Experience The Best Of Vietnam In May: Travel Tips, Weather, And More

An adventurous couple explores a vibrant Vietnamese forest, capturing stunning nature photographs with professional equipment.

Ever wondered when is the best time to explore Vietnam? Among its 12 months, May offers a unique blend of bright sunshine and fewer crowds, making it an appealing choice for tourists.

This blog post will provide you with essential details about how weather conditions vary across different parts of the country in May, top places to visittravel costs alongside some useful tips ensuring your journey through Vietnam is nothing short of memorable.

Keep reading as we unwrap the charm that awaits you in Vietnam during this tantalizing month!

Key Takeaways

  • May is a great time to visit Vietnam due to its pleasant weather and fewer crowds compared to peak tourist season.
  • The weather in Vietnam varies across regions in May, with Northern Vietnam experiencing heat and rainCentral Vietnam being very hot with little rain, and Southern Vietnam enjoying lots of sun.
  • Popular destinations to visit in May include Halong Bay for its breathtaking scenery, Hoi An for its charming ancient town, Hue for its rich history and culture, Ninh Binh for its stunning landscapes, and Mu Cang Chai for its vibrant rice terraces.
  • In May, there are various events and festivals that showcase Vietnamese culture such as the Hue Festival and Uncle Ho’s Birthday celebration.

Weather in Vietnam in May

A woman wearing a traditional Vietnamese hat walks along a vibrant street in Hanoi, capturing the bustling atmosphere.

In May, the weather in Vietnam varies across different regions.

Best time to visit Vietnam

Northern Vietnam

A woman in a traditional Vietnamese dress stands in a rice field in a vibrant and bustling atmosphere.

In May, Northern Vietnam heats up. Rain falls a lot in this month. But the hot and wet feel shifts from April’s humid mist to a more pleasing warmth. This area has two clear seasons with warm days from May until October.

Cool, dry winters are different than summer time here. A chill can set into the air during winter months.

Central Vietnam

A woman wearing a stylish hat walks along a vibrant street in Hoi An, surrounded by diverse people and bustling energy.

In May, Central Vietnam gets very hot. The temperature can go up to 38 degrees Celsius. Yet, this region gets little rain during this month. On the bright side, days are usually warm and sunny with temperatures between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius.

Due to the heat, fewer people visit Central Vietnam in May. This could be a great time for you to explore if you don’t like crowds. Just make sure you bring sun protection such as hats, sunscreen and sunglasses!

Southern Vietnam

A group of diverse friends enjoy a boat ride in the vibrant Mekong Delta.

In May, Southern Vietnam gets a lot of sun. This means long days for fun and less rain to worry about. It’s the perfect time to check out the coast. Cities by the sea have lots to see and do!

Pros and cons of visiting in May

A group of tourists exploring the vibrant streets of Hoi An in May.

Visiting Vietnam in May comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a quick summary to help you make an informed decision.

May is a transition month between spring and summer in Vietnam, offering a blend of pleasant weather conditions.The weather in May experiences a good deal of rainfall and high temperatures in most parts of the country.
With fewer crowds, May is ideal for travelers who prefer a quieter, more peaceful travel experience.The rainy season in northern Vietnam starts in May, making it hot and humid.
May is the best time to visit beaches in Hoi An, Da Nang, and Nha Trang as average temperatures fluctuate around 30 degrees Celsius.Despite being one of the better months to travel in Vietnam, May’s weather variability might disrupt some outdoor activities.
The average temperature in Halong Bay in May is a comfortable 27.5 degrees Celsius, perfect for cruising.Occasional heavy rains might impact travel plans, particularly in northern Vietnam.

As you can see, there’s plenty to consider when planning your trip to Vietnam in May. The key is to be prepared for a mix of weather conditions and to make the most of less crowded tourist hotspots.

Travel Costs and Tourist Flow in May

A lively outdoor market with a variety of people, vibrant produce, and a bustling atmosphere.

Discover budget tips and the level of crowds you can expect while visiting Vietnam in May. Don’t miss out on these essential travel tips to make the most of your trip! Click here to read more.

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Budget tips

A photo of stacks of colorful foreign currencies with a passport and a map in a bustling atmosphere.
  • Plan your trip in advance to take advantage of early bird discounts on flights and accommodations.
  • Consider visiting popular destinations during the shoulder season before May or after May to avoid peak prices.
  • Look for budget accommodations such as guesthouses, hostels, or homestays instead of luxury hotels.
  • Save money on food by eating at local street stalls and small restaurants instead of touristy establishments.
  • Use public transportation or rent a motorbike to save on transportation costs within cities and between towns.
  • Take advantage of free attractions and activities such as visiting temples, exploring markets, and enjoying nature parks.
  • Consider purchasing a travel insurance plan to protect yourself from unexpected expenses like medical emergencies or trip cancellations.

Crowds and tourist hotspots

A young couple explores the colorful streets of Hoi An at sunset, surrounded by lanterns and traditional buildings.

May is a great time to visit Vietnam if you prefer fewer crowds at popular tourist spots. Compared to other times of the year, May sees lower international tourist traffic, making it easier to explore attractions without feeling overwhelmed by large crowds.

This means that you can fully enjoy places like Halong Bay, Hoi An, Hue, Ninh Binh, and Mu Cang Chai without too much hustle and bustle. You’ll have more space to take beautiful pictures and truly immerse yourself in the beauty of these destinations.

So if you’re looking for a more peaceful and intimate travel experience in Vietnam, May is an ideal month to plan your visit.

Best Places to Visit in Vietnam in May

A couple exploring lush rice terraces on a scenic bike ride in vibrant fields.

Explore the stunning Halong Bay, immerse yourself in the charm of Hoi An, and discover the historical sites of Hue – there’s so much to see and do in Vietnam in May. Read on to uncover more hidden gems!

5 Best Places to Visit In VIETNAM - Travel Video

Halong Bay

A traditional junk boat sails through the stunning limestone karsts of Halong Bay at sunset.

Halong Bay is a stunning UNESCO World Heritage site in Vietnam known for its breathtaking scenery. With thousands of limestone karsts rising out of the turquoise waters, it’s a sight to behold.

In May, the weather in Halong Bay starts to warm up, with average temperatures around 27.5 degrees Celsius. While May isn’t considered the peak season, it still attracts a fair number of tourists.

If you’re looking to avoid crowds and enjoy pleasant weather, October to December is the best time to visit Halong Bay. Whether you take a cruise or explore by kayak, this natural wonder will leave you awe-struck with its beauty.

Hoi An

A traditional Vietnamese woman wearing a colorful áo dài walks through the ancient streets of Hoi An.

Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-visit destination in Vietnam. Known as the “Tailor capital of Vietnam,” this charming city offers unique experiences for tourists. In 2019, it was named the best city in the world by Travel + Leisure readers.

One of its main attractions is Hoi An’s Ancient Town, with its colorful and quiet streets that take you back in time. You can explore the town on foot or by bicycle and admire the well-preserved architecture and beautiful lanterns hanging everywhere.

Hoi An also offers river tours where you can cruise along Thu Bon River and see picturesque views of the countryside. If you’re looking to relax, head to one of Hoi An’s nearby beaches for some sun and sand.


Hue is a city located in central Vietnam, and if you visit in May, you can expect temperatures to range from 23°C to 33°C. One of the main attractions in Hue is the Imperial City, which used to be the home of emperors during the Nguyen Dynasty.

You can also visit Thien Mu Pagoda, a famous Buddhist temple with stunning views over the Perfume River. Another must-see is the Tomb of Emperor Minh Mang, known for its beautiful architecture and peaceful surroundings.

If you have two days in Hue, you can explore these attractions and soak up the rich history and culture of this vibrant city.

Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is a must-visit destination in Vietnam, known for its stunning limestone mountains and picturesque scenery. Often referred to as “Halong Bay on land,” this region offers unique landscapes that will take your breath away.

One of the popular tourist sites in Ninh Binh is Tam Coc, famous for its beautiful river, grottos, and expansive rice fields. Another must-visit area is Tam Coc and Trang An, where you can explore the breathtaking caves and enjoy boat rides through the scenic waterways.

If you’re planning a trip to Vietnam in May, make sure to include Ninh Binh in your itinerary for an unforgettable experience.

Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai is a beautiful destination located in the Yên Bái province of northern Vietnam. It is known for its breathtaking rice terraces that cover the rolling hills. If you’re planning to visit, the best time would be from June to October when these terraces are at their most vibrant.

Mu Cang Chai offers more than just rice fields; it also boasts scenic mountain passes and stunning landscapes. Many travelers compare it to Sapa because of their similarities in attractions and landscapes.

Popular Events and Festivals in May

Popular Events and Festivals in May 133486838Hue Festival in a bustling atmosphere.” title=”A vibrant and colorful scene capturing lanterns at the Hue Festival in a bustling atmosphere.” class=”awimage” />

In May, Vietnam comes alive with various events and festivals that showcase the vibrant culture of the country. One popular event is the Hue Festival, held once every two years in Hue City.

This festival celebrates Vietnamese heritage through a series of art performances, traditional games, and cultural activities. Another significant event is Uncle Ho’s Birthday, which takes place in Nghe An province to honor President Ho Chi Minh.

In Hoa Binh province, you can witness the unique Praying for Rain Festival where locals pray for a fruitful harvest season. Other exciting events include the Buffalo Fighting Festival in Vinh Phuc and the Fishing Festival in Quang Binh.

These festivities offer an excellent opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in Vietnamese traditions and experience the joyous spirit of the people during this time of year.

Please proceed to “6. Great Itineraries for Visiting Vietnam in May”.

Great Itineraries for Visiting Vietnam in May

A group of travelers explore the scenic landscapes of Mu Cang Chai in a bustling atmosphere.
  • Explore the vibrant city of Hanoi, visit the Old Quarter, and try local street food.
  • Take a cruise through stunning Halong Bay and admire the limestone formations.
  • Visit the ancient town of Hoi An and explore its charming lantern-lit streets.
  • Discover the historical city of Hue and visit its imperial citadel and royal tombs.
  • Experience the natural beauty of Ninh Binh, with its karst landscapes and tranquil boat rides.
  • Trek through the terraced rice fields of Mu Cang Chai and witness the stunning scenery.

Tips for Planning Your Trip in May

A group of diverse travelers explore the vibrant streets of Vietnam wearing lightweight clothing.

Pack lightweight and breathable clothing, as the weather can be quite hot and humid during May in Vietnam. Make sure to check the visa requirements before your trip, and always stay aware of your surroundings and take necessary safety precautions while exploring the country.

Packing list

To have a great trip to Vietnam in May, make sure you pack these essentials:

  1. Chargers and cables: Bring them with you and keep them organized in a packing cube.
  2. Ziploc bags: They can come in handy for storing snacks, keeping your phone dry, or any other emergencies.
  3. Valid international driving license: If you plan on renting a motorbike or car, don’t forget to bring this along.
  4. Full face helmet: Safety is important when riding a motorbike, so make sure you have a good quality helmet.
  5. Comfortable clothing: Pack lightweight and breathable clothes that are suitable for the warm weather in Vietnam.
  6. Map or GPS: These will help you navigate your way around the country and discover all the beautiful places.

Visa requirements

To visit Vietnam in May, you need to meet certain visa requirements. Here’s what you should know:

  • You must have a valid passport to enter Vietnam.
  • Depending on your nationality, you may require a visa for short trips to Vietnam.
  • Many nationalities can obtain electronic visas or visas on arrival.
  • There are different ways to obtain a visa: through e-visa application, in-person application, or visa on arrival.

Safety precautions

To ensure a safe trip to Vietnam in May, it’s important to take some precautions:

  1. Stay informed about the weather conditions and be prepared for rainfall and high temperatures.
  2. Be cautious when using facilities or equipment if there are any doubts about their safety.
  3. Before your trip, inform yourself about local conditions, travel warnings, and safety tips.
  4. Purchase travel insurance to protect yourself in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Follow any safety guidelines or instructions given by tour guides or locals.
  6. Take necessary health precautions, such as getting vaccinated and carrying mosquito repellent.
  7. Keep a copy of important documents like your passport and visa in a safe place.
  8. Be mindful of your personal belongings and avoid flashy displays of wealth that can attract attention.
  9. Use reputable transportation services and be cautious when crossing roads, as traffic can be hectic.

Unique Experiences to Have in Vietnam in May

A group of diverse friends cycling through a Vietnamese village, capturing the vibrant atmosphere with their cameras.

Immerse yourself in the local culture with homestays, explore the stunning national parks, and join in the vibrant festivities – Vietnam offers unique experiences that you don’t want to miss in May.

Read on to discover more!

Homestays in rural areas

Experience the charm of rural Vietnam by staying in a homestay. These unique accommodations offer an authentic local experience, especially in ethnic minority areas. You’ll have the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy delicious, fresh food prepared by your hosts.

Homestays are often located near beautiful landscapes, allowing you to go trekking, visit waterfalls, and explore caves. Immerse yourself in village life and gain hands-on experiences that you won’t find in touristy areas.

Exploring national parks

Vietnam is home to several breathtaking national parks that showcase the country’s natural beauty. These parks offer a diverse range of landscapes, from towering mountains to lush forests and pristine beaches.

One must-visit park is Cuc Phuong National Park, located in Ninh Binh Province. In May, this park bursts with vibrant colors as flowers bloom and wildlife thrives. Another recommended destination is Mu Cang Chai, nestled in the mountainous northeastern region of Vietnam.

Here, you can witness the stunning terraced rice fields that cascade down the hillsides. Sapa and the Tonkinese Alps are also highly recommended for their picturesque landscapes and ethnic minority villages.

Participating in local festivals

Participating in local festivals in Vietnam is an incredible way to immerse yourself in the country’s traditions and culture. These festivals offer unique experiences that showcase Vietnam’s national heritage through vibrant music, dance performances, and traditional costumes.

Some popular festivals to participate in include the Vietnamese New YearIndependence DayFull Moon Festival, and Hoi An Lantern Festival. One particularly renowned festival is the Hue Festival, which takes place once every two years and attracts visitors from all around the world.

By joining these festive celebrations, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with locals, witness stunning parades, taste delicious street food, and create unforgettable memories of your trip to Vietnam.

Conclusion: Why May is a great time to visit Vietnam

A captivating photo of rice terraces in Sapa surrounded by misty mountains, showcasing diverse individuals in different outfits.

May is a fantastic time to explore Vietnam. The weather is warm and sunny, making it perfect for outdoor activities and sightseeing. Plus, there are fewer crowds compared to peak tourist season, allowing you to enjoy the country’s beauty at a more relaxed pace.

Whether you want to visit stunning destinations like Halong Bay or immerse yourself in local festivals, May offers plenty of opportunities for unforgettable experiences in Vietnam.

Resources for Planning Your Trip

Resources for Planning Your Trip 133486283

For resources to help plan your trip to Vietnam in May, there are a variety of travel guides and itineraries available, along with tour companies that specialize in Vietnam tours. Additionally, you can find helpful tips and advice from fellow travelers on online forums and travel websites.

Travel guides and itineraries

Looking for travel guides and itineraries for your trip to Vietnam in May? Here are some helpful resources to plan your adventure:

  1. Nomadic Matt’s Budget Travel Guide to Vietnam 2023: This guide provides detailed tips on things to do and seecosts, ways to save money, and recommendations for accommodation. It’s a great resource if you’re looking to explore Vietnam on a budget.
  2. The Ultimate Guide for Traveling to Vietnam in 2023: This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about traveling to Vietnam. It includes information on visa requirements, safety precautionspopular attractions, and local customs. It’s a valuable tool for planning your trip.
  3. Lonely Planet’s Vietnam Travel Guide: Lonely Planet is known for their detailed and informative travel guides. Their Vietnam guidebook offers insights into the best places to visit, must-see sights, transportation options, and recommended itineraries. It’s a reliable source of information for any traveler.
  4. TripAdvisor’s Vietnam Forum: If you’re looking for firsthand experiences and recommendations from fellow travelers, check out the Vietnam forum on TripAdvisor. You can ask questions, read reviews of hotels and attractions, and get insider tips from people who have been there before.

Tour companies

Tour companies can help enhance your experience of Vietnam in May. They offer services that cater to the best of what the country has to offer during this month. Consider these tour companies when planning your trip:

  • Travel guides and itineraries: These resources provide detailed information about popular destinations, attractions, and activities in Vietnam during May. They can help you plan your itinerary and make the most of your time.
  • Tour companies: There are many reputable tour companies that specialize in Vietnam travel. They offer guided tours to different parts of the country, ensuring you have a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. You can choose from various options, such as adventure tours, cultural tours, or food tours.
  • Other helpful tips and advice: Some tour companies provide additional resources on their websites or through customer support services. They may offer tips on local customs, safety precautions, or visa requirements. Taking advantage of these resources can ensure a smooth and informed journey.

Other helpful tips and advice.

Here are some other helpful tips and advice for planning your trip to Vietnam in May:

  1. Pack lightweight and breathable clothing, as May is a hot and humid month in most parts of the country.
  2. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella or raincoat, as rainfall is common during this time of year.
  3. Apply sunscreen and wear a hat to protect yourself from the strong sun rays.
  4. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.
  5. Check if you need a visa to enter Vietnam and make sure to sort out your visa before your trip.
  6. Purchase travel insurance to ensure you are covered in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
  7. Be mindful of your belongings and keep an eye on them, especially in crowded tourist areas.
  8. Research the local customs and traditions to show respect for the Vietnamese culture.
  9. Consider booking accommodations in advance, especially if you plan on visiting popular tourist destinations.
  10. Take advantage of local transportation options like buses or trains, which can be cheaper than taxis or private tours.


1. Is May a good time to visit Vietnam?

Yes, May is a great time to visit Vietnam as the weather is generally warm and dry, making it ideal for exploring outdoor attractions and enjoying beach activities.

2. What should I pack for a trip to Vietnam in May?

It is recommended to pack lightweight, breathable clothing such as T-shirts, shorts, and dresses, as well as sunscreen and insect repellent. Don’t forget comfortable shoes for walking and exploring.

3. Are there any festivals or events in Vietnam during May?

Yes, there are several festivals and events that take place in Vietnam during May including Buddha’s Birthday (Vesak), Dien Bien Phu Victory Day, and Reunification Day.

4. What are some popular tourist destinations in Vietnam that I can visit in May?

Some popular tourist destinations in Vietnam that you can visit in May include Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Halong Bay, Hoi An Ancient Town, Nha Trang Beach, Da Lat City, and Mekong Delta.

5. Is it necessary to book accommodations and flights in advance for a trip to Vietnam in May?

It is advisable to book accommodations and flights in advance especially if you plan on visiting popular tourist destinations or during peak travel periods like public holidays or weekends. This ensures availability at your preferred hotels/destinations without any last-minute hassles

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