shelves, as gold bars may be tucked away in these hiding spots. Remember that not all buildings will have gold bars, so it’s important to keep exploring different structures until you strike lucky.

Don’t forget about Kushaak Construction Warehouse, which is known for having legendary chests and lockers that could potentially hold valuable gold bars. Utilize a systematic approach when checking buildings and warehouses to maximize your chances of finding those shiny treasures!

Defeating bosses

A diverse team of adventurers celebrate their victory over a defeated boss in a high-energy action scene.

Killing bosses in the DMZ, like The Scavenger, Bombmaker, and Pyro, can reward you with Gold Bars. These bosses may be tough to beat, but it’s worth it because they drop valuable loot.

Be prepared for a challenging fight when taking on these bosses and make sure to work together with your team to take them down. Once defeated, collect the Gold Bars as quickly as possible before other players have a chance to snatch them up.

Keep an eye out for these boss encounters as they can provide a significant boost to your gold bar collection in the DMZ.

Tips for Finding Gold Bars in DMZ

A photo of an abandoned military bunker in the overgrown DMZ surrounded by vegetation.

Utilize high ground and sniping spots, communicate with your team, and pay attention to loot drops from supply crates. Want to discover more expert tips for finding gold bars in DMZ? Keep reading!

EASY Gold Bars (DMZ Solo Guide)

Utilizing high ground and sniping spots

A wildlife photographer captures a sniper in action on a tree branch with a sniper rifle.

To increase your chances of finding Gold Bars in the DMZ, it’s important to utilize high ground and sniping spots. By positioning yourself in elevated areas, you can have a better view of your surroundings and spot potential locations where the Gold Bars might be hidden.

Sniping spots also allow you to take out enemies from a safe distance without alerting others to your presence. This strategy not only keeps you safe but also increases your chances of obtaining those valuable Gold Bars.

So remember, when exploring the DMZ, always keep an eye out for high ground and sniping spots to improve your gold-hunting success!

Communicating with your team

A group of walkie-talkies and maps surrounded by office supplies, capturing a bustling atmosphere.

When searching for gold bars in the DMZ, it’s important to communicate with your team. Working together and sharing information can greatly increase your chances of finding these valuable treasures.

Make sure to use voice chat or text chat to let your teammates know about any potential leads or discoveries. You can coordinate your searches, cover more ground, and help each other out if someone finds a gold bar or encounters any obstacles.

Good communication will keep everyone on the same page and maximize your efficiency as you explore the DMZ in search of those elusive gold bars.

Paying attention to loot drops from supply crates

A photo of a loot-filled supply crate hidden in dense foliage, featuring various people with different appearances, outfits, and expressions.

Keep an eye out for supply crates because they can hold valuable loot, including Gold Bars. These crates are scattered throughout DMZ and can appear in various locations. When you see a supply crate, make sure to check it carefully for any Gold Bars or other rare items like Golden Skulls.

Remember that consistent valuable item drops are often found in specific places within the game, so be sure to pay attention and seize the opportunity when you come across a supply crate.

The Golden Rule DMZ Mission Guide

A person stands at the entrance of the DMZ with barbed wire fence and watchtowers, capturing the bustling atmosphere.

Complete The Golden Rule mission by following our step-by-step guide and locate the hidden Golden Skull and Gold Bar locations within DMZ.

How to complete The Golden Rule mission

To complete The Golden Rule mission in DMZ, you need to find and extract Gold Bars, Gold Skulls, and GPUs from infiltration zones. These valuable items are scattered throughout the area.

Your main objective is to locate the Gold Skulls and Gold Bars in specific locations within DMZ. Once you find these items, you must make your way to the extraction point while avoiding enemy encounters.

It’s important to plan your route carefully and coordinate with your team for a successful mission completion.

Golden Skull and Gold Bar locations within the mission

In The Golden Rule mission in DMZ, you can find both Golden Skulls and Gold Bars. To complete the mission, you need to find 13 Golden Skulls. Two places where you can find these skulls are the Bank building in Al Mazrah and the Hotel building in Ashika Island.

As for the Gold Bars, they can be found in locked rooms 302 and 303 within Al Mazrah. Additionally, there is a room in Ashika Island where you can find both a Golden Skull and a Gold Bar.

Make sure to search thoroughly as these valuable items could be hidden away amongst containers or on shelves within buildings!

Golden Skull Locations in DMZ

A photo of Golden Skulls surrounded by maps, documents, and military equipment, creating a bustling atmosphere.

In the DMZ, you can find Golden Skulls in two specific locations – the Bank building in Al Mazrah and the Hotel building in Ashika Island.

The Bank building in Al Mazrah

The Bank building in Al Mazrah is one of the best places to find Golden Skulls in DMZ. These bank buildings hold some of the rarest loot in the game, making them an important location to consider when searching for Gold Skulls.

You can find banks at various locations across Al Mazrah, and they offer a high chance of finding valuable treasures. So if you’re looking for Gold Skulls in DMZ, be sure to check out The Bank building in Al Mazrah.

The Hotel building in Ashika Island

In the DMZ, one of the places you shouldn’t miss is the Hotel building in Ashika Island. This location is significant because it is associated with the Golden Skull Locations in the DMZ.

Specifically, if you want to find a Gold Skull in Ashika Island, head straight to the Sawah Hotel. Within this hotel, there is something called The Lost Room 403 which holds great value.

It has 2-3 legendary chests and 1 bag filled with money. Plus, don’t forget about the Gold bar that could be waiting for you there too. So make sure to explore every corner of this hotel to increase your chances of finding some shiny treasures!

Gold Bar Locations in DMZ

A treasure hunter explores hidden rooms in the DMZ, surrounded by golden treasures in a bustling atmosphere.

In the DMZ, you can find gold bars in two main locations – the locked rooms 302 and 303 in Al Mazrah and the Golden Skull and Gold Bar room in Ashika Island. These hidden spots hold valuable treasures just waiting to be discovered.

The locked rooms 302 and 303 in Al Mazrah

In Al Mazrah, there are locked rooms numbered 302 and 303 that hold a secret for gold bar hunters in DMZ. These rooms can be accessed through the skylight, providing you with the best loot in the area.

Inside, you’ll find five gold bars neatly stacked and ready to be collected. Additionally, don’t forget to search these rooms for orange boxes which may contain valuable gold skulls.

Another location worth checking out is Sawah Hotel Room 303 in Al Mazrah, where you might just stumble upon another hidden gold bar waiting to be found. Happy hunting!

The Golden Skull and Gold Bar room in Ashika Island

In the DMZ, there is a special room called The Golden Skull and Gold Bar room that can be found in Ashika Island. This room is highly sought after by players because it contains valuable Gold Bars that can be sold for a lot of money at Buy Stations.

In addition to the Gold Bars, players may also find the rare and precious Golden Skull in this room. It’s important to note that finding this room requires exploring Ashika Island thoroughly.

So if you’re looking to strike gold, make sure to keep an eye out for The Golden Skull and Gold Bar room during your adventures in DMZ!

Special Events and Limited Time Modes for Finding Gold Bars

A diverse group of players celebrate and find gold bars in a lively gaming event.

– Events and limited-time modes in DMZ offer unique opportunities to find gold bars.

– These special events may introduce new locations or increase the chances of finding gold bars in existing areas.

– Limited-time modes can provide specific objectives or challenges that reward players with gold bars.

– Keep an eye out for announcements about these events and modes, as they can be a great way to quickly accumulate gold bars.


An aerial view of Al Mazrah and Ashika Island at sunset, displaying the landscapes where gold bars can be found.

In conclusion, “The Ultimate Guide: Best Places To Find Gold Bars In DMZ” is your go-to resource for discovering the top locations to find gold bars in the Warzone 2 game’s DMZ area.

With detailed maps, tips, and strategies, this guide will help you master the art of uncovering these valuable treasures. So gear up, explore Al Mazrah and Ashika Island, and get ready to strike gold in the DMZ!


1. What is the best place to find gold bars in DMZ?

The best place to find gold bars in DMZ is something that changes due to its large area, but some hot spots are often more fruitful than others.

2. Are there guides for finding gold bars in DMZ?

Yes, there are guides called “The Ultimate Guide: Best Places To Find Gold Bars In DMZ” which can help you find the most productive areas.

3. How easy it is to find gold bars in DMZ?

The ease of finding gold bars in DMZ varies by location and time spent on searching; using a guide may increase your chances.

4. Is it safe to search for gold bars in DMZ?

Safety while searching for gold bars depends on many things such as the weather, wildlife, and other unexpected situations that might occur within the DMZ.

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